May 12th, 2001

This is not my beautiful icon.


I now have a new Fugazi album.

Sure, not what you're thinking, but you know me better by now.

So, yes, Marillion has an album titled Fugazi. Wouldn't it be cool if Ian MacKaye were influenced by Marillion?

Yes. Yes, it would be. This is sadly not the case.

From the Fugazi FAQ:
The name 'Fugazi' comes from a book that Ian read called "Nam" by Mark Baker. Ian says: "It's a book of reflections of Vietnam veterans and at one point, this guy said everything was Fugazi. I looked it up in the glossary and it said, 'fucked up situation'
The actual acronmym FUGAZI means:
Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In.

And then there are those of you who are going, "huh?"

P.S. Yes, it's vinyl. Duh.
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