January 27th, 2001

Geeks Anonymous

I'm reading the X-Cutioner's Song, as you all know, and it's told me one thing. As whatever as they are (bad, hokey, overdramatic), I like reading comics. In fact, I miss it. They're fun.
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lord, From this chair of mine...

Dug up remains and rotting things

Found this to celebrate the welcoming of my ex-roommate to the fold:

In the beginning there was notepad.
There is one god in many emanations.
The almighty Provasic.
The world was already there, man was already there, he had awoken in a drunken stupor
and the party had started without him.
And lo' spake he mightily unto the unwashed masses, "Ewwww"
And lo' he spake with Great Scope unto the un-mouthwashed
And lo' spake he mightily unto the washed masess, "These are my 0x03 commandments."
0x01)Thou shalt
0x02)Unless thou shalt not
0x03)See commandments 0x01 and 0x02
4)There shall be only one base of numbering, 10. Not pi, but 10.

Soon Provasic became bored of being god, so he appointed a proxy.
Lo' did he swing around with arm pointed in front of him in a great a mighty circle
"Eeny meeny miney moe!" Until he did stop in front of Bob.

And no, we weren't stoned.
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