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YOU MUST DIE! I ALONE AM drebb (part III: The Next drebberation)

[09:00:28] <thedrebbAlewives> OMG
[09:00:31] <thedrebbAlewives> OMFG
[09:00:37] <thedrebbAlewives> You had to have done thins one
[09:00:40] <thedrebbAlewives> And I missed it
[09:00:44] thedrebbAlewives is now known as Simplydrebb
[09:01:06] <WaveOfdrebbilation> hahahahah nope, you score!
[09:01:11] <Simplydrebb> WROKC
[09:01:13] <WaveOfdrebbilation> a drebber is you!
[09:01:26] WaveOfdrebbilation is now known as RightSaiddrebb
[09:01:35] Simplydrebb is now known as drebbAsYouAre
[09:01:46] * drebbAsYouAre doused in mud, soaked in bleach
[09:02:01] <RightSaiddrebb> hee
[09:02:27] drebbAsYouAre is now known as Soundgardrebb
[09:02:39] Soundgardrebb is now known as WhereIsMydrebb
[09:02:49] <WhereIsMydrebb> To get back to the pixies
[09:03:00] <RightSaiddrebb> yeah speaking of which
[09:03:03] <RightSaiddrebb> I'MMA GROW
[09:03:04] <RightSaiddrebb> UP TO BE
[09:03:07] <RightSaiddrebb> BE A drebbASER
[09:03:16] WhereIsMydrebb is now known as drebbissey
[09:03:27] <drebbissey> Bigmouth strikes again
[09:03:48] <RightSaiddrebb> drebbness I was only joking
[09:04:21] drebbissey is now known as EverybodyWangdrebbTonight
[09:04:34] <RightSaiddrebb> I SHALL NOT
[09:04:50] <RightSaiddrebb> FUUCK YOU BUDDY
[09:04:56] <EverybodyWangdrebbTonight> HAHAHAHA
[09:05:02] EverybodyWangdrebbTonight is now known as SuffradrebbCity
[09:05:06] <RightSaiddrebb> hahahAHAHAHhhahaahh
[09:05:13] <RightSaiddrebb> ohhhh shit that's a good one
[09:05:23] <RightSaiddrebb> cuz it's tough to tell wtf he's saying anyway
[09:05:29] <SuffradrebbCity> HA HA HA
[09:05:34] <RightSaiddrebb> you could sneak it in there at a show :D
[09:05:45] SuffradrebbCity is now known as Megadrebb
[09:05:59] <RightSaiddrebb> into the live bootleg
[09:06:40] <Megadrebb> OH NO
[09:06:45] Megadrebb is now known as drebbuplica
[09:06:50] * drebbuplica is ready to go!
[09:06:59] <RightSaiddrebb> oh man
[09:07:06] <drebbuplica> TEW PERFACT
[09:07:08] <RightSaiddrebb> we haven't even touched drebb Reznor yet
[09:07:13] <RightSaiddrebb> drebb LIEK A HOLE
[09:07:22] *** Retrieving #conversatron info...
[09:07:40] (%) drebbuplica changes topic to ' | Welcome to This drebb | TYEP !WILLOW FOR WARZE'
[09:07:46] <drebbuplica> Ha ha ha
[09:08:03] drebbuplica is now known as drebbenMaryThree
[09:08:36] RightSaiddrebb is now known as MrWendrebb
[09:08:46] drebbenMaryThree is now known as drebbzanneVega
[09:08:52] <MrWendrebb> hhaah
[09:08:55] <MrWendrebb> drebb Makes Noise?
[09:09:04] <drebbzanneVega> He's a ringing in my drebb!
[09:09:09] <MrWendrebb> In drebberpool on Sunday?
[09:09:40] drebbzanneVega is now known as drebbCompany
[09:09:43] <MrWendrebb> c'mon, that's a non-radio track! I should get bonus for that!
[09:09:48] <MrWendrebb> bah!
