March 26th, 2001

"Acting" again

"OK, I'm still looking for the other actor, because Erica can't do it.

In the meantime, learn your lines: (You'll be Sir Edward Ross)


Groovy, I get to impersonate a dead guy (Graham Chapman). Lines? Memorization? What's that again?

Watching Conan so soon after reading HP is cool. Now I understand things like where Crom-Aur of Cimmeria came from. Next on my list are the Conan stories, by Robert E. Howard. Should be fun.
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Best line from an 80's "stoner dude" movie

The Stoned Age was great, but you can't beat the line in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey when they are first brought into hell:

"Whoa, dude. We were totally lied to by our album covers."

This memory brought to you courtesy me an Torak talking about "El Oso".
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