January 8th, 2001

Happy Birthday, David.

I'll bet David Bowie gets reeeeeeaaaalllly tired of hearing about Elvis today. Then again, maybe in Britain they actually celebrate him and not the guy who stole music from Black People. :)
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lord, From this chair of mine...

We can be heroes, pt. 2

"Dirty" Harry Callahan has made the list of heroes. I like DH's style. He's very much do what you need to do to get your job done, but take responsibility for your actions. Know what I mean? Not fond of the rules, because he has his own way. But when he says he'll do something, he's wholly committed to it. A man of honor? I think that's important; I try to be like that, myself (even before I saw the movies, yes). He also doesn't coddle; doesn't play favorites. He doesn't take credit for things he didn't do, and he doesn't take crap from any pretender. He doesn't give praise much either, not explicitly. His praise comes in the form of assent, a quiet respect, and sometimes, a lack of harsh sarcasm. He doesn't argue; he acts. Usually what needs to be done. And he listens to himself. Yes, I know, a tough standard to live up to. Tough to love, too. Nice guy, though. Real stand-up kind of gentleman when you get to know him.

Note to pimps, if you're going to dress like that, cops are going to know you're a pimp!

Watching the one with Tyne Daly now. She was hot. Back in the day. She's got those eyebrows, kinda like Anne's.
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It came to me in a dream

"And lo, did Bandor take the Toastmaster XP-35L in both hands and hold it on high, way above his head. And lo, did he jump merrily into a nearby source of water. And lo, were his actions not condoned by the Toastrix Corp. nor any of its subdiaries.
And it was written, there shall be no user-serviceable parts inside, and that should said user attempt such, so shall the warranty drift into the land known in Malchazedeth as 'invalid'."

I shall write technical documents for companies. Yes, but I shall do it my way. Which is apparently a dead ripoff of the Holy Handgrenade of Antioch scene in Monty Python's Holy Grail. But fuck it. Since when have you actually enjoyed reading a manual?

I'm a motherfucking maverick.
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