[09:09:49] <MrWendrebb> hehehe
[09:09:49] <drebbCompany> You do
[09:09:57] <drebbCompany> I haven't listen to that album in AGES
[09:10:17] <MrWendrebb> that song was on a mix tape FOAR MEE~
[09:10:27] drebbCompany is now known as Nadadrebb
[09:10:41] Nadadrebb is now known as drebbular
[09:10:46] <drebbular> I got a cool car!
[09:10:51] <drebbular> I'm drebbular@
[09:10:55] <MrWendrebb> you're the teacher's drebb!
[09:11:27] MrWendrebb is now known as JustAdrebbolo
[09:11:28] drebbular is now known as LittledrebbCorvette
[09:11:30] <JustAdrebbolo> hAHAHHAAHAH
[09:11:38] <JustAdrebbolo> nice phuckan timing on that change :D
[09:11:49] <LittledrebbCorvette> Yep
[09:12:01] * JustAdrebbolo and everwhere ah go
[09:12:21] * LittledrebbCorvette , baby, you're much too fast.
[09:12:31] <JustAdrebbolo> David Lee Roth follows me and asks for money o/`
[09:12:40] LittledrebbCorvette is now known as drebbinthePark
[09:12:40] <JustAdrebbolo> badaBING
[09:12:45] <JustAdrebbolo> hahahhahaha
[09:12:46] * drebbinthePark where the Machmen meet
[09:12:54] <JustAdrebbolo> back to the X Files CD eh
[09:12:56] <drebbinthePark> The machines'll play kill-by-number
[09:12:57] <drebbinthePark> NO
[09:13:01] <drebbinthePark> I HAVE TEH VINAL
[09:13:05] <drebbinthePark> GAREE NUMEN
[09:13:07] JustAdrebbolo is now known as MydrebbLife
[09:13:39] <drebbinthePark> AfroCelt Sound System is obscure
[09:13:44] drebbinthePark is now known as EveninMydrebb
[09:14:16] <EveninMydrebb> Kool & TEH GANEG
[09:14:22] <MydrebbLife> rokc
[09:14:23] EveninMydrebb is now known as Jungledrebbie
[09:14:28] MydrebbLife is now known as drebbRaidOnMojo
[09:14:39] <Jungledrebbie> Misfits
[09:14:46] Jungledrebbie is now known as drebbupHerBones
[09:14:53] <drebbRaidOnMojo> hahahahahah
[09:15:06] <drebbRaidOnMojo> misfits, eh
[09:15:18] <drebbRaidOnMojo> DOESN'T MATTER MUCH TO ME
[09:15:22] <drebbRaidOnMojo> AS LONG AS IT'S drebb
[09:15:32] <drebbupHerBones> =D
[09:15:56] <drebbRaidOnMojo> hmm
[09:16:03] <drebbRaidOnMojo> you do this for a while
[09:16:09] <drebbRaidOnMojo> and you look at your CDs .... different
[09:16:25] <drebbupHerBones> Talkingdrebb again
[09:16:25] <drebbRaidOnMojo> I looked over and saw Primus - Miscellaneous drebbris
[09:16:32] drebbupHerBones is now known as drebbandNotdrebb
[09:16:40] <drebbandNotdrebb> HA HA HA HA HA
[09:17:28] <drebbandNotdrebb> Fugazi
[09:17:34] <drebbandNotdrebb> Long drebbision
[09:17:37] <drebbRaidOnMojo> aHAHHAHAAH
[09:17:40] <drebbRaidOnMojo> slick
[09:17:44] <drebbRaidOnMojo> again
[09:17:48] drebbandNotdrebb is now known as ParanoidAndrebb
[09:17:49] <drebbRaidOnMojo> Ian slurs his words enough
[09:18:36] drebbRaidOnMojo is now known as HighAnddrebb
[09:18:50] <ParanoidAndrebb> OOH YEAH?
