April 13th, 2001


I want to take all my friends; all the people I know around the world, and bring them together. I want to spend all my days with these people. I see people everywhere I look gravitating to each other, regardless, heedless of distance, background, time. I see bonds forming everywhere that are stronger than anything I've ever seen; any material, any circumstance.

I have never ever been lacking in love. I always had it, and always took it for granted. I never even had to love myself because there was always someone to bolster me; someone willing to show me what I can't see about myself. Then I meet someone who has had to fight the world for love, and I realize ...

I realize...

I can just see so much more, now; so much further. Yes, I'm also doing this weird synaesthetic thing where I can taste with my fingertips, but that's not the half of it. She threw me the obvious, and I didn't see it for the longest time. Now I can see everywhere the little strands of life, those cliche threads of fate that bind us all together. Or feel them. Or smell them. Or something. But I know they're there.

So to all you people, all my friends, all of you whom I know would get along well with this friend, or that friend, I love you all.

C'mere! Gimme a hug!
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I need to eat some meat today.

Oh, and happy 21st birthday to Tige, my stuffed tiger. He still has over 80% of his original stuffing! I was born on a Friday the 13th, and he turns 21 on one. Much love, good buddy! You were always there. Always.
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