April 4th, 2001

lord, From this chair of mine...

Quit whining!

I am at a low ebb...

I'm happy... I'm just...

I'd have to be nuts or something to not be happy now. I have a stupendous girlfriend who gives 110% to everything she does. I know all these lovely people; such wonderful friends. I have a job. Of course, I won't get paid for two weeks at least, but hey I'll only run out of money at the end of this week.

Okay, so I'm tired. I stayed up way too late for something that never happened and probably never existed in the first place, but bleh.

It's the little things. I feel fat. I need to find an excercise routine that works and stick to it.

And why the hell am I so thirsty? I must've had several gallons of fluid today, and my mouth is still so very dry...

In New York City, the tap water is clean; it's just that the taps are dirty. The rust all comes from the pipes in the buildings, not the reservoir....
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    Soundgarden - Superunknown - Like Suicide
This is not my beautiful icon.

"It's an homage, you jerk (http://www.livejournal.com/users/darksmile/)."

Look, I can be creative, and do it well! Of course, (in true pretentious music jerk style) best read/sung along to the original, or a reasonable reproduction (April Wine, for example).

Flee the tide
innocents ride
ebb and flow
the times subside
the reasons multiply
that cause us to divide
It's the 21st Century schism, man

Pigs feed
iron greed
we sow what grows
from the poisoned seed
everything we've got
but what we need
In the 21st century schism, man

Babies, lie
demons cry
man stops to ask how
and why
carries on again
hearing no reply
In the 21st century schism, man

Stories told
refrains old
the newest holy cow
is sold
trapped in a world
so brave and so bold
(so craven so cold)
It's not just a 21st century schism, man
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    King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King - 21st Century Schizoid Man