June 22nd, 2001

Wise beyond my peers.

I've always been wise beyond my years, but I seem to be particularly quoteable of late; since I resumed my Zen studies. I must admit, I did not say what Smanda quoted me on. As for Nemo, I did say what she quoted me on, but only after I drew the Success card for her. My comment was based on the ideas presented in the book. So once again, I am not the one who is smart; Zen is smart. Instead, I am thoughtful and share ideas I believe are pertinent. I don't need to be smart; appropriateness is a gift of its own.

And it's the kind of gift I never turn down.
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A Very Basil Exposition

Vedkar: Tag.
amaryia: you can't do that
amaryia: i'm on homebase
amaryia: so there
amaryia: neener, neener, neener
amaryia: lol
Vedkar: That's going in my lj
Vedkar: Because I am desperate for content
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