August 12th, 2001

Roland, The Gunslinger

More muder...

Oh, yes, and the first thing I thought about for my zipclip pen thing was self-defense... how good a garotte would it make?

Very good, it turns out. I tested it on the way home.

I think I will go clean off in the shower.
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Hey Brock!


People sometimes like my answers to surveys, so I will once again let my inner child out (the guy who brought you "Jesus, but lazier.") to answer another one in a way I never really intended.

If it were up to me, I would hunt down the corporation (oh, and it IS a corporation, gathering info about us or just wasting our time, I don't know, but it's too organized and too patently blah. If real people were making these things, at least a few of them wouldn't be insipid; it's the death of music at the hands of the music industry all over), kill all the members, and set up an endowment to run a society of people who train the youth of their day to forever kill any spawn that may survive and try to make more of these damn things (as like the watchers and slayers).

Here goes:
WALLET - Empty
TOOTHBRUSH - Don't forget it. No one likes to kiss morning breath.
JEWELERY WORN DAILY - Yes, of course.
PILLOW COVER - A good idea, but sometimes they soak through.
BLANKET - Still have it somewhere. I love my blankie!
COFFEE CUP - Crappiest webcam software ever.
SUNGLASSES - Always BREAK on me.
UNDERWEAR - I use it. Don't like rubbing against my zipper. Ugh.
SHOES - I've been known to go barefoot, especially on clean carpet or wet grass. Because wet grass can clean your feet as you walk through it. I hate Hate HATE getting stuff on my feet. Tile or linoleum or whatever surfaced floors I can always feel the grit on and it feels EWW. And I just got a new pair of nice shoes. Yay good shoes.
KEYCHAIN - I've got it down to one and my knife, and I'm keeping it there till I get a car.
COMPUTER - Sucks ass.
FAVORITE TOP - Doggystyle.
FAVORITE BOTTOM - Missionary. (so far... I need to read up some more)
SOAP - Essential. And Dove is actually a "beauty bar," thank you. I pamper my lovely skin. And it IS lovely.
COLOGNE - Why? I don't smell good? I'm only 1/128th French or something, I swear!
CD(s) IN THE STEREO RIGHT NOW - Yes, but I'm not listening to it.
CAR - We've talked about this, and remember, we decided you needed to STFU SAMPFAG!!!1
TELEVISION - Broksonic
STEREO - Almost always beats mono. I love songs with stereo effects, as long as they are not so obnoxious as to make me wonder if I am going partially deaf or that one of my headphones is on the blink.
TELEPHONE - Caller ID, hands free headset.
CELLPHONE - I really just want wireless internet, so probably not any time soon. Drive with one and I will kill you. Probably cleverly employing the phone itself somehow. And driving. Maybe I will just drive it up your ass till you hemorrhage. Yes, that sounds good.

Need to be unique: 70% <> <>
Need to NOT conform: 84% <> <>
Willingness to express dissent: 94% <> <>
Overall: 78%
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