[09:18:57] ParanoidAndrebb is now known as Incenseanddrebbermints
[09:19:03] <Incenseanddrebbermints> =D
[09:19:22] <Incenseanddrebbermints> HAHAHAHAHAhA
[09:19:23] <HighAnddrebb> nice
[09:19:29] <HighAnddrebb> very nice
[09:19:37] <Incenseanddrebbermints> Black Flag
[09:19:42] Incenseanddrebbermints is now known as drebbpression
[09:19:45] <HighAnddrebb> Ed McMahon says THE JUDGES GIVE IT FOUR STAHS
[09:19:48] <HighAnddrebb> hahahahha
[09:19:51] * drebbpression has got a hold of me
[09:19:52] <HighAnddrebb> or Hendrix
[09:20:00] <HighAnddrebb> Manic drebbpression
[09:20:02] * drebbpression gotta break free
[09:20:04] <drebbpression> YeS!
[09:20:20] drebbpression is now known as Bohemiandrebbsody
[09:20:24] <HighAnddrebb> HAHAHAH
[09:20:26] <HighAnddrebb> SCORE
[09:20:42] Bohemiandrebbsody is now known as TheSunNeverdrebbs
[09:20:55] HighAnddrebb is now known as NeedleAndThedrebbageDone
[09:20:58] <TheSunNeverdrebbs> oh nooooo
[09:21:07] TheSunNeverdrebbs is now known as Roydrebbison
[09:21:14] <Roydrebbison> HA HA HA HA
[09:21:16] <Roydrebbison> rock
[09:21:31] <Roydrebbison> Heart
[09:21:33] <NeedleAndThedrebbageDone> ROCKIN drebb WILL NEVAR DIE
[09:21:34] Roydrebbison is now known as Thesedrebb
[09:21:48] <NeedleAndThedrebbageDone> The drebbslide brought it down
[09:21:59] <Thesedrebb> HA
[09:22:31] Thesedrebb is now known as Defdrebbpard
[09:22:40] <NeedleAndThedrebbageDone> w00t
[09:22:43] <Defdrebbpard> I GET HYSTERICAL
[09:22:45] <Defdrebbpard> WHEN YO NEAR
[09:22:59] NeedleAndThedrebbageDone is now known as drebbingMuses
[09:23:03] <drebbingMuses> Counting drebbwards
[09:23:12] <Defdrebbpard> :)
[09:23:40] <drebbingMuses> Nick Cave - I Let drebb In
[09:23:41] <drebbingMuses> ha ha ha
[09:23:45] <Defdrebbpard> NO
[09:23:50] <drebbingMuses> okay no
[09:24:02] Defdrebbpard is now known as CeldrebbitySkin
[09:24:07] <drebbingMuses> hHAHAHAH
[09:24:07] <drebbingMuses> HA
[09:24:15] <drebbingMuses> AKLfsajkldkjldsgkjl
[09:24:18] <drebbingMuses> omfg
[09:24:24] <CeldrebbitySkin> ?
[09:24:25] <drebbingMuses> I hit so many keys
[09:24:29] <drebbingMuses> on that one
[09:24:37] <CeldrebbitySkin> Ha
[09:24:41] <drebbingMuses> that Windows told me it couldn't find 'hh' or one of its component
[09:24:41] <drebbingMuses> s
[09:24:47] <drebbingMuses> roffle~
[09:24:55] <CeldrebbitySkin> =D
[09:24:59] <drebbingMuses> I musta hit the windows-r thingy
[09:25:11] <drebbingMuses> god that ruled
[09:25:15] <drebbingMuses> SNEE
[09:25:16] <drebbingMuses> @
[09:25:20] <CeldrebbitySkin> :)
[09:26:11] <CeldrebbitySkin> drebbthro Tull?
