July 29th, 2001

Survey that looked not too boring from Tom (http://opendiary.com/entrylist.asp?authorcode=A353358).

Number of people I have had sex with:

Depends on your definition of "sex."

Number of times I have been in love:

Too many! I have "loved" 4, but only "in love" with one.

Number of times I thought I was in love but was wrong:


Number of times I have had my heart broken:

Gee, once? Joye came pretty close, but I wouldn't let myself feel that over her. We really were friends. And no, not sexy friends.

Number of hearts I have broken:

Shit, man, how many women are there in this world? And some guys, too, I'm sure. Honestly, probably not many. I have come way too close a few times.

Number of months I have been single:

In my whole life? Uh, three, carry the one, plus the last 8, geez. Assume 20 out of my 21 years, or about 239 months of my 253. Umm... subtract another 12 months if you count my girlfriends in Kindergarten and the first grade.

Number of boys I have kissed in my life:

Not nearly enough? Ha! Really kissed? None. Pecked on the cheek? Dunno, maybe two for laughs. I hate razor burn, though.

Number of girls I have kissed:

Chronological, like Tom (I know it said how many, not who, but bear with my aged memory): Megan (when I was 5), Cara(6), Patricia(6), Mia(10), (big gap), Alice(16), Jillian(17), Amanda(18), Becca(20), Chrissy(20, but she kissed me!), Michelle(21).

Say 10. I may have forgot one. That's what happens when you are a KISS SLUT. :\

Number of people from high school that I stayed in contact with:

Define "in contact." We have a mailing list; no reason to use it. There are people I will hang out with when in town (Ashwani is a must; he's such a cool guy and we just get along). Ryan, always. That's two... I see whoever else is around when there's something doing. We live all over the county and now we've graduated so it's like totally not happening that we see one another.

Number of cd's that I own:

135? 140? I just bought Extreme's Pornographitti, so that brings the total up. But tell us, Dark, how many LPs do you have? Oh, I'm glad you asked. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 gentle reader, bringing my TOTAL COLLECTION up to somewhere in the fucking two hundreds.

Number of tattoos:


Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper:

Does it count if I wrote it in? And how big of a paper? County-wide, two or three times. Locally, dozens, but they have lots of announcements.

Number of scars on my body:

I don't know. I can't see half my body, so there's probably fucked up shit all over there. Probably nothing that could be used to ID me, and if there was, I wouldn't print it. Cause hey, you never know.

Number of times a person has made me scared of what they could do to me physically:

Shit, man, what else was school for? Eventually, I just got tired of it. One time, I just shrugged off the bully's full nelson (he was too fat to do it right, so it was more of a half) and just walked home, pissed as hell. I was like, don't follow me. He didn't. Then later, I got a posse together of kids, and we went looking for this one dude who was supposedly acting kinda drunk and disorderly, harassing kids. Man, there must have been twelve of us, with wood planks, metal rods, whatever we could lift. We patrolled the hood for like, two hours, but the dude never showed. We probably would've fucked him up pretty bad, those of us who didn't piss our pants and run.

It just got to the point where like, ok, some dude can mess you up, but usually they're all about the threats. If a dude can mess me up and I can't stop him, there's no use sweating it. If he wants to fuck you up, he's going to. Fuck him. I got shit to do. He can make up his mind and call me up when he's ready to kick my ass. It's really weird, but that attitude has kept me out of some shit.

Number of things in my past that I regret:

Not much. Sure, I wouldn't have been as shy around the girls, or I would have worked harder in school, but fuck second-guessing, too. I have a fuckin awesome girlfriend, and that's what's what. Everything else is shit; no use wonderin how it would've tasted if you'd spread it on a cracker.
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Murder in Malcolm X

A movie that combines the latest reality drama and the new hit comedy, Osmosis Jones.

It's the story of ten people shrunk down and inserted inside the body of Malcolm X on the trail of a killer...

But will it find them before they find it?
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This is not my beautiful icon.

This is not my beautiful icon.

