April 10th, 2001

I am "good lookin'"

No, not as you may think; I'm not handsome. No, instead, I am "good [at] lookin[g] out" for my customers; hunting down items for which they have searched long and hard. You can imagine my shock the first time a male customer said that to me. Rest assured, it took all of my strength not to engage him in fisticuffs. But further observation yielded his true meaning, and all parties are undoubtedly greatly relieved.

I will relate any subsequent findings as they are made.
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    Depeche Mode - Dream on
lord, From this chair of mine...

Ooh, Foxy Lady.

Urge to play Grand Theft Auto... rising.

Dammit, I been clean for months now!

I use the gunslinger icon all the time for commenting, but I seem to post with it so rarely. I wish I had an icon use counter thingie... just so I could figure out which ones I actually use and which ones to replace.
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    Drei Puertos Abajo - Looser / Jimi - Foxy Lady