August 4th, 2001


Party at Panda's tonight. Stuy people, mostly. I get to be the ootsider in the group AGAIN, yay! I haven't done that since, I dunno, my entire childhood where I moved around and was introduced to various groups of pre-established friends. Ha ha, okay, I'm done venting. It promises to be a fun time, and cool buddies like reverend_dave and Raptor will be there (I'd use his real name, but I don't know about how all the Stuy people are about real names on the internet. Some people get real heebie-jeebie about it). And as Dave said, I got invited first hand this time; not as a friend of someone.

It's good to have friends locally again, though. I can't wait till Katy comes up. I am also going to switch back to the old client because this one does not let you link to someone unless you use the lj user= tag. FIE ON YOU. My friends have REAL NAMES, not just nicks or handles!

In other news, no postee means no e-mailee for Dark. Whore that I am, here I go posting again. Maybe now I will hear that sound that means I'VE GOT MAIL.

I do, you know. Have mail and all. It's just in Canada. Mm-hmm. We met on a ski vacation. It was great. I mean, I'd call her and all to prove it, but her parents are very strict...
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