[09:26:12] <CeldrebbitySkin> :\
[09:26:25] <drebbingMuses> drebbcination Street
[09:26:29] CeldrebbitySkin is now known as Socialdrebbstortion
[09:26:34] <drebbingMuses> heyyyyyy
[09:26:35] <drebbingMuses> right on
[09:26:44] drebbingMuses is now known as Reddrebbicine
[09:27:25] Socialdrebbstortion is now known as theSundrebbs
[09:27:28] <theSundrebbs> Here's
[09:27:30] <theSundrebbs> Where
[09:27:32] <theSundrebbs> the story
[09:27:34] <theSundrebbs> drebb
[09:27:37] Reddrebbicine is now known as Latestdrebbsgrace
[09:27:47] <theSundrebbs> :)
[09:27:51] <Latestdrebbsgrace> I'm on a Fugazi trip
[09:27:55] <Latestdrebbsgrace> drebbBBBBED CITY
[09:28:15] theSundrebbs is now known as Limpdrebbzkit
[09:28:19] <Latestdrebbsgrace> ew! :D
[09:28:44] Limpdrebbzkit is now known as Indrebbus
[09:28:48] <Indrebbus> Pardon me
[09:28:49] <Latestdrebbsgrace> hah
[09:28:54] <Indrebbus> while I burst into frames
[09:28:58] Latestdrebbsgrace is now known as drebbEleven
[09:29:08] <drebbEleven> drebb, BABE
[09:29:12] <drebbEleven> IS WHAT I GOT
[09:29:13] <drebbEleven> I SAID REMEMBER THAT
[09:29:14] Indrebbus is now known as Ldrebben
[09:29:23] <Ldrebben> When we pretend that we're drebb
[09:29:27] <Ldrebben> When we pretend that we're drebb
[09:29:27] <drebbEleven> hahahahahHAHAHAHah
[09:29:29] <drebbEleven> yeeeah
[09:29:34] <drebbEleven> w00t
[09:29:35] <Ldrebben> They can't hear a word that we said
[09:29:37] <Ldrebben> When we pretend that we're drebb
[09:29:45] * Ldrebben *air geetar*
[09:29:49] <Ldrebben> I earned that one
[09:29:54] <Ldrebben> I have the CD
[09:30:00] <Ldrebben> Bricks are drebby
[09:30:06] <drebbEleven> I think joc might have it too
[09:30:16] <drebbEleven> so yeah total score
[09:30:52] Ldrebben is now known as BelBivdrebboe
[09:31:03] <drebbEleven> hahAHHAHAh
[09:31:08] <drebbEleven> I'm only drebby when it rains.
[09:31:15] <BelBivdrebboe> Black drebb...
[09:31:30] <BelBivdrebboe> TEN MILLIAN YEARS
[09:31:59] BelBivdrebboe is now known as Thedrebberbandman
[09:32:13] <Thedrebberbandman> ha aha ha ha
[09:32:22] Thedrebberbandman is now known as Swladrebb
[09:32:35] <Swladrebb> That's a reach I felt like making.
[09:32:55] <drebbEleven> swl--- sw--- swhah?
[09:33:04] Swladrebb is now known as InterstatedrebbSong
[09:33:12] <InterstatedrebbSong> Swlabr
[09:33:18] <InterstatedrebbSong> It's a Cream song
[09:33:20] <InterstatedrebbSong> Sound it out
[09:33:23] <InterstatedrebbSong> say it aloud!
