June 10th, 2001


No, really, I'm feeling pretty miserable.

Right now I feel abysmal. I am down in the dumps, and not solitude depressed. I need people. I need people who will talk and talk to me and keep me warm and companied even though I may not be all that responsive. Just blather at me. Please. My ICQ and AIM info are all available.

I am also putting away clothes; which I utterly hate and always puts me in a terrible mood (or makes my terrible mood worse), so I will be all over the room and mostly afk, but I am listening...

My hair STILL is not cut. :(
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    Collective Soul - Where the River Flows / Gel
This is not my beautiful icon.

More unfinished stupid stuff

Unstarted, actually

One in the hand, two in the bush
I give her a hug; she gives me a push
A gentle reminder love's a fragile thing
That's the way love's supposed to sting

A thousand callous pins poke at my spine
Ungentle reminder of the days you were mine
Actually, it feels pretty much the same
But needles don't make me feel your brand of shame
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