June 13th, 2001


I am older than that stupid TMBG song ever was before. That said: Things you might not know about this magic day of my birth:

  • It was a Friday when I was born. Friday... the THIRTEENTH. My parents even chose the date. Go them.
  • Today is my birthday, but I don't turn 21 until tomorrow. All thanks to the wonders of CENTRAL DAYLIGHT TIME.
  • I'm a gemini, but the sun was actually in Taurus when I was born, if you check (using a simulator, for example).
  • I don't like you.
  • I was supposed to be born ~May 10th. I was late to my own birth; we'll see about my funeral.
  • I was born in the year of the monkey. That, combined with me being a Gemini and having my moon in some intellectual sign like Aries or Aquarius or something means I am REALLY FUCKING CLEVER. Worse than that, I THINK I am REALLY FUCKING CLEVER, which means people have to put up with it.

    All that said, post any and all birthday related comments here. Thanks.

    (Next year I will just send out a form letter for you to sign).
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    A little history

    Just so's y'all know, it's not Darksmile. Oh, no. It's Dark Smile. Hee. lj just doesn't allow caps in the username.

    That's first name Dark, last name Smile, after the the very expression on my lips right now. It's a smile, sure, but it's kinda sly; hiding something, and a trifle sinister (which is also a word for left, and I'm left-handed).

    Ladies love the cool dark smile. It's just something I noticed a while ago, so I started doing it more, till it became a persona. I remember one time I followed a tour group across Cornell's ag quad, smiling darkly. And damned if one of the girls in the group didn't give me a wry, dark smile in return. That's the closest I've ever come to seeing someone else just hit it precisely. But it's definitely mine.
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