March 29th, 2001

To or not to

I watched Boot Camp. I was thinking of writing some long, pontificating entry about society or some general source of bullshit in the immediate environment, but then I was like, no. Since my writing is like, barely tolerable, I'll spare people.
I did think that it was heartwarming and blah blah blah. I wonder if they didn't put in the one person that would drop out early so they could kick out the one guy without giving him the chance to take out the asshole they planted (who will manage to stay in— we know this because they said "Meyer's scheming will continue"; he's the antagonist now; a main character). I like some of the people on the show; I'm too used to reality shows where everyone is there for fame or money. Some of these people actually look like they want to be all they can be. Or whatever. It's too bad that the aim of the show is to tear people apart, which is exactly the opposite idea of real boot camp. That and the fact that you can't call it a reality show if it's only reality-based (well, you can, but shouldn't be allowed to). In a reality show, they wouldn't have a plant like Meyer, or, in the least, Park would have been able to exercise his option to take revenge (what the hell happened to that this week? So if they get two washouts, no one gets voted out? What if four people leave?)

Props to Haar. She's Haarcore.

Yes, that's a shorter version of what I was going to say. You can eat me.
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This is not my beautiful icon.

Give my regards to B'way.

Y o - y o - y o

Dark in the hoooooooouse. I might have a job, after much pavement-pounding. I did my scene today, met some hot Art School girls, got a free lunch from a Jew, found out that Mexicans love ABBA, and explored the city. I applied at some place called Star Magic, a Spencer Gift-style retail gadgetry store and the dude sounded at least a little interested. Barnes & Noble always give me the same brush-off (you are one among THOUSANDS, mortal) but I applied there, too. We'll see.

I just need some cash. Positive instead of negative cashflow. I don't have to be riding with my bowline high above the water, but as long as I'm not sinking, it's all good.

And you may ask me, how do you work this? And I might ask you, where is this subway train going to?

Things I've remembered that I forgot to post about just this week:
  • My cool-ass dream where I was a counter-terrorist plant (no, I don't play CounterStrike) on a field trip with my high school class where the bus was taken over by Iraqis. My boy, P-fly (Pat Amato, aka Li'l Siobhan) saved the day by driving the bus off a cliff. We need more Hollywood movies where the hero doesn't save the day, and, in fact, ends up pretty inconsequential. Where the protagonist is not the hero, rather. Well... no. Umm... you know what I mean.
  • The tagging show on Public Access (Manhattan Neighborhood Networks). Hosted by James Top, who looks like an amalgamation of a few characters depicted on In Living Color, it's a show about old skool graffiti taggers. People sign their names to public edifices and claim to be keeping "it" real.
    Say it with me: "WHAT IS IT? It's it. WHAT IS IT?" etc. I was disappointed; I thought it would be about graf artists; the people who actually paint, not just write their names to stuff. Even if the big boys do it pretty, it's still just an ego-wank. Graffiti art, on the other hand, can be frickin beeyouteeful.
  • Mmm... sea salt.
  • No, I swear, this negativity thing is really just an act. I don't hate people, and I know my writing is quality (at times; not right now, but I am rushing). Amanda is nice, sweet, and hard to beat!
  • Public Access roolZ! I saw an interview of The Donnas, who were in that movie Jawbreaker that I love for god knows what reason (I am soooo not the target audience). They actually play music videos on some shows. They also play video games on others. I saw someone playing through (the?) Bouncer and I also saw a Dodge 'em tournament. Kicking it all the way back to old skool atari.

    I also forgot two more things, at least, that I at some point remembered forgetting, and vowed to post later (meaning now). Oh, well. What are you gonna do?

    I'm gonna rock out. I'm a rocker; I rock out.
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    lord, From this chair of mine...

    Said to my dad:

    "I'm not angry at you. I don't have time for hate. When I'm old and retired and sitting around, I'll think about everything that anyone's ever done to me in my life and hold my own little court of memories.

    Right now I have to worry about living."

    "and I'm not wanting you to make the same mistakes.."

    "Of course not. It's alienation that does that. If I shun you and all that you've done, how can I learn from it and avoid the same mistakes?"

    I have someone to thank for helping me reach the second conclusion. Some day, when I see her, I will thank her.
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