December 13th, 2000

Last night's ICQ

I've been posting a lot of depressing shit lately, so here's something sweet from last night's ICQ logs with my big Sis Nemo!

Nemo: Ahh and there he goes.. dreamboat! Hee hee! I feel all giggley
N@: I hope I make Becca feel the same way sometimes! I think I do! She feels special a lot, at least!
Nemo: That's good! I don't see how a girl could *not* feel special with you!
N@: Neither do I! I'm like the cool dress you find in the bargain basement... no one can believe that I haven't been taken, so everyone suspects there's something off about me, but when someone finds me and picks me up, she feels like she's just found gold.
Nemo: And everyone else goes "Oh! That's such an AMAZING dress!" And they're all jealous and stuff ;D
N@: Tee hee... *blush*

Full of myself much?
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Not for the squeamish

I fucking HATE nosebleeds. I should be asleep right now, ready for my exams tomorrow, but I'm not. Why? My nose has taken to leaking blood again. The first time, I plugged it up, knowing full well I was plum fucked for about a week. Now I can't breathe, and I can't really blow my nose. Helen Rudewords. This last time, I just stood over the sink and let it bleed out, like I normally do. The darn fucker wouldn't stop bleeding. I hate it when my nose bleeds like a frickin cerebral hemorrhage. It almost stops, then all of a sudden, ker-SPLASH, blood spatters the sink all over. I don't like feeling light-headed before an exam, let alone three. I was very close to feeling light-headed.

Squeamish people can start reading here:
Two important links for tonight. The first is for Bjeldor, who's site, Adrenaline Hyperbola, has seen fit to link to me in a very nice way. So nice that I put him first, before the link back to the place that caused me to meet him: The Conversatron. They're back, sorta. I'm abusing the chance to pretend I am an askee, and I'm answering people's questions. Unfortunately, I don't have any icons but my own, but see if you can figure out which one's me. Bonus points if you can get either of the references my nickname there is making. Let me know what you think of my posts!

Can this cover (Love Spit Love?) of the Smiths' "How Soon is Now" be any worse? I mean, she ruins one of the lyrics: "Exactly when do you mean?" is supposed to be, "When, exactly, do you mean?" It loses all its attitude, sarcasm, and supressed, bitter rage when the word order isn't so self-importantly arranged. Plus, you just don't fuck with the Smiths. Morrissey just gets all pissy and no one likes a pissy Morrissey. God, can that boy brood.
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Band name or album name?

Would the following make a better band name or album name?

Practical Debacle
Kamera Redd
Vinyl Hairpiece
On a Dare
Insane Turban Mafiosos
Lords and Crickets
Melmac and its
And Last but Not Least
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I do wacky things with music

* DarkSmile sings: o/` ROOOOOOOXaaanne. o/`
* DarkSmile sings: o/` You don't have to be pimped by Dolemite o/`
* DarkSmile sings: o/` Roxxxxxaannne! o/`
* DarkSmile sings: o/` You don't have to give other guys head tonight o/`
* DarkSmile sings: o/` Ever since I knew ya o/`
* DarkSmile sings: o/` I wanted to f'in do ya o/`
* DarkSmile sings: o/` Can't I please just get one feel o/`
* DarkSmile sings: o/` I won't tell all the other boys o/`
* DarkSmile sings: o/` Roxxxxxaannne! o/`

* DarkSmile sings: o/` Boooooxlor... o/`
* DarkSmile sings: o/` Thinks he's soooo fucking big. o/`
* DarkSmile sings: o/` Boooooxlorrr! o/`
* DarkSmile sings: o/` He's not Big; God is Big. o/`
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(no subject)

Oh, shit. Real fucking heads up, kid. It's my 21st half birthday.
Four years ago today I:
  • Got into Cornell early decision
  • Attended my first concert
  • Attended my best concert
  • Attended a Rush concert
  • Hung out with my friends hardcore solo without my mom breathing down my neck and no curfew
  • Proved I was the fucking man when it comes to unfucking shit, especially a lost car of teenagers on our way to a concert (thank you map to the semi-formal still in my pocket)

    6 more months and I should be graduated, able to buy liquor, have a job, and be living on my own for the first time. Should. Here's wishing.
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    More 1/2 birthday festivities.

    I talked to almost all my professors today. I am getting two incompletes, one maybe, and I have to withdraw from one class. I feel so much better. I only took one final and I feel so much less stressed. On my way home, I treated me to Louie's Lunch. I got a Vanilla Milkshake (like kryptonite or the color yellow or the movies, my weakness) and a BBQ beef sandwich. Like the Chinese Kentucky Fried Chicken slogan, it was so good I wanted to lick my fingers off. I ate again, Becca!

    I am feeling much better, thank you all.
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