April 29th, 2001

Hey Brock!

Fifty friends

I have fifty plus friends now. Join me as I explore who they are and why they're here. Times are approximate (pulled out of my ass).

  • Agent 13: #conversatron dude; very cool hombre! (#conversatron, 5 months)
  • albr0t: One of the new kids (on my block). I think he's a friend of Nemo, which makes him okay by me! (lj, less than a week)
  • My Shell, My Belle: Words cannot express the love I feel. Originally met in #conversatron when I remarked how I'd noticed her posts on the Con. We got to talking one night about how she felt blocked writing her poetry and I was like, "Huh?" because every word from her lips (fingers) was poetry to me. But then, I am a sap. (#conversatron, 4 months and change)
  • Timber: Another new kid! He's a friend of Scott and Phill, I think, and he likes my writing. (Cornell, sorta. Less than a week)
  • Jase, Funboy #2: This kid just rocks. In many senses, he is the perfect friend for me; he's definitely been as such. Both of my fellow Funboys have. We rock! As a funboy, he is automatically a Dawg, Second Class with honors. He also cares deeply for someone I care deeply for, which makes him more than okay by me! Best of luck. (#tmbg, 4 months)
  • Phill: He's the assassin! I vote we kill him! Hee hee. Phill is cool. I don't always get along with the SCD crowd (including non-SCD people that are somehow affiliated), but he's among the better aspects of a night at 120 Wait. (Cornell, 3 years)
  • bliiiz: Blif likes cars. He likes women. If I could be said to have disciples, he'd be among them! ;)
    It's kinda nice to be looked up to, even if it is only for answers to chem hw. (#conversatron/lj/#tmbg simultaneously, 5 months)
  • Vester: He's not lurking, he's in Sweden! We've only talked a few times due to the time difference. (#tmbg, 2 months)
  • Chrissy: She is a hottie. She is a hottie that thought I was dateable! Of course, she had to wait till I was takened to meet me and be untakened. She is a very good friend, nonetheless. I still owe her a dinner! (#tmbg, 4 months)
  • Becca: I met this girl at a party my freshman year when she started talking to me. For three years, I had the strangest crush on this girl. She was the most fun I'd ever had. I dated other people, and there were times when I didn't see her for months, but I could never really stop thinking about her. Then, finally, she convinced me to go out with her (don't ask how, I don't remember) and we had about 4 pretty happy months together. My memories of her will always be the fondest (I met Nemo in her company, and that day will probably be FOREVER one of my bestest memories; my two girls). (Cornell, 4 years)
  • coolfreshair: More new people! I met her in online_lover, a community for people in long-distance relationships. She added me to her friends list, and she's pretty coo', so why not? (lj, less than a week)
  • N@, Funboy #1: Hi, me! You rock! Thanks for all those great times together over the years! (Hey, if you can't love yourself, how can you love anyone else?)
  • Sandor: Stop reminding me so much of myself at your age (a whole whopping 4 or 5 years ago)! But then again, you may end up alright after all, just like I might. (#conversatron, 4 months)
  • Lars:Hides his true talent and intellect behind an alcoholic haze. What a waste. If he wasn't such a whiny bitch, he might be the next Hemmingway. =D (#conversatron, 4 months)
  • The Duchess Webb: Any fan of my writing is fine by me! She looks like she has some interesting views on some interesting stuff, too. We shall see! (lj, a month)
  • Drew: This kid reminds me of my friend Tom. Turns out, he's pretty cool (just like Tom, even though he'd never admit it). Sometimes I have to kick his ass, but it's for his 0wn g00d. He's a pretty l33t ph0t0graph0r. Also the king of late night ICQ coversations with me. (#conversatron, 6 months)
  • Anee: She doesn't get it, but I have this big crush on Anne. I don't really get it either, but back in the day when I was new to lj and I started off by reading Nemo's friends page, I was like... who is this chick with the amazing ic0nZ? Turns out she was Anne. And turns out Anne is cool. She is the number one fan of the [#tmbg] Funboy Three [of #tmbg]. And we love our Anne! (lj then #tmbg, 5 months)
  • Siempre! Jon: Open up a can of Wookass! There is hope for the future; this kid's got it going on. He's 'only' in high school, but that just means his future is wide open. He should probably do radio for fun in college; he's got the voice for it! He also has a great support system of friends. I've seen their comments and he's a lucky dewd! (lj, 2 months)
