January 11th, 2001

lord, From this chair of mine...

oRiginal shit

Candid conversations
Hints and allegations
The randomest of sensations
Disregard this information


Receive transmission
Lie of omission
No request for permission
Leads to this fission

Heart dancer
Or a cancer?
Don't answer

One minute I'm trouble
The next I'm double
You'll boil and bubble
Be reduced to rubble

I'm vain
This pain
Just plain
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lord, From this chair of mine...


She's about to go under the knife
She's about to go under the blade
They're gonna try and see if they can fix
If they can fix the way she's made

Lying in the dark
Ever-sinking feelings
Nights spent alone
With pain, mind reeling

And she's there alone
And I can't do a thing
All that I know is
My thoughts have taken wing

The angels are dancing tonight
With Heaven and her diamond stars
She might not make it tonight
And I'm as far away as Mars

There's a hope in love tonight
There's a spirit in the fear
Everything's gonna be alright
Everything, YOU HEAR?
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    Rush - Freewill / TV Show: Quantum Leap

All These Random Elvises

Elvis' expensive hands
Fingers snapping across the land
Elvis' expensive feet
Tapping to the beat
Elvis' expensive eyes
Looks of surprise
Elvis' expensive face
It's the start of a new race

We're cloning Elvis
And boy, it ain't cheap
Everybody get an Elvis
You can cuddle in your sleep

Gee, this song has promise. I feel so Bauhaüs.

The best thing about being a hitman is that no one believes you when you tell them you kill people for money. Sometimes they even laugh and think you're charming.
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    AC/DC - Money Talks (Bullshit Walks)

Huh huh... he said "Gropius."

The Bauhaüs school of architecture was founded by Walter Gropius. When I was studying architecture as a thirteen year old, this was incredibly humorous.

Just say "bauhaüs" and "Gropius" a lot one day. Especially if you're feeling down. Then giggle like you've never giggled before. This is your homework. Remember what it was to be a child.

Gropi-gropey-GROWPEE-us.... HOOOOOOO!!! *Thundercats symbol on a nearby cloudbank*
Bauw bow bau, poppa oom mau mao. Po-poppa...
copious gropius... gropius maximus
Baouww-haousss it going, yo?
There is a Zen in childhood. The most ridiculous of mantras becomes the greatest freedom for your mind. Wallow in silliness.
It helps, sometimes.
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    In Flames - As the Future Repeats Today

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I've created a community, so I can stop flooding the world with my lyrics and start learning about new bands from other people. The name is songwerds, and anyone can join. In fact, it's pretty pointless until people do. So, umm... be there, or be L-7 square, cool cats.