May 1st, 2001

You know what they say...

"New York, baby, is no place to be
When you're standing alone."

Leona Naess has a really good album called Comatised. She's this foxy hot Welsh chick with one of those voices that does stuff to me. She only had one single (that I know of), Charm Attack, but I did that whole geeky "fall in love" thing with it. I saw the album cheap, and never regretted the purchase. I'm sure people were looking at me weird today as I was singing chick rock instead of my usual heavier stuff, but I was preoccupied. A couple of songs on this album remind me of Michelle (Chosen Family and this song, esp.), and some remind me of other people (Lonely Boy is an Anne song). Earthquake inspired more of some of the words that were floating around my head regarding my boy, nay, DAWG, Kermix, aka Johnny Bastard.

Fly like an earthquake
surf on waves that swim through stone
from far beneath the rocks
The aftershocks aren't felt by you alone.

I offered hims some words, some of my music, and that's part of it. I had more this morning, but lost it in true creative genius fashion. Otherwise, today was a day where there was nothing I couldn't do. I kept a very rambunctious child occupied for almost twenty minutes while his adult shopped (better than having him pull toys out of boxes and break stuff... we played catch with a hackey-sack). I sold THREE tarot decks (including a $40 one) to one woman. The owner was present. The tarot cards are rapidly becoming MY BITCH. And I also cracked a combnation lock in under 30 seconds. Go me.

One of my coworkers acts like she has a problem with this. I think maybe I'm really daunting to her, in a way to which I'm not used. It's weird; everyone at work thinks I'm this supergenius or something (I exaggerate), but I still fit in. I'm different; that much I've established, but not too different. Maybe I really am smart in a non-arrogant way.

Today was a big day for cracked out and high/drunk people. Damn. I saw two crack ho's taking the elevator (to the mezzanine) with me BEFORE LUNCH. I didn't know (ex-)crack ho's got up that early. Then there were just the people in the store. Whoo... boy.

"Lonely Boy" this morning made me think of the Bottle Rockets' song, "The Lonely Cowboy"... "His heart is young / but his memories are old. / He was born a hundred years too late. / The lonely cowboy chases the west. / Sadly for him, it just won't wait." Living in New York, Baby, has made me feel, if anything, MORE midwestern than any other place I've lived. I've even started drawling some of my words.

"It just keeps gettin' funnier and funnier." -Ookla the Mok
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