  • Jamie: Fed = Fed/0. I've actually said almost everything nice I could to him personally already, but just so everyone else knows, he's an upstanding gentleman, and an extremely nice person. He now runs the #conversatron server. (#conversatron, 6 months)
  • Andy: #conversatron's lurkingest lurker. He needs to talk to us/me more, because I think he's cool! (#conversatron, 6 months)
  • Jishywa: He runs #tmbg! Sometimes he needs a hug. (#tmbg, 3 months)
  • Joy: My favorite Angry Little Asian Girl! She's earned her name; it's truly a joy to read her entries. Angsty, intelligent, well-written, and thought-provoking; she's got the lj that makes me go yay. (lj, 4 months)
  • Austin: A new kid (a-gain) who I seldom talk to in #tmbg. Hi, Kafka! (#tmbg, 2 months)
  • Kermix, DSC with a commendation for Mix-mastery: The dude scares me... I read his lj and nod, going "yep, yep" to myself, and wonder if he does the same. Definitely feel the kindredness of spirit in this one. Mommy, can I grow up to be like Kermix? Something tells me I don't have a choice. Something tells me I already am. Now to learn to play the bass. (#conversatron, 5 months)
  • Lorelei: Baby's got outback. Aussie Lassie who's sweet and sassy. She went away to the states right after I met her, so I didn't talk to her all that much, and what with the time difference, I still don't that much. But she's very friendly, and anyone that Anne and Jason like is cool by me! Plus, I love Australians. (#tmbg, 4 months)
  • m00tant: m00tyb00ty is such a cutie. He likes KMFDM, which makes him fine by me. He does that whole dark side thing I like to do a lot better than I, even if sometimes people worry about him. I have seen his power; I think he will be very okay. He may be going to school soon; I wish him the best of luck. Some of our late night conversations are the randomest, and the best. (lj then #tmbg, 5 months)
  • Maryeve: She's a fellow insomniac... I actually found her through her entries on Nemo's friends page the week I stopped reading it, and started reading my own exclusively. She is a real pip, when she's not being down on herself! (lj, 2 months)
  • Jennifer: What is mayzie? What isn't mayzie? Who cares! She's mayzie! (lj then #tmbg, 5 months)
  • A.J.: Could anyone be more A.J.? Probably, but they wouldn't look as cool doing it. (#tmbg, 3 months)
  • Katy: The Geek Goddess. She was the coolest thing since sliced bread when we met, and she's not half-bad now. Yet another of the women that I introduced Joe to that he ended up dating. Not to limit her by describing her in terms of a couple; she's quite a standalone character. She's fiercely independent and very ambitious and a very smart girl! She and I had a lot of fun one time almost destroying the American Museum of Natural History. (#conversatron, 5 months)
  • MoRlly: She tends to disappear from time to time, but whenever I start to ask myself, "Where's MoRlly?" She will appear in the channel, or post something to lj. She's a quick with and very fun. I was happy the day she added me to her friends list, to say the least! Now I get all these nummy little MoRlly nuggets. (#tmbg, 4 months)
  • Alison: Snee! What can I say? She's my sister! We have a cosmic connection! She is the most fun you can find for under five dollars! She is candy and clouds and the pleasant crunch of ridged potato chips and the Temperance card. Men want her, women want to be her! She introduced me to livejournal, and subsequently #tmbg, and was therefore indirectly responisble for me and Becca getting together. She's also responsible for everyone I convinced to get a journal getting a journal. We stay up to all sorts of late hours girl-talking and being silly. I love you, Nemo! You are literally the best! (#conversatron, 6 months)
  • Naomi: Bye-bye, Nomi! Have fun in England! I will still be ready to read all about your adventures when you come back to lj. (lj, 4 months)
  • Erica: Who was the cute girl I met my first night at Cornell who would actually talk? Who was the girl in the short skirt with the saddle shoes and the Starshine in her eyes? Who lured me into her den of iniquity that night, while she was still all Catholic-school-y (dammit) and not the rockin' sexpot she is today? I dunno... I forget. (Cornell, 4 years)
  • regentag: New new new. She seems like a mega-cool babe. She has written already one particularly chord-striking journal entry, so I will wait and see just how impressed I can get. (lj, 1 week)
  • Rayce-y Babe: Joined after playing my game of penis! one day. She's a talented photographer and a spirited lass! Very fun lady! (lj, 3 months)
