November 2nd, 2000

Live, from New York

I'm writing from the studio where I broadcast my weekly radio show, sick as a dog, but still Kickin' out the Jams. I got tickets to this whack-ass funked-out coolie-cool history of 80's rock presentation that's on Friday. One of the elder jocks (usually my heroes, by default, since I never really had any heroes growing up, other than Danger Mouse) was really interested when I told him about it. Once again, I prove to be Johnny on the spot, with the improbability vortex kicking in. It's nice to be appreciated, nicer to have your tastes appreciated.

I am getting an insane number of requests tonight! Go, me! Next stop, a fan base! I'm not sounding too bad, cold aside. I'm improvising pretty well, i.e. how I normally do, IRL, when not picking up a chick (That's more like The Gods Must Be Crazy, oy, with the Jeep rolling down the hill and the falling in the lake, it's too much like me).

I also received my Cornell University phone book. It looks like their four seasons cover rotation has finally reached "Reality." The cover is a blurry vision of one of our more serene Ithaca blizzards. If there's demand, I'll scan it, but I'm guessing only Cornelliacs will see this and find it funny and therefore already have seen the cover of their own copy. So there.

If I had anything else to say, I think it's unimportant now. With that, I leave you.

The 'N' Word

The only time I think about race is when I'm making fun of it. So that's why @ this weekend's staff meeting, I think I'll ask if it's okay for me to say nigger on the air. I mean, it's cool when we say it, right?
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