January 29th, 2001

Highlights, fo' chilluns.

I'm Goofus and Gallant, all rolled into one.

Yep. I do the stupidest things, sometimes, but with the sweetest of intentions.

Sometimes I think my dreams are the most pedestrian. People always talk about how their dreams are so weird and abnormal, but that's normal. When your dreams make more sense than real life, and I'm talking logical, sequential, from one-point-to-the-next, continuity error-less, action-reaction real-life physics sense; then you're weird.
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    Rush - Working Man

Note to People:

You did not miss Survivor. You did not miss anything. If you didn't watch it, you were probably doing something more productive with your time, and if you weren't, you missed an opportunity to do something worthwhile with that time and that is all.

But then, what do I know? I missed the series, too.
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    Suzanne Vega - Honeymoon Suite


I have made something of an icon in tribute to the overdramatic addition of FOREVER! to the end of sentences like, "Good-bye, I'm leaving... FOREVER!" by scanning in a picture of an example of the source material. Note, I am THUMBNAILING my image:

Click here... FOREVER!
Click for larger image.
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    Less Than Jake - Look What Happened (the Last Time (FOREVER!))