[09:33:24] drebbEleven is now known as drebbLaSoul
[09:33:29] <InterstatedrebbSong> Rock
[09:33:37] <InterstatedrebbSong> Plug one and two
[09:34:21] <drebbLaSoul> drebb la soul, from the soul, drebb medallions, no gold
[09:34:22] InterstatedrebbSong is now known as DontdrebbMeBeMisunderstood
[09:34:44] DontdrebbMeBeMisunderstood is now known as WhenthedrebbeeBreaks
[09:34:53] <drebbLaSoul> hahah
[09:35:18] <drebbLaSoul> I just saw a good man die
[09:35:19] <drebbLaSoul> I'M GOIN TO drebbSNEELAND
[09:35:29] WhenthedrebbeeBreaks is now known as Erase\drebbind
[09:35:35] <Erase\drebbind> Ha ha ha
[09:36:11] <drebbLaSoul> okay my scrollback has officially clipped off the conversation
[09:36:14] <drebbLaSoul> so tell me
[09:36:15] Erase\drebbind is now known as drebbintheLine
[09:36:23] <drebbintheLine> Umm
[09:36:27] <drebbintheLine> It was my fault
[09:36:38] <drebbintheLine> I changed my nick to DearChaseyLain
[09:36:40] <drebbLaSoul> AND AS THE drebbS GO BY
[09:36:41] <drebbintheLine> and took it from there
[09:36:42] *** Retrieving #conversatron info...
[09:36:47] <drebbLaSoul> LET THE WATTER HOLD ME drebb
[09:37:12] (%) drebbLaSoul changes topic to ' | What a long, strange drebb it's been. | TYEP !WILLOW FOR WARZE'
[09:37:24] <drebbintheLine> Then How Soon Is drebb
[09:37:36] <drebbintheLine> The rest is drebbstory
[09:38:04] drebbintheLine is now known as Superdrebb
[09:38:11] <Superdrebb> WHO SUCKED OUT THE FEEEELANG
[09:38:26] Superdrebb is now known as drebbShopBoys
[09:38:29] <drebbLaSoul> scary monsters
[09:38:33] <drebbLaSoul> supah creeps
[09:38:38] <drebbLaSoul> KEEP ME drebbING
[09:38:40] <drebbLaSoul> DRE
[09:38:41] <drebbLaSoul> BBING
[09:38:42] <drebbLaSoul> SCARED
[09:38:47] <drebbShopBoys> (drebb)PE
[09:39:01] drebbShopBoys is now known as ThedrebbieBrothers
[09:39:09] <drebbLaSoul> aahahahahahahahah
[09:39:09] <drebbLaSoul> yes!
[09:39:12] <ThedrebbieBrothers> Talkin bout my china grove
[09:39:16] <ThedrebbieBrothers> WHOA-OH
[09:39:34] ThedrebbieBrothers is now known as WhatAdrebbBelieves
[09:39:58] <WhatAdrebbBelieves> Heart again
[09:40:05] <drebbLaSoul> coo
[09:40:06] WhatAdrebbBelieves is now known as drebbacuda
[09:40:10] <drebbLaSoul> hahahah
[09:40:25] <drebbLaSoul> didn't Heart have a song about a white winged drebb?
[09:40:30] drebbacuda is now known as CaughtaLightdrebb
[09:40:32] <CaughtaLightdrebb> HA HA HA
[09:40:36] <drebbLaSoul> and it had a OOH OOH OOOOOOOH in it somewheres?
[09:40:39] <CaughtaLightdrebb> Stevie Nicks
[09:40:44] <drebbLaSoul> oh by herself
[09:40:45] <drebbLaSoul> okie
[09:40:50] <CaughtaLightdrebb> Edge of drebbenteen
[09:40:51] <CaughtaLightdrebb> =D
[09:41:04] <drebbLaSoul> hehe
[09:41:09] <drebbLaSoul> hahahahahahah
[09:41:13] CaughtaLightdrebb is now known as drebbsident
[09:41:20] <drebbsident> Escape is never the safest bet.
[09:41:31] * drebbsident , a drebbsident is here
[09:42:03] drebbsident is now known as Enterdrebbman
[09:42:11] <drebbLaSoul> you also have The drebbsidents, the fringe avant garde ensemble
[09:42:16] <Enterdrebbman> Ack
[09:42:20] <Enterdrebbman> You said Living Colour
[09:42:22] <drebbLaSoul> (o)
[09:42:23] <Enterdrebbman> Did you...
