December 1st, 2000

Dark Saves the Day

Fielded two Very Important Phone calls. One was from the girl I asked out last Valentine's; she wanted to make sure I was okay. It was very touching.

The second was from our most recent acquisition at the Shiny Red Ball Corp. (Rubbertree Division, as always); my brand-spankin' new girlfriend. She doesn't have an lj to vent to (how strange) so she needed to vent to me. Cool! I feel very loved. As I'm sure she will when she sees herself referred to as 'an acquisition'.

I am so dead. :)

We get to hang out tonight, even if it is a pseudo-religious soirée. I have promised to be on best behavior as long as no one proselytizes. Then it's no holds barred. BAD N@ for secretly hoping for that. It's just that I am in top form just about only when I am refuting doctrine. I think I'll go listen to Filter's "Dose" and "Welcome to the Fold" beforehand, just in case.
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"SHUT UP when I'm talking to you!"

"Everything you say to me
Takes me one step closer to the edge
And I'm about to break.
I need a little room to breathe
Cause I'm one step closer to the edge.
I'm about to break.

In my opinion, the band Linkin Park, formerly Hybrid Theory, has incredible potential. I am honestly impressed. I have never been so taken with a band I've never heard anything about, not recently. Not even Vast, and you know how much I love Vast.
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Web Stats for Nov. in

Finally, I have the greatest number of requests for my homepage. It shows in the fact that the index page for the first time has beat out the writing page for hits. I thank you all: lj is responsible for over 250 hits (esp. Tamara, Dys, and my big sister, Nemo! (She's HardCore! No, she's NEMOCORE!)
You guys rock.

In other news, Mozilla use is up, but IE still controls the popular vote. Cur$e you, $Bill.
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lord, From this chair of mine...

I break shit

I found out why I like music like the Toadies so very much. I am apparently a Backstroker, according to the Spark. "Lucifer was a backstroker... so was Ted Bundy. And most serial killers." Great. "Watch out, ladies, this one's a killer," they used to joke about me, when I was just a lad. Little did they know, huh? Basically, being a backstroker means I have a lot of love to give, but I'm really bad at handling it. I'm like a child in a glass sculpture store. I want to touch everything, to admire it's beauty, but I just end up breaking shit. Good job, loverboy. "Sparkmatch is probably not for you." You're kidding me, right? Duh.

Music: Creep, Radiohead. Yeah. The Police, Don't Stand so Close to Me one minit, Every Breath You Take the next. Stabbing Westward's Shame and yet Save Yourself. Picking up a trend? Plenty of stalker-esque songs, though I'd never stalk. But more importantly, and what I only just noticed (I did a stalker inventory at one point, and not a chance), a lot of songs that say either "I am nothing without you" or "leave me the fuck alone". Why must I be so bipolar? And no, don't say it's because I'm a Gemini.



I also got the results back on my learning disability test. I didn't find out if I have A.D.D. because the test I thought I was taking to diagnose it is POWERLESS against it. The cognitive test came back fucking stellar (you're beyond 99th percentile blah I knew that). But the attitudes/emotional eval. was all like 01 percentile (Are you depressed? You have absolutely no motivation according to this test) which points to emotional problems. So I'll go in for a psychiatric appointment. I have GOT to be depressed or anxious to be failing out of a cake major like psych. I don't want a pill. I just want to know why.

In other news: "Hold me never let me go. There's a thousand things I want you to know. Hold me when confusion reigns, as it sucks me to the bone again."
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(no subject)


Motherfuck god damn Son of a bitch shitting mother fuckface ass wad shitsmear ah fuck fuck figgety fuck shit piss fuck assed bitch ho.

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(no subject)

Oh, wow. Not only have I been playing with protection, privacy, and groups, I went back and added some memories. Unfortunately, my grasp on the keyword setup was tenuous at best... Oops! I again do another mystery!!
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A man can tell a thousand lies

While I'm busy being a true lj whore, I just want to put down in writing that I love Madonna. Her ballads are one of the few things that can make me feel, or make me care. And dammit, I think I was actually on-key singing "This Used to be My Playground."

Going to sleep. Thing tonight.
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