November 28th, 2000

The problem

I am on west coast time. That's what it is. That and me failing out of school. Which leaves me little to get up for in the 'morning'. Strange thing is, I don't care. I should fear that I'm really gone, but I don't. Sad, I'd think, if I was concerned. Getting the picture?

What's that song that jokes about seeing a fake band called Roses and Sucky? That's a cool name for a local college band. Maybe Worse Than Pop (one of my hypothetical bands) can cover some of their worse stuff. I need to learn how to play guitar, and not just like I do sitar-style with it across my lap while I sit Indian-style, because the world hates drummers like me. Or maybe just me. :P

In other news, I'm going to be what I need to be. Someday. When I grow up.
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Punishing War Journal, entry #42 (Sugoi!)

"He's got his arm around every man's dream;
Crumbs in his beard from the seafood special.
Oh can't you see my world is falling apart?
Baby, please leave the biker.
Leave the biker.
Break his heart."

Entry #42! Lucky! ^_^
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    Fountains of Wayne - Leave the Biker

The light won't stop blinking

My non-gf just called me. I was asleep, so I screened it. I thought about picking it up, and then I thought about all the people that have told me to stay away from her, including her. So now it's sitting there on my answering machine. I haven't deleted or replayed the message.

I suppose I should call her back. Maybe tomorrow. Or next week. Or once I'm safely back in NJ.
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Idle thoughts

From #conversatron:

* ImperfectDark ponders creating a comic book about a boy whose superpower is summoning poets.
-ImperfectDark- It would have romance...
-ImperfectDark- "Lord Byron, help me win her heart!"
-ImperfectDark- Action: "James Joyce, stream of consciousness attack! Go!"
-ImperfectDark- And comedy, like the Homer vs. Robert Frost Poetry Slam to raise money to save the orphanage.

In other news, that damn light's still blinking. And Karsh is saying in my head, "Jump. Jump now," but in which direction?
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Tarnished Armor

Now I start to wonder. I know I'm making more out of this than it is because I have nothing else to think about for the time being and I'm trying to occupy my mind with affairs other than school. But I'm wondering if she's doing something silly like waiting by the phone. That would make me feel guilty. I'd feel like I needed to call her because of my damn Knight in Shiny Armor complex. I'm one of those guys (Sparkmatch calls me a Boy Scout-- I used to be one, actually) that feels compelled to try to help damsels in distress, usually with disastrous consequences. And like I've said before, she already told me not to. But did she mean it? I hope so, cause if not, she's still waiting. :(
Members of the opposite sex are always confusing. But at least I'm not really worried, just thinking about it. Thinking a little too much, but I'm trying to stop just letting things slide off of me. I don't want to be cold and unemotional and distant. I'm trying to be friendly to people a lot more. Maybe I can still suck some more marrow out of life.

In other news, six entries today. A record for me. Hopefully they're not all useless junk.