January 10th, 2001

What happens when I'm right

I woke up this morning at 10:30 to hear a song on TV that sounded familiar. It wasn't pop/rap, so I left it on, my curiosity piqued. I waited for the chorus, and as I listened, it sounded like the dude was saying something about a wrecked transmission from a one-armed scissor. Gol' durn it if I wasn't at least part correct. The song's called "One Armed Scissor" and comes to us from a band called "At the Drive-in." Now I have "get away, get away" floating through my head. Wasn't Steve talking about this song not too long ago?

I'm scared, because the lyrics I make up turned out to be right. Just to be sure, I went and checked out the Steve Miller Band and fortunately, the song is still not called "Big Ol' Jed Adoleido." Maybe the world is not off-kilter completely.
I hope the Universe is still unbalanced.

The optimistic icon looks way too giddy. My optimism is a much more silent hopefullness.
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lord, From this chair of mine...

Words fail me.


A SCRATCH!!$!@)$(!@)($*)!(@&%()*!&@%)(&!)@#(%&)(!@*&)($*)(


Post Script (14:11): I apologize for what this has apparently done to your friends' page, but I'm letting it stand because the Rage burns on.
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