June 23rd, 2001

Roland, The Gunslinger

More IRC wackiness

[20:23] *** Now talking in #tmbg
[20:23] >Lincoln> [DarkSmile] *** DarkSmile has been kicked off channel #TMBG by Lincoln (flood)
>DarkSmile> Shh
>DarkSmile> Don't tell Charles I am here.
* DarkSmile creeps up behind smurfco.
>DarkSmile> BOO!
>DarkSmile> ha ha ha
[20:24] *** smurfco has quit IRC (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))

Whoops. I did that to Lars the other night, too. I kicked him so hard, he flew off IRC.
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I think that I will take the recipient of my 2000th comment out to dinner. It should be coming up soon...

So post interesting stuff, and earn yourself a dinner at the restaurant of my choosing (much better than Subway, Chrissy, which didn't really count anyway).

Or maybe now that I'm thinking, I should make it #2001, in keeping with the season.
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