March 18th, 2001

Never thought to question why

I had a realizatioon on my walk, not unlike Joe's a St. Patrick's Cathedral. I realized that, like a tall man wandering through hedgerows (can you tell I've been reading Lovecraft again?) I was taller than everyone else. Within a 10 block radius, there's not a single other person of six feet or greater. Granted, they're all Dominicans, and I've noticed Dominicans are short, but not that short. Most of the women couldn't have been five feet. They were like, eye-level with my belly button. It was really mind-blowing, looking over the tops of everyone's heads.

In other news, nothing beats reading Lovecraft and listening to Lovecraft-inspired music like early Metallica and Blue Öyster Cult. I am, in fact, actually in the process of reading the fabled Call of Cthulhu. I can't wait to be disappointed in that characteristic Lovecraft way!
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lord, From this chair of mine...


The internet seems to be going down. I can ONLY get to livejournal. I can't even get to my free ISP. :\
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lord, From this chair of mine...

No escape from the true false world

I think that Highlander would have been quite a bit more interesting had the Immortals gained their power not merely from decapitation, but actual ingestion of their enemy's brains.

"Born in the highlands of Scotland, he is Connor MacLeod, and he will EAT YOUR BRAAAAIIINNNSSS!!!"

The whole concept would change; anyone could become an Immortal; at least, temporarily, by eating the brains of another. This would make any human target appealing; however, eating the brains of a brain-eater would give you even more power, so Immortals would still mostly go after one another to stay immortal longer. Plus, as everyone knows, Cannibalism is wacky!
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Whoa, Priest

I haven't heard some JP in a long time. Hooray for the radio.

I wonder what would happen if we'd had Freddie Mercury and Rob Halford fight for the title of Britain's (World's?) Queerest Hard Rocker. Personally, I think Halford would have kicked Mercury's ass, but the vocals would have been phenomenal from both sides. Those dudes could really sing.

Speaking of dudes who can sing in weird ranges, I can't wait to hear that RAtM & Chris Cornell collaboration stuff. The radio is on, and the radioman is saying he's going to be playing some of it later. Ta-da!
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Testing the Poll feature

Poll #60 The Wrath of Jesus Shakwon


Hello, Dark!
Go away!

How are you today?

Have you done a poll script like this before?

Golly, no!
Sure have, but not the lj way
Of course. I read lj news!

Which of these bands are cool?

Black Lab
Dot Dot Dot
ZZ Top

Do you enjoy reading my journal?

Yes, immensely. I've been known to cry when you don't update. :(
I think you're pretty funny/deep/interesting or something that gets me to read your entries.
Sometimes/Often I enjoy it, sometimes it's just like, God, shut up.
Eh, you have your moments.
I really don't know why I read your journal. Inertia, I guess.

Got comments on my journal? (Comments on the entry/poll itself can go in the regular comment section)

I love you all! Even if you don't like my journal. :\

P.S. Brad took my poll! I guess I should have included a "I am bradfitz." choice in question 3. And here I thought people would only abuse it. Hi, Brad, if you're reading this (again)! :D
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