[09:42:33] Enterdrebbman is now known as drebbRearsItsUglyHead
[09:42:36] * drebbRearsItsUglyHead ?
[09:42:39] <drebbLaSoul> hahahh no
[09:42:42] <drebbLaSoul> again I refrained
[09:42:43] <drebbLaSoul> hahahahha
[09:42:50] <drebbLaSoul> personal preference :D
[09:42:56] <drebbRearsItsUglyHead> ha ha ha
[09:43:16] <drebbRearsItsUglyHead> No one knows the drebbest of the Hillside Thickets. :(
[09:43:50] drebbRearsItsUglyHead is now known as OnedrebbCloser
[09:44:00] * OnedrebbCloser and I'm about to.... BREAK!
[09:44:04] <drebbLaSoul> drebb AFTER drebb -- REAPPEARS
[09:44:10] <drebbLaSoul> <sax solo>
[09:44:21] OnedrebbCloser is now known as Waxdrebbstatic
[09:44:50] <drebbLaSoul> <aside> I got to hear Colin Hay perform Overkill live without Men At Work many years ago </aside>
[09:45:01] <Waxdrebbstatic> BELINDA CARLISLE?
[09:45:12] Waxdrebbstatic is now known as drebbenIsAPlaceonEarth
[09:45:20] <drebbenIsAPlaceonEarth> I did not know I had this song
[09:45:20] <drebbLaSoul> BUT OH GOD WHY?
[09:45:29] <drebbenIsAPlaceonEarth> Ooh, Cracker
[09:45:33] <drebbLaSoul> hey now
[09:45:33] drebbenIsAPlaceonEarth is now known as drebbOffThis
[09:45:49] <drebbLaSoul> BE WITH YOU GIRL
[09:45:52] <drebbLaSoul> LIKE drebbIN LOW
[09:45:53] <drebbLaSoul> HEY HEY HEY
[09:46:00] <drebbLaSoul> LIKE drebbIN ST0N3D
[09:46:04] <drebbLaSoul> hehe
[09:46:23] <drebbLaSoul> that was a good song
[09:46:30] <drebbOffThis> Yes
[09:46:35] drebbLaSoul is now known as CamperVandrebbtoven
[09:46:43] drebbOffThis is now known as drebbersonLakenPalmer
[09:46:51] <drebbersonLakenPalmer> One up
[09:46:51] <CamperVandrebbtoven> Pictures of Matchstick drebbs and youuu-ooooo
[09:47:10] <drebbersonLakenPalmer> Faith no drebb
[09:47:13] <CamperVandrebbtoven> hahahahahahahahahahha
[09:47:13] <drebbersonLakenPalmer> drebbpic
[09:47:18] <CamperVandrebbtoven> drebberson
[09:47:20] <CamperVandrebbtoven> that rules
[09:47:35] <CamperVandrebbtoven> drebbpic ain't bad either :D
[09:47:42] <drebbersonLakenPalmer> OH SHIT
[09:47:42] <CamperVandrebbtoven> if you say it fast enough
[09:47:43] <CamperVandrebbtoven> hahah
[09:47:55] drebbersonLakenPalmer is now known as drebbparateWays
[09:48:00] <CamperVandrebbtoven> YEAH
[09:48:03] <drebbparateWays> HOW WE TOUCHED AND WENT OUT
[09:48:04] <CamperVandrebbtoven> score
[09:48:05] <CamperVandrebbtoven> right on
[09:48:06] <drebbparateWays> OUR
[09:48:10] * drebbparateWays
[09:48:14] <drebbparateWays> HA HA HA HA
[09:48:21] <drebbparateWays> Mishi would kill me
[09:48:47] CamperVandrebbtoven is now known as drebbersDelight
[09:48:50] <drebbparateWays> Ooh
[09:48:56] <drebbersDelight> eh?
