December 28th, 2000

lord, From this chair of mine...

Fear of Pop

After ages of dickering about, I seem to have resolved the pressing problem vis-a-vis my internet connection. I told it NO! No Ethernet card! Bad Network setup. BAD! and now it's recognizing the modem and not pining for T1. I feel kinda bad, like I lobotomized it or something. Now it's all slow, but it doesn't even remember being fast. But now I can restart my computer without bending down to flip the switch, and I can reconnect without rebooting. And my browser hasn't stopped working yet! *joy*

WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH MTV AND REFLECTING LIGHTS OFF OF PEOPLE'S EYES? Is that like, the new chic 'effect' that everyone must have? Oh, well. Maybe I should watch my language, so I can be reincarnated as a chair if I'm real good.
And no, there is no volume on the TV. I'm listening to .mp3s in my headphones. I love my 30ft. audio extension cable. I can take my headphones almost anywhere in this crappy apartment.
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    Shiner - My Life as a Housewife

Stats check

I'm near 300 comments posted! WAU! Since I started my lj on the 1st of this November, I've posted almost 150 entries and received nearly as many comments. I'm at (145/142) so maybe soon I'll actually acheive the 1:1 entries to comments ratio (not if I keep posting all these tiny entries, right Jester?

Not sleeping again. Not tired. :\
(I really don't want to watch MTV, but I REALLY don't want to watch infomercials).

According to my friends graph, Nemo is the center of my world! Hee hee, go Nemo!
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    Misfits - American Psycho