March 2nd, 2001

Yea, verily! :(

Lo, that bottle of apple juice 'twas surely hermetically vacuum-sealed by Hermes himself. I've vowed there's not a sealed foodstuffs container I can't open, but that was damn close. My hands have gotten fat, lazy, and stupid, resting on their laurels. They're going to start working out again first thing tomorrow!

Aye vill haf stronk handz, fuhr "Aye moost break yu."
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Announcing a new service an' shit!

Some foo' half a world away talkin' trash? Someone disrespecting your ho's in one of your far-off multinational investitures? Just plain need some sucka fool whacked, but you're out of town?

Just dial: 10-10-187 and the pager or cellular number of the niggah you want regulated, and we'll fuck that mofo up somepin sho-nuff.

Remember, that number is 10-10-187, for all your long-distance killing needs.

Service not available in some hoods. All requests validated with a minimum 50% of corpse returned. Unsatisfied customers may refer their complaints to the nearest law enforcement agency, who will more than likely be glad to hear of their conspiracy to whack/attempted whacking to the tune of 5-10 in a federal pen., barring priors.
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This is not my beautiful icon.

I am getting old.

I was all set to post this song to songwerds. Good thing I went back and read the entire archives to find it (yes, it was on the very day I chose to check last).

God, I'm sick of Crazy Town. And pretty much everything played on K-Rock. I thought we had a small playlist. It's a shame we live on the northwest corner of the tower, or we might get some other stations. :\

Glad I took a break from music and watched TV tonight. There was a Victor Borge retrospective marathon pledge thing on PBS, and it rocked. Inflationary language is a twoderful thing.
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