February 21st, 2001

Here is another dream.

I had a dream that I can clearly remember last night. There were no escalators. I am going to try and write this as fluidly and quickly as possible to get it recorded before it disappears again so apologies if it's not up to my normal literariness.

It started in one of the new dorms at Cornell. When I say new, I mean the room was still walled off on the door's side with plywood. I heard a knock on the plywood, so I opened the little door in the plywood and went out in the hall. I had visitors! It was Jenn and Tana; but Tana was very emaciated and sick. There was another knock at the door. I thought it strange, since no one else had reason to visit me. It was some asian person with a bike. The bike was dented, and he was yelling about some kid outside who'd gotten hit by a car. I knew he was lying, because he wouldn't have come to a fourth floor room; he'd have gone to the first floor. So I told Jenn to lock the doors, because I knew it was a 'home' invasion. The kid [underclassman] tossed the bike at me to throw me off balance, but I caught it and threw it back at him before he could go stop Jenn. (at times like this, it's very cool to have control of your dreams... the look on the guy's face was mildly akin to one of the agents in the Matrix, yes, when I caught the bike and threw it back with near superhuman speed.)
He threw the bike back at me, harder, and I threw it back at him even faster. He still caught it, and I was concerned, because there were a lot of little flaps and doors to lock in the plywood wall, and Jenn was going to need help. I couldn't waste time with this clown. And I really didn't want to see Tana hurt in her weakened condition, so I feinted throwing the bike, caught a wheel, and brought the bike around and down on his head, using the wheel to rotate it [that was ugly sentence structure]. I took it and bashed him with it until both he and the bike were reduced to little broken bits. I stopped to contemplate what I'd done, which was something less than murder, somehow, and then went to finish locking the doors. I locked the main one myself, and by now, the plywood had started to rattle from the asian bicycle gang [forgive me, it was a dream and I wasn't controlling that part] and Jenn in her panic went to lock the main door again, unlocking it (which I interpret as having to do very much with my feeling that Jenn is a very well meaning person who often does 'bad' or 'wrong' things because she can't help it, like Dennis the Menace]. I rushed over and locked it very quickly, actually slowing down time [a dream first for me] to give me a chance to do it. So we waited for a while. And then decided we would have to risk going outside, because Tana needed medicine [told you my dreams were very linear and logical].
We managed to get out quietly, only having to take alternate routes to dodge roving bicycle gangs a few times. I got Tana to the store, and then walked off. Here is the first and only real discontinuity, where it (sorta) became another dream, and it was very dark outside. I continued walking the streets, as I had to meet up with a few friends [generic friends, no one in particular]. The four or five of us [either one of us wandered off, or I was alternately counting and not counting myself] walked a few streets, discussing all kinds of things, from girls to philosophical truths. I split off from the group (I was now actor-me; it was another person's body; as of the discontinuity) and went walking, mostly because I felt the bike gang drawing close and didn't want to endanger them. Sure enough, soon as I split off and went up a side street, a bike dude came jumping over a ridge or something and nearly landed on me. There was only one of him, but I knew he was serious because instead of a bicycle, he was riding a hybrid-scootermotorcycle. So I ran up some hilly terrain to try and lose him and hopped a fence. Then, when he came around along the road on the other side to find where I'd run, I leapt out from where I'd hid near the fence and knocked him off. He was thoroughly unconscious, possibly dead. I didn't care (both me and my dream persona didn't care; if I'd cared, I would have 'known' if he were live or dead). I took his scooter and drove off with it.
I was driving up whatever road that is at Cornell that goes past the Engineering Quad and past the athletic field and all that when it started to hail [Thanks, Nemo!]. I very naturally lost my traction and fell off the scooter, rolling down the hill to the stadium's lower parking lot with both my legs broken. The scooter, almost comically, managed to roll back up onto its wheels and continued up the hill. I think that and the broken legs were the dream's way of telling me that Ha, it could still do whatever it wanted to. Curse you, Morpheus! I am the King of (my) Dreams!
This is where things got cool/weird. It is in retrospect, a very cool dream, but it was very oppressive and dire when I was there; please don't get me wrong. Even when I was doing all sorts of cool *ick* "Matrix" stuff like what I was about to do. I've done pretty much god-like things in my dream before, and I could've just 'healed' my legs, but I actually went back to the discontinuity point and dreamed things a different way. Quelle chuette! I've never moved time backwards or dreamed and alternate reality before. Not in the same dream. It was sorta like Groundhog day; I had vague impressions of what was going to happen. I did some cool things like evading the biker until it started to hail so that he was the one that fell off and broke his legs. Too bad it's already getting hazy. Oh, well. At least I recorded most of it. There was another dream before it I can't remember well with my brother and my family at some point in the past (before he was a teenager) visiting 'family' (some of whom were really family, some of whom were not), but that was unrelated and is very foggy.

Thanks if you read this... I wrote it mostly for my records, though. Please know I'm not really egotistic, just egoistic (the latter just doesn't think about others much, very sollipsistic; the former thinks that the self is GREAT). Joe can back me up on this. (The meaning thing; I'm not sure that he'd say I wasn't egotistical)
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The Mighty Stephen Hawking (http://www.mchawking.com/)

I am reading A Brief History of Time, which Joe hooked me up with last Christmas. It is very cool, and I am re-learning a lot of quality physics thanks to it. Thanks to Joe!

Another thing I've noticed, having dial-up again; People see you on-line and expect you to be there for awhile. I hate having to go away.

What do people know about getting cable modems that they would like to share with me?
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This line of thinking.

slut: noun</i> 1. an offensive term for a woman thought by others to be sexually promiscuous (slang)

pro-mis-cu-ous: adjective 1.  sexually indiscriminate: having many indiscriminate or casual sexual relationships (disapproving)
2.  confusedly mixed: mixed in an indiscriminate or disorderly way (formal)
3. choosing without discriminating: choosing carelessly or without discrimination (disapproving)
4. casual: casual and unplanned

ca-su-al: adj. 3. known only slightly: relating to somebody or something only known slightly (a casual acquaintance met at work)

It goes on from there but I'm too tired to retype everything since dictionary.msn won't let me copy-paste. Point is, girls, stop worrying about being a slut. You know who I'm talking to. Enjoying sex doesn't make you a slut, and it certainly isn't bad. Now if you do it often with someone you love, you're STILL NOT A SLUT. You have to do it with many people, without really caring about them at all. I mean, GEEZ. Give us poor guys a break. Being self-conscious about your sexuality is NOT sexy.
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This is not my beautiful icon.

"I know Lucifer so well I call him by his first name. I say, 'Hey, Lou.'" -Blue Öyster Cult - On Your Feet Or on Your Knees (live double LP)

I've been thinking a bit about this whole 'emo' thing. For a while, I've been searching for a way to sum up the sort of random way that people throw song titles and R.E.M. style lyrics together. The more I thought about it, the more that emo song titles sounded like a racing forum:

"It's Manuscript Replica and Rolodex Propaganda neck and neck, followed by Enfilade, Meccano, and Escape Engine. Napoleon Solo is out there by himself, and in the back, it's Starless and One-Armed Scissor trailing the #7 horse, Kevin Is Gone. What's this? OH MY GOD! Coming up on the outside it is Sweet Deals on Surgery followed closely by Non-Zero Possibility! Wow! It's gonna be a four-way photo finish! I haven't seen a race like this since the battle between the triumvirate of Sailor's Fate, My Life As a Housewife, and the Deluxe War Baby! We'll have those results for you in just a few minutes. Back to you in the studio, Bob."
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