May 2nd, 2001


We make a bonus based on whether or not we beat last year's sales figure for that day

At 4pm, we had $520. We needed $1180.

I went on the attack.

When I left at 7:30, we were $20 short of it, maybe less (some lady I had been helping wasn't finished yet.

They'd better tell the owner.

I'm not saying it was all me, but... fuck. I did good today, y'know? And some lady is coming in to meet me at 10AM tomorrow to see about like, six tarot decks.

Contrary to popular belief, being a good salesman/Wall Street broker does not breed that asshole "get out of my way, short Dominican lady" confidence (stomped two more today; they JUST DON'T LEARN). No, the confidence comes first.

Plus, I did laundry today, and I was looking DAMN good. I know... I caught myself lookin at me a few times. I am a sexy bastard some days.
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