August 9th, 2001


Ok, I'm not the best informed person in TEH WROLD but it looks like in this new Transformers show, they're all commanded by SOME KID. What the hell?

I blame Pokemon.

Indirectly, of course. Everything nowadays must be an RPG. Back in my day, we didn't have many shows based on video games, so kids were content to watch adult soldiers (G.I. Joe), superheroes (Superman, Batman), fantasy characters (He-Man and She-Ra), and robots (Go-Bots) fight each other WITHOUT being controlled by a young child. But now everything is kid controlled, a la Pokemon/Monster Rancher/Barcode Battler. I think Barcode Battler is where this starts, for the most part; the kid-controlling-monster game idea.

But let's just look: Cardcaptors- Kids control mystic energy in tarot cards. Cubix- a new show where a boy controls a robot he built. Pokemon/Digimon. We're not talking about shows where kids go adventuring; the Jabberjaw/Scooby-Doo generation. We're not even talking about kids, not teens, like Enzo from Reboot. We're talking about command. Child generals. This is the stuff of Ender's Game.

Something about it discomforts me. It's not just seeing the heroes themselves castrated and relegated to servile positions. These shows place responsibility firmly in the kids hands. They are not just doing stuff themselves; the are responsible for another person/robot. This is all well and good, right? We want our kids to be responsible, right? I guess. I don't know. I always felt inadequate for not having developed my mutant powers yet, or for never having solved a mystery, or for never having travelled to a different dimension. My parents always expected big things from me, after all, I was their genius son. Why wasn't I doing all this stuff?

I guess the question is: Are we putting too much responsibility on our kids? Are we asking too much, encouraging them all (at least, the more imaginiative ones) to be great generals? What about the feelings of inadequacy; though totally unjustified, that come from being normal? I myself was a latchkey kid, and I took it seriously; it was a good amount of responsibility. I'm sure there would be some for whom it was too much. Where do we draw the line? Do children feel they're supposed to save themselves? What else can they believe when their heroes are nothing but hollow puppets without the kid's hand up their ass? Voltron used to sleep with me; he was controlled by big competent men, so I never feared at night. But what if I had been in control? And what if I froze?

Of course, confidence arises from responsibility successfully upheld. But then, what's the point, when most of our children will grow up to be servile themselves; mindless white collar wage slaves? I guess we should let them be in control now; while they still can.
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lord, From this chair of mine...

Dark of the Present.

Hello! This is Dark of the near future (near past by the time you read this) and I want to give you a message. Your journal SUCKS. You have plummeted from the pinnacles you once danced among to now muck about in fallow fields of thought that will never bear you seed. Where's that fire, that passion for writing you once had? I thought you were going to be something. Did I miss a meeting?

Your journal nowadays is flat and unappealing. I'm not surprised your readership is dropping. And I'm not talking about how your posts have been fewer and shorter. We're talking quality and not quantity. But yes, the days where you would throw any old shit against the wall and call it spaghetti were better. Why? Because at least you were throwing out something. Now the wall is bare and you just sit there, idly playing with yourself like an imbecile child. Where have you gone? I miss you.

You stupid fuck. You stupid, childlike, unemotional, whiny, prating deviant sociopath. You used to spark people's minds, now you just output text blocks for rapid ignoring and non-consumption. Ugh, I mean, even that last sentence. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?

You'll never be anything at this rate. Something has to happen to revitalize your writing. Maybe you need to go on a spiritual journey. Or maybe you just need to learn how to type again so you don't spend so my fucking time backspacing and instead spend it thinking.

We need sleep now.
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This is not my beautiful icon.

C'mon. baby tell me....

Why? I like listening to this song, but only if it's the stutter (censored version). But I insist on singing the curses myself.

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Watch me get a cease and desist letter from LJ. =D

P.S. I am sorry about your friends pages! I was up till 10 (obviously) typing this stupid thing and then I rushed to post it this morning after three or four hours of sleep (with severely impaired judgement, apparently). But it is something I want to remember. It'll be gone soon enough.

Update! Found out the client has a backdate button. All the hot hot drebb action is here, though I know no one will go. :(

You are lucky I am I feeling nice today and didn't go off watching cartoons for four hours. THIS IS MY JOURNAL!


Is it just me, or are all the shitty wrestlers winning tonight? We're seeing some new moves, at least. I gotta learn how to do that cartwheel-flip-leglock-throw thing that Spike Dudley just did.
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Funny signs

Ok, this one is worth note. All those little signs people hold up, with their names or their favorite wrestler or whatever... I saw one that said: "I Steal Cable."

There's one for the I Shit You Not files, kids. =D
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