December 30th, 2000

Old poem I found:

-Hold Me
I've walked a thousand miles
In a thousand pairs of shoes
With my heart in my hand
And everything to lose

I've been trying so long to find someone to love
Sometimes I think I'm asking too much
Who says she's gotta be sent from above?
Poets are so full of that stuff

I need comfort at the end of a long day
I need someone to shelter from the cold
I don't need someone to love
I just need somebody to hold

The bars and the parties are all the same
Getting her digits and remembering her name
Sometimes I get tired and the dance gets old
I don't want to play those romantic games

I need comfort at the end of a long day
I need someone to shelter from the cold
I don't need someone to love
I just need somebody to hold

Glad I found it. I posted a link to an old poem of mine in a comment yesterday, and I've been going over my old work. This one has never been posted, so you get to see some unreleased Dark-work. (But Dark, aren't they all unreleased? Quiet you!)
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lord, From this chair of mine...


Superman is at his hardest core when he flies standing up. Especially with eyebeams a-blazing.

Superman or Batman?

I say Batman, not just because... *dramatic pause* ...I'm Natman. Batman's smart. Superman has a much more bruiser-ish tactic about him. Old skool Batman was primarily a detective, not as Dudley Dooright. Last week's Supe ep. on Cartoon Net. sums it up: Cthulu attacks Metropolis, and Dr. Fate (whoo! "My comic book's been cancelled more than Dr. Fate") had to direct him, like an idiot, during the battle sequence. Batman is always on top of shit before anyone knows it needs to be done.

So that's all I have to say about that.
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lord, From this chair of mine...

Another old poem, a request:

written Sun. 5/31/98 2321, during a thunderstorm. Stream of consciousness, best read aloud in a single breath. :)

Golfballs the size of raindrops
Pour from the heavens
Messengers of life sated the scorched brown green
Earth Mother - Sky Father
Lightning bolts of coital conjunction
Thunderous joy roar results from the function
New life- now born, Old life- is torn
burning, screaming electric flames painfully maim'd
Old unknown to knew -- who will mourn?

Morning -- remembrance, the search for a semblance
of what was then and still is now
but age it fades the memory's photo -don't know how-
how the times have stayed the same by way
of that which me all change
Story's the same but forgot the names
are changed -- rearranged -- seems strange
but so I claim it's really the same
in a different light a second sight, different mountain, same height
The course is changed but not the destination of this flight

And the thunder roars with coital bliss
the voyeur, I, do witness this
The father sky, the rain his seed
he scatters forth for mother's need
The ancients knew -- and this is true
there's nothing new, just changing who
the story remains the same
the song drones on its long refrain
you and me, it's plain to see,
are really both the same
but to mistake repitition for boredom
therein lies the shame
It's your life, and you must live
Tho' alls been done before
I mean, c'mon, seriously--
Who doesn't like to score?

Crap. Picking up all sorts of girly vibes. I watched "You've Got Mail" of my own free will and liked it. I thought it was cute. Shoot me.

This song is pretty cool. I just downloaded it because it was on my favorite station's playlist, and I knew I'd miss some of their variety, not so much cause I liked the song itself. It's growing on me.
"Is this what you wanted?
Stop-- me talking to the space around your heart
Make me stand up fight the fire in the dark
Somebody better give in
Somebody better give in"
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