March 13th, 2001

lord, From this chair of mine...

Some barfight advice from The Refreshments.

"So this big ol' guy comes up to me
he says, 'Hey, Skinny White Boy,
I don't like the way yer lookin at my girlfriend'
'What an ugly thing to say,' I said.
But don't you flatter yourself, y'know;
I don't think that much of your girlfriend.'

So this big ol' guy socks me in the nose
And I falls on my back
And I'm gettin blood on my clothes
And he says, 'Hey, Skinny White Boy,
Whaddaya think about that?'
I said, 'It doesn't change much, y'know,
I still don't think that much of your girlfriend.'"

Oh, yes. I will be prepared, three months from today, when I TURN TWENTY-ONE!

Happy 100th birthday for real today, Aunt Louise! (She won't read this, but it's the thought).
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"One of these days is gon' take me away."

I feel strangely... remote today. In a very sort of 'hey, somebody should probably tie me down or I will float away FOREVER, not that that's a bad thing' way. I think it has to do with me sleeping till 2 yesterday, then going to bed at nine till nine this morning. I'm fricken floaty.

"He floats, floats away
On the ground he comes back down."

Whee. It would be fun, except for the fact that I'm not feeling fun. I'm not feeling anything but distant. I had a disturbing dream about school last night; basically, it packed up and moved while I was away. Maybe I'm retreating from that. It was a very sad dream; desolate. Even the mall was closed. The malls in my dreams never close. My dreams usually ARE the mall; they seldom leave it when I do dream about malls. This is probably one of five or less dreams out of hundreds where I've actually left a mall. Unless you count the stores in a strip mall, where you have to go outside to go to the next store. Even then, I tend to go into the one store that has everything in its 99 aisles and never leave (we're not talking more than 2 or so dream hours, though; no eternities here). It's definitely the only one where the lights have been off and the individual stores have been closed. I can't remember security guards in any of the other ones, either. Maybe it's an end to childhood thing; the immense malls of my dreams gone by were places of infinite discovery; if I ever finished exploring one of them that would usually end the dream. Now it seems as if that's all gone away; there is no wonder left in the world; even if there may be things left to explore, they're all mundane. This mall was only one story (like the pitiful mall in Ithaca, so maybe that's all it means; that that place was never really a place of wonder in the first place; just drudgery) so gone were the spiral escalators and the ones that looped-the-loop. Geez, even the strip mall stores had ceilings at least 30-40' high. This mall was all narrow and confining. Stupid Ithaca mall. I hope that's all it was; just the Ithaca mall that was stifling. In any event; the mall always reopens the next day, so I'll just wait. No biggie.

In other news, Momento looks like a cool movie. I'll catch it on IFC next year, or Sundance, since it was at Sundance.

I am goddam lazy

Geocities won't externally host immiges no more, so you have to click a bunch of links instead of peeping a convenient thumbnail page. Here they are, despite popular request:

Try clicking in the location bar and pressing return. It doesn't like the external link thing either, I guess. You have to go to the page from that geocities page. They're all there.
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