August 17th, 2001

"I never meant what you're thinking. That's not what I meant at all."

Uh, sorry for the scare. I'm not thinking about suicide. I heard a song I hadn't *listened* to in awhile and it reminded me of the times when I was. So I vented.

And no, my girlfriend is not my only reason for living. She is my only GOAL right now. There's a slight difference. Yes, everything I'm doing (going back to school etc) is so I can be with her, but I won't fall apart without her. That would not be fair to either of us.

Thank you to the concerned caller tonight. It was nice to talk to you on the phone. :) And thank you again so much for this LP. =D
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Recipe for a summer night

I like taking a late night shower and coming out wet, to just lay in the coolness of my fan, wet. So cool. So... naked. Sorry for that mental picture. I'll put some shorts on.

And I may or may not have ice cream! It's all so wonderfully up in the air!
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In which we lay plans

13:26:21] <[^_^]> <(-_-)>
[13:26:37] <[^_^]> I need to make a Kirby swallowing thingy
[13:26:43] <[baka]> hehe
[13:26:49] <[^_^]> So it can look like I am swallowing other chatters
[13:26:50] <[Baka]> (:)
[13:26:57] <birdh0use> |-_-|
[13:27:00] <[^_^]> Andthen I can steal their powers
[13:27:05] <birdh0use> seen |-_-|
[13:27:06] <Lincoln> I don't know who |-_-| is.
[13:27:07] <[Baka]> hehe
[13:27:11] <[^_^]> (:<
[13:27:17] <[^_^]> OLD MAN SLEEPING
[13:27:26] <[^_^]> He's all like
[13:27:41] <[Baka]> AHAHAHAHHH
[13:27:45] <[^_^]> =D
[13:27:47] <birdh0use> hehe
[13:27:57] <[^_^]> That's WILLY time
[13:28:08] <[^_^]> Dude
[13:28:12] <[^_^]> I aspire to be that dude
[13:28:17] <[^_^]> Man
[13:28:28] <[^_^]> If we got an apartment, we'd have to go to NYC on the weekend
[13:28:34] <[^_^]> I'd be all like
[13:28:51] <[Baka]> heheh
[13:28:58] <[^_^]> And then whatever we won, you could dress up like a moblin and give it to homeless people
[13:28:59] <[Baka]> I could get a white beard and a red robe
[13:29:05] <[^_^]> SHH! It's a secret to everybody!
[13:29:12] <[Baka]> ITS A SECRET TO EVERYONE!
[13:29:16] <[^_^]> I always say that when I give to the homeless
[13:29:25] <[Baka]> Me too :P
[13:29:32] <[Baka]> Hahahahahh
[13:29:33] <[^_^]> hee hee
[13:29:34] <[Baka]> Oh man
[13:29:38] <[Baka]> that's great
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Oh, good.

Major computer crash around 6, just when Michelle gets home. Looks like I didn't miss her though. I hope she's relaxing somewhere.

In other news, at least I realize that I have Police albums on vinyl. I'm going to re-learn The Other Way of Stopping.

By the way, emotion of the moment is HATE. Out of frustration, I assure you. Just be warned. I'm not easy to hug right now. :\
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Hello, Time Bomb

On the upside, since I had to rebuilt mIRC practically, you may now query me on

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This is not my beautiful icon.

The Other Way of Rocking

Regatta de Blanc is a fantastic album. I will core the eyes of anyone who disagrees in a brutal and vicious barfight, employing a broken bottle to do so.

To quote No Time This Time:
And if I could
I'd slow the whole world down
I'd bring it to its knees
I'd stop it spinning round
But as it is, I'm climbing up an endless wall
No time at all; No time this time

And yes, the bed IS too big without you.
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