January 1st, 2001

New Year's Day Check-in

It's 5AM, I'm home from ripping The City to shreds. I had a hella lot of fun karaoke croaking out all sorts of tunes. I found out I sing best when I can't hear myself echoing over and over in a microphone. I lost my voice first thing singing "Welcome to the Jungle" (hit every note, even the sha-na-na-na-na-na-knees until halfway thru, where my voice cracked, split, and broke in half. Didn't stop me from rocking all nite long, tho'.
I was trying to pick my mood and I noticed that lonely is there, but not lonesome. The two words are almost the same, but not quite. Lonesome seems closer to desolate and lonely is closer to isolated. And I feel more desolate, which is more internal, than isolated, which seems to refer to something that isn't surrounded on the outside by anything. I have "social contact, friends, [and] support" on the outside, but I still feel "solitary" or "gloomy" from time to time. Gloomy's a mood icon, but not lonesome. If I weren't so "dismal" I might write an e-mail requesting they add lonesome to the list of moods.
Don't get me wrong, I still had fun tonight. Something just wasn't write. Something, or someone, was missing. Is missing. And it wasn't alkiehol, cause I had a drink tonight. Go me, I'm all growned up.
Hmm... my brother's still not home. But shhh, I didn't just say that. I'm no rat! If he's reading this, Hi Dennis, and I talked to someone from GW's International Relations school tonight with whom I can put you in touch. Look at that sentence structure. Anal-retentives would have just said whom. I had to make sure I didn't dangle my particle and end the sentence with with. D'oh. I think I just undid what I'd done.

Better stop now before something BREAKS!#%$!#%#^!&#&%#@
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I want to see what "gloomy" looks like.

And show off this cool song by Built to Spill. Download it and "You Were Wrong." You will not regret it.
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It was to be a millennium of many small annoying posts.

Just joined lj_biz. I've been skulking around the support boards for a day or two, and already I've been noticed. Thanks to genders for *believing* in me. :)

Apparently, I have 'good ideas.' Also known as not shutting up and actually hitting an interesting point a few times out of a hundred. That and the fact that I just contributed to the FAQ. Assuming what I sent in gets approved. Ah, winter indolence.

It was also to be a millennium of much sarcasm dripping from florid teeth brandished in anger, cowardice, or just plain laughter.
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