  • Seiry: Hard rock chick turned school teacher... she got it goin' on. Definitely keeps me in touch with my rocker side and my anime side. We had a fun IM conversation or two, and should have more some day! From songwerds! (lj, 2 months)
  • Scott: Scott's got the Scottness that makes Scott Scotty. One of the better SCD-related people. The vest of Fruit Roll-ups was highly memorable. Cheers. (Cornell, 3 years)
  • Amanda: So like, there was this chick, and like, she was transferring to Cornell, but she was like, already going out with one of my friends, so I was like, damn, but then they broke up, and I still like, kinda liked her and stuff. But like, I was going out with this chick that like, barely knew I existed, so like, I ditched the bitch and went after this other chick. Umm, yeah, that was my Smanda impression. I definitely miss her; she's one of the funnest people EVER. IN TEH WHIRLD!!!11! (Cornell, 3 years)
  • Chris (del sur), Funboy #3: friend of Nemo, cool guy, DSC with honors and all that. He's got good taste in music, always a killer plus with me, plus we have that whole deep connection thing going on. He once said that he was me with a poorer self-image. I can't imagine a poorer self-image than mine!
    I would write more, but I would rather be talking to him, RIGHT NOW on EFNet. (#tmbg, 5 months)
  • Miss T: Tamara is soooo cool. She was the first person to list me as a friend after Nemo. She is a very sweet and pretty lady, and quite intelligent on top of that! I always enjoy talking to her because she always has such nice things to say. (lj, 5 months)
  • Chris (del norte): This guy has the best sense of humor of anyone I've ever met. Anyone else would have long ago gotten tired of the "Canada is cold" jokes, but not Spend. I like making people laugh, and he likes to laugh, so it's always a riot when we chat. He was gone for awhile, but now he's frequenting the channel again and all is good. (#conversatron, 6 months)
  • Stephanie: She likes the Police, and especailly Sting. We have had some fun conversations, but not for awhile. :( (#tmbg, 5 months)
  • Stefano: Very talented Italian fellow from #tmbg. Always there to help me with my Italian, and vice versa. (#tmbg, 4 months)
  • Gen. Torak, DSC: Torak is Hella cool. He's another dude I can look up to (where were all these dudes when I was young and impressionable?). The Aztec warrior; he's a gifted CounterStrike player/leader. He's funny, to say the least. He's also wise, and always interesting. Keep up the good uNF. (#conversatron, 6 months)
  • Joe, DFC: I still remember walking to Convocation when my mom said, "Go make friends" and pushed me. Dammit, mom, why'd you have to introduce me to my best damn friend? We roomed together for two years, too. He's the Reed Richards to my Dr. Doom. He didn't just get Dawg First Class for being a decent roommate for two years; he earned it. He is definitely irreplaceable. (Cornell, 4 years)
  • Chris: How not to be a boring geek. Chris is so far on the cool side of the geek spectrum, you can't even see him. He's fucking invisible, like ultraviolent light. He's got to be; he's Tamara's fiance (lucky d00d!) ;)
    I only wish he posted more! (lj, 5 months)

    And a few non-lj people:
  • Tom: TCKMA. Tom is such a good friend that it makes me tingle in my special places. He has had ample reason to hate me a few times in the past (we met "fighting" over a chick, and shared interest in females more than a few times after that), and he's always been cool, even if that's not his strong suit. He's a lot of fun when he lets himself go, and he's definitely a smart grapefruit. It's cool to make him laugh, and even cooler when he makes you laugh. He's also pretty damn honest, which is probably one of my most valorized traits. (Cornell, 4 years)
  • Psyli: Psyli is just cool. You wish you had what she's got! Funny, smart, sweet and kind, but she knows when to give you a piece of her mind. Don't mess with her, just because she looks nice and naive! She has a sister that likes to stab people or something. (#conversatron, 6 months)

    That took me three hours. My damn fingers are on fire. I am sorry the things I left out; I skipped around, adding things here and there, but I'm falling asleep now, and I may have to edit this post severely tomorrow. Please feel free to check out my friends if you don't know any of them. They are pretty much all cool! I will not name the one or two exceptions.

    Hee hee, kidding! Kidding!

    *MWAH* Love you all!
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