March 28th, 2001

Take the Local H (A Subject for Empty Words)

It's just so pathetic
I feel like I should be poetic
This space left unintentionally blank
Empty and feeling dank

Gotta run, gotta hide, gotta get away
Or at least, that's what the Puppets say
But I can't get there
Too much noise in my air

It says, "No!" on my hand
And "NO!" on my wrist
The words don't go away
When I clench my fist

Malevolent crunk
The sound of this junk
A crash bang boom
It rains down like doom

I crayon on the walls of my skull
I can't escape; my life feels so dull
I peer out through my eye
I see her in the window and sigh

The songs on the radio
They just don't know
How she makes me feel
They don't know for real

I clocked my reading speed today. ~24 pages/hr., paperback. Meh. Isn't it supposed to be like, a page a minute? :\

[Other retarded comments I was going to make but forgot the substance of.]
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Empty Words for a Subject

Yeah, I know, I fucked up that poem

Got distracted.

Get back on the horse, kid. NOW! *cocks gun*
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(no subject)

I am going to go drown my sorrows in some Turkey Hill Cookies and Cream ice cream.

Quick, somebody give me some sorrows to drown. :)
I'm in one of those "life's little blessings" moods.
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(no subject)

Am I the only person who finds the stilted DS9-style nerd-talk of these modern dayz annoying? (Yes, I said dayz. It was a typo, but I like it, so it stayZ).

Apparently, I haven't been updating my journal, it seems. There would seem to be a reason for this, apparently. Oh, well, I suppose I will write when it seems I apparently have something to write. How goes your day?

It's all a whole bunch of linguistic ineffeciency, it is. It's certainly not cute.

In other news, I did it all for Tanooki, Tanooki. So I could get Karubi's (Shoe)
And wear it on my foot, and wear it on my foot....
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