[09:48:57] <drebbparateWays> old skool
[09:48:57] <drebbersDelight> hehe
[09:49:01] <drebbersDelight> yeeah
[09:49:10] <drebbersDelight> cuz I couldn't figure one out for Dr Octagon
[09:49:11] drebbparateWays is now known as ASimpledrebbsultoryPhillipic
[09:49:12] <drebbersDelight> that I liked
[09:49:15] <ASimpledrebbsultoryPhillipic> I am old skooler
[09:49:16] <drebbersDelight> so I thought back
[09:49:30] <ASimpledrebbsultoryPhillipic> Paul Simon
[09:49:36] <ASimpledrebbsultoryPhillipic> And drebbfunkel
[09:49:41] <drebbersDelight> to the boogie to the up to the boogie to the drebb drebb boogie
[09:49:45] <drebbersDelight> hehe
[09:50:24] <ASimpledrebbsultoryPhillipic> Joy drebbision - drebb Souls
[09:50:59] <ASimpledrebbsultoryPhillipic> Chuck Berry!
[09:51:05] ASimpledrebbsultoryPhillipic is now known as YoudrebberCanTell
[09:51:10] <drebbersDelight> hahahahAHHahaha
[09:51:13] <YoudrebberCanTell> It goes to show
[09:51:13] <drebbersDelight> w00t
[09:51:17] * YoudrebberCanTell
[09:51:20] drebbersDelight is now known as TheGratefuldrebb
[09:51:32] <YoudrebberCanTell> ROCK
[09:51:42] <TheGratefuldrebb> goes with the topic too!
[09:51:43] <YoudrebberCanTell> All I got is
[09:51:44] <TheGratefuldrebb> :D
[09:51:49] YoudrebberCanTell is now known as drebbityKills
[09:51:52] <TheGratefuldrebb> shit I shoulda SET the topic with this~#@
[09:52:02] (%) TheGratefuldrebb changes topic to ' | What a long, strange drebb it's been | TYEP !WILLOW FOR WARZE'
[09:52:04] <drebbityKills> Ha ha ha
[09:52:06] <TheGratefuldrebb> that looks better
[09:52:07] <TheGratefuldrebb> uNF
[09:52:29] <drebbityKills> Soup drebbins - drebbine Thing
[09:52:36] <TheGratefuldrebb> hhahahah
[09:52:42] * drebbityKills hangs his head
[09:52:43] <TheGratefuldrebb> just a touch obscure
[09:52:49] <drebbityKills> I own that CD. :(
[09:53:05] <drebbityKills> HA HA HA
[09:53:10] <drebbityKills> HOW CAN WE SLEEP WHEN OUR
[09:53:16] drebbityKills is now known as drebbsAreBurning
[09:53:16] <TheGratefuldrebb> oh NO
[09:53:17] <TheGratefuldrebb> HAH
[09:53:17] <drebbsAreBurning> ?
[09:53:22] <TheGratefuldrebb> HAH
[09:53:34] <TheGratefuldrebb> right the F on
[09:53:41] <drebbsAreBurning> Si
[09:53:56] <TheGratefuldrebb> Meryn drebbell
[09:53:59] drebbsAreBurning is now known as AFlockOfSeadrebb
[09:54:02] <AFlockOfSeadrebb> rock
[09:54:10] <AFlockOfSeadrebb> The drebbter
[09:54:16] <TheGratefuldrebb> nono
[09:54:23] <TheGratefuldrebb> drebbelyne!
