January 31st, 2001

I am eating

I did many things today. I did not get my resumé critiqued because I got there at 13.25 and the earliest free spot was at 14.45. Screw that. I went to Day Hall instead and sorted out Financial Aid. Had my loans exit interview and all. All that's stopping me from leaving is that my stuff is here. I have a couple of things to take care of, but aside from the meeting with the Dean, I can do most of it by e-mail.
I saw people sitting in a classroom on my way home, and all I could think of was, "Suckers." But then I saw how animated their faces were (obviously no class I've ever taken) and I thought I'd be better off to just leave them to it, though I couldn't help but think that they must be blissfully unaware of the real world. But then, if anyone was/still is, it's me. I always knew that, but knowing you're ignorant is no substitute for knowledge.

This song reminds me of Amanda's friend Kandi. I wonder how she is.

Well the devil, she made sweet Candy
Took six days and nights to dream
On the seventh day she rested
Woke up early and made ice cream

Now the devil, she must be a dentist
With deep jawbreaker eyes
Red rope hair, gumdrop lips
Cotton candy thighs
You're my Caaaandy

It's just so silly, but then, so is Kandi, and that's why I like her.
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God only knows, God only knows.

Got this from Rejemy. It's about bloggers and castes. Kinda neat. I'd say I was 6, if I were into classifying myself.

Durst ruins a decent-ish song because he curses in what would otherwise make for a good, clean radio airplay. So instead, there's a skip, which makes Aaron's guitar playing sound like ass. That just occurred to me. I've already made the comment everyone else has about how it's great that Fred tells the crowd when to hold up their lighters, yep, good job, Durst, so I won't make it again here. Oops, just did.
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Been meaning to post this.

Everyone else posts their chat logs with annoying people! Here's mine from last week. Thanks to Jason, who really is cool.

[2:18] *** Topaz__ (~comspec@N703P025.adsl.highway.telekom.at) has joined #tmbg
[2:18] <Topaz__> Hello , Im from W.A.R
[2:20] <Topaz__> Im from the White Aryan Resistance and I hate Tuk and Slawe polpulation like You !
[2:21] <Topaz__> corr. Turk
[2:21] <[Baka]> Hah, really?
[2:21] <Topaz__> Baka - Hello, glad to see You :)
<DarkSmile> I like turkey. And cole slaw.
[2:21] <[Baka]> Mmmm turkey is damn tasty
[2:22] <[Baka]> I always wondered how you could be hungary with turkey right next to you
[2:22] <[Baka]> sorry
[2:22] <Topaz__> Darksmile - You are Perverse, if you like them ( Turk and Slawe ) you like Crime Animals
<DarkSmile> Crime Animals sounds like a band
[2:23] <[Baka]> Hrm..
[2:23] * [Baka] forms a band
<DarkSmile> I've never heard of them.
* DarkSmile joins [Baka]'s party.
[2:23] *** Topaz__ (~comspec@N703P025.adsl.highway.telekom.at) has left #tmbg
[2:23] *** Topaz__ (~comspec@N703P025.adsl.highway.telekom.at) has joined #tmbg
[2:23] *** LimePi has joined #tmbg
[2:23] <Topaz__> sorry had a Prob. You testing ?
[2:25] <Topaz__> turkish people here in Austria, we handle it like WASTE , because they are waste !
[2:25] <LimePi> whahum?
[2:25] *** Lincoln sets mode: +o [Baka]
<DarkSmile> WHAT YOU SAY !!
[2:26] <Topaz__> because they Handle with Drugs, dont work, live from the Government
[2:26] <[Baka]> HOW ARE YOU GENTLEMEN!!
* DarkSmile motions to [Baka]: MAIN SCREEN, TURN ON.
[2:26] <[Baka]> OH NO!
[2:27] <Topaz__> DarSmile - I say that the mostly Turk here in Austria are Animals
<DarkSmile> Everyone is an animal.
[2:27] <[Baka]> Yes, turkeys are animals
[2:27] <[Baka]> birds actually
<DarkSmile> Watch it, or we'll sell you back to the soviet union
[2:27] <Topaz__> Baka - see, come to Austria, see how they live here !
[2:28] <Topaz__> Baka - they are liker Dogs
<DarkSmile> Dogs are cool. They're fun to play with.
[2:28] <Topaz__> DarkSmile - stay cool, Ive nothing against You - otherwise you be a Slawe Animal
[2:29] <[Baka]> I suggest the next turk you see, punch him. You'll feel better
[2:29] <LimePi> thanksgiving is the best meal
[2:29] <Topaz__> Baka - I do this NOT - only against Crime Animals
[2:29] *** Lincoln sets mode: +o LimePi
[2:30] <[Baka]> Heh, isnt there a pretty good chance that you're turkish yourself?
[2:30] <[Baka]> I mean, even distantly, those countries have had a lot of inter-mingling and stuff
[2:30] <Topaz__> Baka - NO, Im Aryan, we are the Leader of the World , ALL other are our Slaves !
[2:31] <[Baka]> Wow, my german heritage has perks!
[2:31] <[Baka]> So, if I am the leader of the world, I can do what I want?
[2:31] <Topaz__> Baka - without us Aryan, You have NO Computer, NO Cars - DONKEYS ONLY - You are a bad Race !
[2:31] <[Baka]> Like, say, give a turk a bowl of ice cream?
[2:32] <[Baka]> Aaah, but the asians invented gunpowder and rockets
[2:32] <[Baka]> You can throw a computer at a guy, but it wont go very far
<DarkSmile> And the polacks invented the Nuke
<DarkSmile> And Jesus was a Jew!
[2:33] <[Baka]> now a rocket can deliver that 'oppress me' sign from far away
[2:33] <[Baka]> pssst dark
[2:33] <Topaz__> Baka - not more, we have better weapons to take away such bad Races like Turkish and Slawe from this Planet
[2:33] <[Baka]> *whispers* Hitler was a jew
[2:33] <[Baka]> Bad Races? Just make them have a time out
[2:34] <[Baka]> go sit in the corner and stuff
[2:34] <[Baka]> make them think about what they did, I tell ya, the races these days
[2:34] <Topaz__> Baka , thanks for help, have forgot the SHIT JEWISH - ive nothing agains asiatic like Chinese etc.
<DarkSmile> The Human Race is a bad race
[2:35] *** Topaz__ was kicked by LimePi (Y'know, a lot of the ops are Jewish. LIKE ME AND JISH AND EVERYONE YOU ASSMONKEY)
<DarkSmile> JEWS
<DarkSmile> WITH
[2:36] <[Baka]> Bad race! BAd! *smacks with newspaper*
<DarkSmile> OPS!!!
<DarkSmile> Tee hee
<DarkSmile> That was so fun.
[2:36] <LimePi> yep
[2:36] <LimePi> DON'T YOU FORGET IT
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