May 23rd, 2001

And the verdict is...

Michelle is too pretty for me. Roxan is great; she took one look at the picture I brought in and she said, "Ooh, look at her, all sexy!"

[deleted thought I am too tired to remember. It was witty and insightful, in a humourous way. No, I'm not saying that to be trite; it was. I just can't remember what it was that was so cool.]

I'm going to sleep first tonight; be up around 2am my time, 11pm yours. Or three. I have not been able to sleep yet as of this (10pm) edit! But I am leaving IM open so that you can wake me. Other people will just have to deal with me ignoring them to sleep.
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Hey Brock!

Clumsy mind

Oh and I am going to try to see OLP June 9th!!!

Tix are only $15, which beats the $20 to get into that stupid 21+ mag fields concert.
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