May 4th, 2001

Yeah, I'm still alive.

I feel like fuckmeat. I had a nice 40 days without missing a post streak, and now it is over. I don't wanna talk about it. I got work.

I left the house at 8 yesterday (AM) and didn't get home till 1AM this morning. 1:30 AM.

I had fun. I was well-received by new people. I saw an excellent play written by one of my best friends (possibly longest now; I don't ever talk to people from before high school I don't think).

Afternote: High school girls scare me. Always have, always will. After my friend's play, we went to see the end of the actors' gf's play, and congratulate her. She is still in HS.

OMG High school girls... it was a sea of them, and a few scrawny, pimply HS boys. Thing is, now that I'm out of HS, they think I'm cute. FUCK YOU WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I WAS IN SKOO'?

I was all about music last night, a one man karaoke machine, leading my new friends in song, and I kick into some Big Country (we were done with rap/RAtM and punk and on to 80's/new wave) when some HS girl comes over... "What were you just singing?" "Big Country." "OMG[uNFuNFuNF] I love them!" "I have the album... on vinyl." Blank look. Smile. "I love them!" again. Yes, honey, I am THAT OLD. Or that old school. Anyway, come back when you're legal. God knows I won't be here. I will hopefully be in Sacramento or some place equally ragey.

I used to sing this song whenever it would come on my walkman in school, sometimes in class. Not cause I like SP, but to piss of administraitors.


Oh, my, did I just fuck up your friends page? Oops. High school definitely felt like a cage. Now that I'm out, I feel a lot better. Even if I work for piss wages, I am still working. Hell, I feel better in general, thanks to my friends, thanks to Becca, thanks to Michelle. I still need to find a shrink and call up Cornell and be like, "pH33R, bitches!" and see if they still remember me.


happy sigh
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