March 3rd, 2001

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Depending on how you look at it, a tribute/homage or ripoff of Seger's Turn the Page. Katy liked it, and so did some people from back in the day when I wrote it. Katy is cool because she's coming to vizzit. Or despite the fact. Or aside from. One of those.
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Not angsty

As the daylight fades away
in an extemporaneous sort of way
I stare through glass eyes
of windowed room
And everything's okay

You're allowed to be okay
You're allowed to embrace the day
Wrapping up sunbeams
in your arms
Safe and sheltered
Away from harm

Jesus must have felt like this
Fairly floating through the morning mist
The clarity of the clouds in the skies
My life feels subsumed
I sense a greater purposefullness

Not just a cog in a tremendous plan
I stand alone; I am a man
I've got a purpose
But that purpose is not me
I can be responsible
And I can be free

Yes, I have a Christ complex, remind me to tell ya 'bout it sometime.
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Love hurts.

Love hurts soooo good.

I love love, the pain makes me feel alive, yadda yadda, the same old rambling bs. One thing I now want to say is that, yes, I write like that in my regular (paper) journal, too; the one that no one reads. So don't call me a whore (not an lj whore, at least) cause I'm still writing for me.

Except for the majority of that last paragraph (everything after the first sentence), which was addressed at you, the viewer.
Christ, must I always contradict myself? Stupid! God hates stupid babies! *bangs head into wall repeatedly*

Look! A distraction!

okay so I got a li'l wacky there at the end; I do that normally anyway, swear to God, it's just that now there's people to see it and oh, boy, is that egg on my face I'll never live down.

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What seperates me from the powet?
Is it that I don't knowet?
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