Vedkar: HELOL??%#
Vedkar: Oh, she must be writing
AllHerRage: heheh no
AllHerRage: Im here
Vedkar: d'oh... *shushes*
AllHerRage: I was CLEANING
Vedkar: LIAR
AllHerRage: nope
Vedkar: how could you?
Vedkar: You... you left me, for CLEANING?
Vedkar: bawls his eyes out
Vedkar: (Daytime Emmy!)
Vedkar: Waaaah!
AllHerRage: hehehe
AllHerRage: it was CALLING ME
AllHerRage: I HAD TO
AllHerRage: my house was EVAL AND DIRTY
Vedkar: Man
Vedkar: Now I want some Dead Souls action
Vedkar: I'll have to listen to the NIN version
Vedkar: which will lead me to want to hear the original
Vedkar: And then I'll want to hear more Joy Division, like Love Will Tear Us Apart
Vedkar: And then I'll want to hear INXS' Never Tear Us Apart
Vedkar: Then I'll want to listen to INXS' Need You Tonight/Mediate
Vedkar: And Mediate will remind me of the video, which was an homage to Subterranean Homesick Blues by Bob Dylan.
Vedkar: Which will get me wanting to listen to Radiohead's Subterranean Homesick Alien
Vedkar: Which will make me want to listen to High & Dry
Vedkar: And I will be thinking about dry... and needing rain
Vedkar: So I will be all like
Vedkar: AGGGGH
Vedkar: There are too many songs about rain!!!
Vedkar: But since you were just talking about Annie Lennox, I will want to hear the Eurhythmics' Here Comes the Rain Again
Vedkar: And then I will want to hear "Would I Lie to You"
Vedkar: And that will make me think of Jim Carrey in Liar Liar
Vedkar: and I will want to hear his cover of Jefferson Airplane's Somebody to Love
AllHerRage: hehehe
Vedkar: and I will be like
Vedkar: and then I will want to hear Cream's White Room
AllHerRage: oh no
AllHerRage: hehe
Vedkar: Oh, yes.
Vedkar: Man
Vedkar: Then I will be wanting to listen to Tales of Brave Ulysses
Vedkar: But I don't HAVE that song
Vedkar: So I will listen to APC's Orestes, since his story is from the Odyssey
AllHerRage: you are CUTE
Vedkar: I am?
AllHerRage: yes
Vedkar: Oh.
Vedkar: =O
Vedkar: Then I will have to listen to 3 Libras
Vedkar: And that will make me think of 3 Marlenas
Vedkar: And thank god I have no Wallflowers .mp3s
Vedkar: or we would be right back to Bob Dylan and his Subterranean Homesick Blues
AllHerRage: ohhhhh god
Vedkar: What I DO have is Tom Petty
Vedkar: Or Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits
Vedkar: Both of whom REMIND me of Dylan in terms of their "singing".
AllHerRage: yes
Vedkar: Of course, I will be thinking of one particular Petty song
Vedkar: One of, if not, my favorite(s): Don't Come Around Here
Vedkar: Which I will be thinking of because it was written by Annie Lennox of the Aforementioned Euthymiwhatevers.
Vedkar: AND ALSO
Vedkar: Because it has an Alice and Wonderland theme (in the video)
Vedkar: Which ties us back to Jefferson Airplane's Surrealistic Pillow album
Vedkar: "Go ask Alice... when she's Ten Feet Tall."
Vedkar: And although Nemo would make a simply strapping and divine Alice, I would not think of MC 900Ft. Nemo's "If I Only Had a Brain."
Vedkar: No, instead I'd probably think of PJ Harvey's 50ft. Queenie, since 50' and 10' are much closer.
Vedkar: And it's been awhile since I heard her song "Down by the Water", so I'd listen to that
Vedkar: And think about the Foo Fighters' cover of "Down in the Park"
Vedkar: Then, I'd play the other cover they have that I really like, Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street
Vedkar: And Gerry is, of course, from Stealer's Wheel.
Vedkar: And I COULD play "Stuck in the Middle (with You)", but they sound a *little* bit too much like Dylan, and remember, we're trying to stay away from him.
Vedkar: So I'd probably go from Baker Street to Peter Gabriel's Mercy Street EXCEPT that's like, one of the two songs on that album (So) that I hate.
Vedkar: So I'd have to play one of the other songs.
Vedkar: So I'd probably go with "In Your Eyes," the song popularized by the early John Cusack flick, Say Anything
AllHerRage: your music smarts frighten me
Vedkar: The female lead in that movie was played by Ione Skye
Vedkar: Who later appeared in a scene with Tim Roth in Four Rooms
Vedkar: Tim Roth is, of course, in the recent Planet of the Apes remake.
Vedkar: But he's not who matters here
Vedkar: Who matters is Madonna, who was also in that scene in Four Rooms
Vedkar: Of course
Vedkar: Everyone in the WORLD knows that Madonna's best song EVAR was "Live to Tell"
AllHerRage: RAAA
AllHerRage: YES
Vedkar: Yes.
Vedkar: Quite.
AllHerRage: if i ran away.. i'd never have the strength
AllHerRage: to go very far
AllHerRage: and how would they hear the beating of my heart..
Vedkar: It always makes me want to cry.
AllHerRage: graaaaaa
AllHerRage: yes
AllHerRage: i know where beauty lives..
AllHerRage: I've seen it once.. i know the warmth she gives
AllHerRage: the light that you could never see
AllHerRage: it shines inside.. you cant take that from me
AllHerRage: a man can tell a thousand lies.. i've learned my lesson well
AllHerRage: raaaa
AllHerRage: yes
AllHerRage: !!!!
Vedkar: :-)
Vedkar: Now we know she's collaborated with Babyface a few times...
Vedkar: But he's a singer/songwriter, like Dylan
Vedkar: And like Dylan, his most famous songs were sung by other people.
Vedkar: Witness Jimi Hendrix singing all along the Watchtower
AllHerRage: damn
AllHerRage: you got me stuck on live to tell
Vedkar: Ha ha ha
Vedkar: Stay with me, here.
AllHerRage: Im going through my tapes now
AllHerRage: i have a live version of it somewhere
AllHerRage: where the fuck is it
AllHerRage: damnit
AllHerRage: grrr
Vedkar: Ooh
Vedkar: The live version's like
Vedkar: The best
AllHerRage: YES

AllHerRage: graaaaaaahh
Vedkar: Ha ha
Vedkar: Maybe I should just stop showboating and let you listen to it
AllHerRage: heheh
Vedkar: I was going to go ahead and talk about This Used to be My Playground
Vedkar: And link Madonna to Tom Hanks
AllHerRage: ...
Vedkar: And then talk about how Dylan got on the Forrest Gump soundtrack but Hendrix didn't.
Vedkar: Of course, then I could have talked about how Hendrix *did* get on the Singles soundtrack
Vedkar: And Dylan didn't
AllHerRage: where the fuck is my motherfucking tape
Vedkar: Which is good, because we're staying away from Dylan
Vedkar: I have no clue.
Vedkar: And then I would blah blah about the Singles soundtrack and the Seattle sound, which would make things really easy because all those bands were practically inbred the way they shared members.
Vedkar: But I will rest on my laurels here
Vedkar: And just post this whole thing in my lj so everyone can see how smart I am and good at pulling shit out of my ass.
AllHerRage: yes, do that.
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