December 22nd, 2000


Wait, I already said it. I guess that's all I have to say.

Wait! Just remembered the two things I've been trying to check online despite connection problems being what they are:

1) Boston-visiting. Round-trip is $75. That's the cheapest I've seen (I haven't been able to check much other than Amtrak and Greyhound, stupid Erol's). If I go up with Tom (who's in the area for New Year's) on the 3rd, I can take a bus home one-way for $41. That's still a lot of money.

2) Finally looked up the Samsung Uproar (no link available, thanks, Erol's). I keep thinking about whether or not I want a cel, or whether I'm ready for a cel phone. But I thought, if nothing else, this phone is the phone for me (the guy singing out loud to himself in the commercial is me, fer chrissakes). It's got a lot of what I'm looking for: web, e-mail, an organizer, .mp3s too, oh and a phone. It's also about $400. Shit, that's expensive. That doesn't include any extras (web access, phone plan) I assume, as well. It's the phone for me, if there is such a thing, right? Nice and expensive, like my tastes. I'm a vain motherfucker, I am, if your cel phone indicates anything about your personality. ;)

Also discovered: due to a lack of tomato paste that spaghetti covered in garlic powder and soy sauce is very, very good. I will now eat spaghetti like that often. My mom will find it to be very gross, or at least odd, and that's good enough for me.

Blah blah usual comment about noblah to say but long blah entry anyblah blah. Blah.

Now accepting donations: I need $500 for Christmas so I can buy all this stuff, plus the $2750 I didn't make for this coming semester's tuition, and some pocket change so I can buy people presents.
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lord, From this chair of mine...

Songs called "In the End"

This one pretty much sums up how I feel about college:
Linkin Park
"I tried so hard
and got so far
but in the end,
it doesn't really matter
I had to fall
to lose it all
but in the end,
it doesn't even matter"

"Well, I can see what you mean
It just takes me longer
And I can feel what you feel
It just makes you stronger

I know, I know, I know
Oh, the feeling grows
I see, I see, I see
It's got to be
You can take me for a little while
You can take me, you can make me smile in the end

Well, I can do what you do
You just do it better
And I can cry like you cry
It just makes me sadder

Well, I can shine like you shine
It doesn't make me brighter
But if I think like you think
It don't make my load much lighter "
This song's very personal to me; it has a lot to do with how I relate to people, especially my mother, who can never see that I can never see the way she sees.

Ersatz high school reunion brunch today. I get to see many old friends and dodge questions about graduation.
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    Linkin Park - In the End

This is a test.

Y'all should see a machine-gun wielding smiley. Ooh, pretend it's Chuck Al-Hashib. Go WinAMP randomizer.

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