April 26th, 2001

This is not my beautiful icon.

Some guys have all the luck, some guys get all the breaks.

Some men are lucky. Some men have women who will meet them at the door with a kiss and a bag lunch as they go to work. Those guys are SUCKERS. I have a woman who is up three hours before 8 (due to time zones) to see me off... and she gives me Stabbing Westward to take to work. Yay!

I got music

"And the sun drips down bedding heavy behind the front of your dress all shadowy-lined." -This is my favoritest Duran^2 song. Covered by one of Michelle's favoritest (and localest) bands.

"Shut me off... cause I'll go crazy with this planet in my hands." I remember this song from the days of Q104.3, the last good radio station in NYC. Monster Magnet was still a local band then, so I was amazed to hear it on this compilation CD one of my cow3rkers has (NOW music or CMJ or something). I HAD to Napsterize it.

"Fade... into you." The Star of Mazzy must... how could I live so long without this song. And no, she did not do the Cowboy Junkies' version of Sweet Jane, Napster community! Shame in you!

"Kissin the bride... forty-five minutes aside." Who sucked out the filling... in my Twinkie? I didn't like this band when they came out. Fucking... five goddamn years later, the hook comes back and catches me. The FUCK? Well, okay, these days I tend to listen to bands that don't hit notes so much, so c'mon in, join the party, Superdrag. Just don't mess up my place like that restaurant in the video.

"MaRY haAD al itTTle lamb itS FLeECe waskjslasdsaljd" Dude. Shoots and Ladders. Remember when KoRn was The Shit? I do. Fuck you. Bagpipes + Fucked up nursery rhymes = fucking fun sing-a-long.


I also downloaded a shitload of Fugazi. I just love the name.

BTW: Jesus Christ Pose. I have officially added Badmotorfinger to the list of albums I MUST have. I hear it's on vinyl somewhere....
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    Deftones - Chauffeur (EXCELLENT DURAN^2 COVER D00D) / Monster Magnet - Negasonic Teenage Warhead / Mazzy Star - Fade Into You / Superdrag - Sucked out / KoRn - Shoots and Ladders