March 27th, 2001

Guys that like movies for guys that like movies.

Platoon was on tonight. I watched it, thinking (as I's liabel t') about how growing up in the 80's meant being immersed in the Viet Nam war. We had Platoon, Rambo, Hamburger Hill, The 'Nam; if you lived it, you know what I mean. But when I think back, I realize just how divorced we kids were from the 'conflict'. It seems to me, in retrospect, of course, that we would have been almost completely unaware of it had it not been for entertainment media. Was it a(n) (un)conscious attempt by society at repression? I don't know.
I like Platoon. It's not because it is a war movie. It's not about the violence. For once. It's about the story, and the morality. I think Stone really did a good job with his characters, his plot, even his pacing. That should mean a lot coming from me; because I came into watching the movie (uncensored the first time, last year) dreading it. Mostly because, "Oh, no, not another 'Nam movie," but I was pleasantly surprised. For once, I liked it because the main character didn't do what I would have done. I'd like to think I would have done what Chris did, but I would have wanted too badly to be like Elias. Even as such, I didn't hate Barnes' character. I hated what he did (and if you think that's a spoiler, you haven't paid attention to the movie), sure, but the character was not one you could have hated like, say, the Corporal (asshole— no, prick). I mean, he was good at what he did, and that, I respect. That's part of my value system, I guess. That theme is something, too. The way it keeps climbing the scales when it seems like it's about to stop puts me right on edge (yes, the subject is a muted tribute to it). I want to say I love it, but it's not quite that. It makes me too uneasy for that. ;)
In other news, wrasslin' was on in full force tunnight. I watched WCW at the very end to see Vince McMahon's speech about buying out the Dubya-Cee-Dublya. It was funny as all hell. I also respect Vince because he's good at what he does. He's also a good actor. I don't know about that whole steroid controversy; I missed that— so maybe he really is a cutthroat businessman. But he puts on a hell of a show. He's got this rivalry going on with his son, so tonight, his son announced that he had bought the WCW right from under his dad's nose. So the WWF-WCW rivalry continues, and both sides rake in the cash. There is nothing wrong with watching wrestling, as long as you admit why you're watching it. It makes me laugh like little else. And the acting is more believable than most stuff in theaters or on the tee vee these days. God, sitcoms nowadays STINK. :p

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