April 11th, 2001

Hey Brock!

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I got cable! RoadRunner's box is sitting in my room. I'll set it up as soon as Grammy goes to sleep, so I don't mess up her reception when I unplug her cable. Whoo!

Freaking assistant manager today... he was cycling through all these CDs (NOW music collections from 1980 on) looking for Go-Go's... I got fifteen to twenty second bursts of THOUSANDS of 80's songs. THEY'RE ALL IN MY HEAD! GET THEM OUT!!!

And Becca, don't worry! Everything's still fine.
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500th POST SPECTACULAR: Survey, schmurvey! Time for a random poll!

You tell me. Answer these questions about me (NOT ABOUT YOU, ABOUT ME! You can fill out the survey in your own damn journal =D ) as honestly as you can. If you don't know, guess, leave it blank, or make something up! Let the chaos ensue.

From ICQ: We were supposed to answer for you?


I wanted to see what people thought about ME!

That's the whole point, so it's not just another survey.

Physical appearance: What do you most like about your body?

And least?

How many fillings do you have?

Do you think you're good looking?

Do other people?

What do you sound like?

Fashion: Do you wear a watch?

How many coats and jackets do you own?

Favorite pants/skirt color?

Favorite top/shirt color?

Most expensive item of clothing?

Most treasured?

Boots or shoes?

Scruffy or smart?

Your personality (general): Extrovert or introvert?

Are you confident?

Do you like yourself?

Are you popular?

Are you good academically?

What do you have a really good knowledge of?

Are you good at games which rely on intellect?

What fictional character you are most like?

Things friends say to you the most?

Can you speak another language?

Your personality (specific): Are you moody?

Use five words to describe what you feel inside.

Do people know how you feel?

What would you change about your personality?

What drives you?

Worst fault?

Your friends: Do your friends know you?

What do they tend to be like?

Are there traits in you that are universally liked?

Few friends or many acquaintances?

Can you count on them?

Can they count on you?

Sex: Are you good at it?

Have you ever been criticized about your performance?

Does it ever leave you feeling empty?

What does it for you in a sex partner?

Favorite parts of partner's body during sex?

Music/TV/Film/Books: Favorite bands ever?

Most listened to bands currently?

Can you play an instrument?

Type of music listened to?

Type never listened to?



TV Shows?

survey stolen from AJ, who has some good answers, if you're looking to cheat.
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lord, From this chair of mine...


Polls are impossible to edit, and I didn't save the HTML, so I know it looks like I am asking you, but I really mean me. So for that post you==Dark. If you fucked up, you can fill it out again. Who's going to want to do that, though? :\
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    Johnny Bastard ShoutCast: 'cause Counter-Strike is fuckity right now.

My machine is shit.

So, no, I don't counterstrike. I was listening to kermix's shoutcast, and HE was broadcasting because HE couldn't counter-strike. So, um. Yeah.

Have a nice day!
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Sorry, Mom.

When I think about it, my dad not liking my mom's singing should have been a sign. I don't think that can happen between two people that love each other!

So umm... I should never have been born? Oro? What am I trying to say?
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