March 5th, 2001

Hey Brock!


Okay, I'm putting up links. If you're in the NY metro area (which precious few of my friends seem to be), check out NYLink, an amazing free ISP with no ads. Thanks to, and Michelle, who is, and always will be my Goddess (along with Morg, I guess, as far as I'm a geek, being as she's the geek goddess).
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*** Connecting to (6667)
Closing Link: DarkSmile (No authorization: -2)

Now I can't get on EFNet...

I guess the people in #tmbg will have to be without my staunch anti-TMBG dogma for awhile... there's always ICQ... and I'm back on my IM screenname, rather than using my AOL account screenname.

As I used to say when young and geeky: See ya in the e-!

PS: seems to be wonking for me.
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Connected at 115,200 bps? On a 56k? Isn't that physically impossible, or am I just exposing my inner nongeek?
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(no subject)

Well, NY Times classifieds, it's just you and me. It should be you, me, and a resume, but it's not, so let's see what the two of us can do. Temp agencies, here I come.
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Sheer Heart Attack

Panic. Terror. Nothing grips me the way that trying to find a job does. Not even women. I get butterflies asking out a girl, but only jobs and especially *ulp* resumes really really make me want to just curl up and die. Logic and sense have no power over this aversion.


In other news, I have my first Wacky NeighborTM. Some guy that lives above my bedroom likes to croon pathetically this one song at 11AM on Monday. Or he has for the past two weeks. So what do I do? A duet. I don't know the words, but neither does he, it seems. I don't think he heard me, though so next week I get louder (loudness here is denoted by using bold text. Bold text is shown here with underlining and underlining is shown by the use of nothing less than italics. (Ha! You thought I was going to use bold, didn't you?)).

Aren't I good at procrastination? God, I hate that word and the popularity it's gained. It's become socially accepted and even respectable. It makes it oh-so-hard to view it as a bad thing. I also hate "later" jokes associated with procrastination. And I hate them NOW.
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Christ! The National Weather Service has reported that over 15 snowflakes have fallen in the tri-state area. I think I even saw one of them.

Don't blame me for the useless newspost; people were actually asking.
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This is not my beautiful icon.

Thinking about humor. ("A bit of a mindflip")

"Writing about humor is like dancing about architecture." - Steve Martin

Not just me, but many people make jokes that are about jokes, or jokes that are intentionally lame "to highlight the humor of the idea of people with a lack of humor telling jokes." I quote myself in IRC:
"I am so meta-humorous, it's not even funny. Literally. Self-referential and so-called 'conscious jokes' are so not funny."

Will I stop making them? Never! "I have nowhere else to go."

So, self, why are we posting this to our journal? I guess so people will at least know that we have no pretensions to being funny when we know we aren't. (I typed that entire sentence looking as far away from the monitor and keyboard as I could, faster than I normally type, without a typo. I can't type when paying attn. to what I type, for some reason. Case in point, I guess, Becca). Clever wit, maybe, an exercise of the brain, that's all. If you laugh, you're welcome. If I laugh, I'm happy, so what do I care about you? Minimally, of course. I care about you all, just not from a stimulus-response perspective.

It's been so long since I last said "stimulus-response."
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<kermix|werk> there are some days when geek-laden channels will fall completely silent, and then a female will show up and light up the room with her smile
<gerb-sketching> and leaping skills
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