[09:54:27] <TheGratefuldrebb> :D
[09:54:28] <AFlockOfSeadrebb> Tru
[09:54:35] <AFlockOfSeadrebb> Mishi loves that song
[09:54:41] <TheGratefuldrebb> drebbELYYYYYYIYIYYYYIYIYNNNNE
[09:54:42] <TheGratefuldrebb> hehehe
[09:54:44] <TheGratefuldrebb> I know
[09:54:51] AFlockOfSeadrebb is now known as drebbsysMidnightRunners
[09:54:59] <TheGratefuldrebb> hahahahahahahhahaahhaha
[09:55:00] <drebbsysMidnightRunners> But she didn't make you listen 25912051 times
[09:55:02] <drebbsysMidnightRunners> =D
[09:55:09] <drebbsysMidnightRunners> Come on drebb
[09:55:14] <drebbsysMidnightRunners> ={
[09:55:17] <TheGratefuldrebb> oh well excyyyuuuuuuse meeeee
[09:55:17] <drebbsysMidnightRunners> =O
[09:55:29] <TheGratefuldrebb> shoot the messenger why doncha
[09:55:29] <TheGratefuldrebb> hehe
[09:55:43] <drebbsysMidnightRunners> NEVER
[09:55:50] <drebbsysMidnightRunners> I mean
[09:55:54] <drebbsysMidnightRunners> drebbAR
[09:56:07] <drebbsysMidnightRunners> oh no
[09:56:09] <drebbsysMidnightRunners> Madonna
[09:56:13] drebbsysMidnightRunners is now known as drebbis
[09:56:14] drebbis is now known as drebbish
[09:56:14] TheGratefuldrebb is now known as drebbeyRoad
[09:56:30] * drebbish is the word I use to remind me of.... you love
[09:56:39] <drebbeyRoad> drebbEY LAAANE
[09:56:43] <drebbeyRoad> IS IN MY EEEARRRS
[09:56:45] <drebbish> :)
[09:56:54] drebbish is now known as drebberryFields
[09:57:02] <drebbeyRoad> I'm not even into that all that much
[09:57:12] <drebbeyRoad> I guess that's why it took me THREE HOURS to come up with it
[09:57:13] <drebbeyRoad> hehehe
[09:57:23] <drebberryFields> I hate the Beatles
[09:57:32] <drebbeyRoad> Joc digs em
[09:57:36] <drebbeyRoad> her loss
[09:57:37] <drebbeyRoad> hehe
[09:57:47] <drebberryFields> It is GfD for me
[09:58:01] <drebberryFields> If anything more than a casual fan
[09:58:09] <drebbeyRoad> ooh I just heard something bang outside on the street
[09:58:15] <drebbeyRoad> accompanied by a car horn
[09:58:30] drebberryFields is now known as SodrebbchaWant
[09:58:34] <drebbeyRoad> I wonder if somebody just got hit
[09:58:40] <drebbeyRoad> err
[09:58:41] <SodrebbchaWant> Hope not
[09:58:42] <drebbeyRoad> somebody's car
[09:58:46] <drebbeyRoad> with another car
[09:58:53] <drebbeyRoad> probly not that bad from the sound of it
[09:59:06] <drebbeyRoad> drebbING YEW
[09:59:13] <drebbeyRoad> IS EASY CUZ YUR BEUTIFUL
[09:59:22] SodrebbchaWant is now known as TheLivingdrebblights
[09:59:31] <TheLivingdrebblights> Hey driver, where we goin?
[09:59:46] <TheLivingdrebblights> LIVING'S IN THE WAY WE DIE!!!
[10:00:08] TheLivingdrebblights is now known as Candrebbox
[10:00:21] <drebbeyRoad> Annie drebbox??
[10:00:46] <drebbeyRoad> and the Eudrebbmycs?
[10:01:00] Candrebbox is now known as EricBurdrebbandWar
[10:01:04] <EricBurdrebbandWar> =D
[10:01:06] <EricBurdrebbandWar> Eh?
[10:01:07] <EricBurdrebbandWar> Eh?
[10:01:30] EricBurdrebbandWar is now known as LessThandrebb
[10:01:55] <drebbeyRoad> kewl
[10:01:58] <LessThandrebb> Kraiddrebbtroid

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