November 4th, 2000

I'm worth a million in prizes

I put on the radio not too long ago, and what do my wondering ears hear, but the football game. Yes, I turned on Cornell v. Dartmouth. Not to hear the score or anything. No, I wanted to hear when it ended. And, sure enough, the week I'm not the guy in the studio dropping commercials (it's called "engineering"), they end early! I would have caught the bus home for once! Sigh.

In other news, tonight I got CJAS! I get to watch new anime (anime I haven't seen) for the first time in a month. I am totally out of the loop in Slayers Next. Legends of the Galactic Heroes ('log h') will still be slow but loveable LoGH (kinda like Golem). And Cowboy Bebop will be visually and aurally satisfying (I didn't want to say stunning and I couldn't find my thesaurus) as always. Should be fun; I can't wait.

Dvorak has about one more week.
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Anime Evening Revue Review

Yay! I made it to anime. I missed all of LoG H except the part at the end where Reinhardt-o von-u (R)Loengram-a revealed to some dude from Pheasant (Phezzan, whatever) that he had, in fact, seen the previous 12 episodes and was completely aware of their wacky Swiss-esque neutralist tactics. So HA! >-p:::

Slayers! The ever-enjoyable pen-and-paper RPG you don't play! Today was standard Slayers fare, but I hadn't seen it in awhile, so it seemed funnier. Plus, the people at CJAS are all socially maladjusted and thus liable to laugh at any stimulus at all. As in:

A dog appears on the screen.

Look, a dog? That's funny, right? Everyone looks around. One person can't take the pressure and cracks up laughing. Everyone assumes this is the socially appropriate action and joins in.

Imagine this twelve times a second. And my naked ape social programming dictates that I laugh when others laugh. Oh, well. More funny for me!

Cowboy Bebop was filled with moments like these; the dog appeared twice compared to Slayers' once (you thought I was exaggerating?). Not a bad episode; less weighty and therefore more enjoyable than that one with Spike and Vicious. Did I ever mention I hate when anime is heavy-handed? It's sad that almost all anime is heavy-handed.

I have the coolest birthday surprise for the guy I sorta owe a CD-R. I hope it will make up for poor planning (not mine) last year.

As for Dvorak? Definitely getting on my nerves now. Imagine trying to type normally while your caps lock was depressed. You'd soon get the hang of holding down shift on all but the first letter of capitalized words. But punctuation and numbers would still trip you up. It's like that, but with vowels. They're all adjacent! I'm always typing bod instead of bad or bed or whatever. It's amazing what difference a vowel can make. Like if you're going to and mistype an 'e' for the 'i'. Yeah, and your parents are watching. Well, it didn't happen to me (yet), but you got the idea.

Grrrragghh! My computer's being buggy so I go now.
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