March 12th, 2001


I'm caught up on lj already? Damn.

I feel all gassy and my tumby's rumbly. I ate way too much today. Trying to make up for all that not-eating I did this weekend... *tsk tsk tsk* ... two cinnabons is too many.

I should write about all the fun stuff I did this weekend, how much blacker I got and all that (how much bigger my head got from compliments), but now the moment has passed, and I no longer feel in the moment. All you need to know is that Tuesday, the 13th, Aunt Louise turns 100. She's still on her feet; can see and hear and dance better than any of her 50-60 year old grandkids. And three months after her birthday, I turn 21. So maybe we'll all have another Atlantic City trip that weekend in June; or perhaps just a gadabout in the city. This is my informal invite; if you're interested in some post-21 style fun with me, let me know now. I want to start planning, cause that's how I am.

I GIVE YOU ALL ALL OF MY LOVE. I want very much to give each and every one of you a hug. Aunt Louise has soaked up a hundred years of love, respect, and admiration, and I tell you, it fairly radiates.

Free hugs for everyone! Inquire within.
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