February 28th, 2001

lord, From this chair of mine...

You know,

Sometimes I think I should just start walking. Just grab a bag of my stuff and go. My feet would hurt, at first, sure, but they'd get used to it. They'd never be the same.

I'd end up somewhere, or I'd end up nowhere. I'd stink, that much is for sure. Would I be able to make enough money to survive doing odd jobs, or washing dishes for scraps? Would I have to bathe in rivers, risking pneumonia and worse?

Would there ever be any turning back?

No, I don't think so.

One thing's for sure. I'm not Sherwood Anderson. I'm not going walk down the railroad tracks towards the big city and become an acclaimed writer after middle age has just fed me up with everything. I'm still not sure I'll live till middle age. I'm still not sure I care.

Oh, yeah. And to all the people I'm alienating, either Fuck you, or I'm sorry. I forget which. Maybe one for some and the other for others, or a little bit of both for all. Probably not, though. I'm a nice guy, really. I'm just selfish because I want to live. Or because I've forgotten what it is to live.

"I wonder... when I sing along with you if anything could ever feel this real forever... if anything could ever feel this good again. The only thing I'll ever ask of you, you gotta promise not to stop when I say when."

I think those words apply to my friends. Even when I'm feeling like I want to be left alone, even when I say when, I need them not to go away. Maybe that's selfish.
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Psychogrenades, HO!

Watch out, the Philanthropic Sand Apostle is coming atcha!

Check out this hero name generator. Enable Marvelizer for kooky mass-mutantism.

The bizarre A-lad
Power(s): Machine control, Explodes, Electrical generation/control
Source of powers: Mutant ancient lore
Weapon: Radiation Hubcap
Transportation: Lad Kayak

The brave Invisible Falcon (Invisible-Falcon, Invisiblefalcon, Falcon Invisible, Falcon-Invisible, Falconinvisible)
Power(s): Heat vision, Growth, Invulnerability
Source of powers: Mutant soul sold to Devil
Weapon: Particle Net
Transportation: Invisible Pogo Stick

The polite Mother Guardsman (Mother-Guardsman, Motherguardsman, Guardsman Mother, Guardsman-Mother, Guardsmanmother)
Power(s): Time travel, Intuition
Source of powers: Mutant vampirism
Weapon: Ice Pencil
Transportation: Mother Scooter

The famous Redtech (Red-tech)
Power(s): Empathy, Super strength, Light generation/control
Source of powers: Extra-dimensional mutant
Weapon: Water Trident
Transportation: Kitetech

The philanthropic Sand Apostle
Power(s): Invisibility, Gadget creation, Animal control
Source of powers: Mutant electrocution
Weapon: Psychogrenades
Transportation: Apostle Ultralight
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Generating Team names is also fun:

The altruistic Extreme Threesome of the good ship Lollypop (Threesome Extreme, Threesome of Extreme)
Powers: Omnipotence, Precognition, Weather control
Source of powers: Extra-terrestrial mutant
Weapons: Lunar Arrows
Transportation: Threesome Web

I bet the two hate the one omnipotent one. A lot. Unless he/she's used that omnipotence to make them love him/her. In that case, everything's OKAY!
Although the idea of traveling on some sort of space-time web sounds "okay and pretty good," to quote my Russian expatriate high school Physics teacher.
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