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YOU MUST DIE! I ALONE AM drebb (part II: The drebb of Khan)

[07:53:44] <drebbDoughty> so I've finished off the hard drive
[07:53:53] <drebbDoughty> I'm moving to my burned mp3 CDs now
[07:53:55] <drebbDoughty> hehe
[07:54:20] <IHopeYoudrebb> Oh my
[07:54:23] drebbDoughty is now known as MyNameIsdrebb
[07:54:31] <MyNameIsdrebb> nottobeconfusedwithBillorJackorPeteorDennis
[07:55:24] <IHopeYoudrebb> or drebb
[07:56:01] MyNameIsdrebb is now known as NewWorlddrebb
[07:56:31] <IHopeYoudrebb> ....
[07:56:35] <IHopeYoudrebb> ....
[07:56:38] <IHopeYoudrebb> ...
[07:56:44] <IHopeYoudrebb> HA HA HA HA HAH AHA
[07:56:45] <NewWorlddrebb> speaks for itself
[07:56:49] <NewWorlddrebb> :D
[07:57:10] <NewWorlddrebb> omg
[07:57:40] <NewWorlddrebb> I just caught sight of my rarely used Bif Nakedd CD
[07:57:42] <NewWorlddrebb> -d
[07:57:42] IHopeYoudrebb is now known as InABigdrebb
[07:57:54] <NewWorlddrebb> and I was afraid
[07:57:55] <InABigdrebb> drebb Country
[07:57:58] <NewWorlddrebb> DEATHLY afraid
[07:58:00] <NewWorlddrebb> to drebb it
[07:58:04] <InABigdrebb> NO
[07:58:11] <InABigdrebb> Bif drebb is BAD
[07:58:12] <NewWorlddrebb> although the CD title can be safely drebbed
[07:58:18] <NewWorlddrebb> I drebbicus
[07:58:20] <NewWorlddrebb> hehehe
[07:58:29] <InABigdrebb> drebb Bificus
[07:58:34] <InABigdrebb> +D
[07:59:04] <InABigdrebb> OKEY
[07:59:05] (%) NewWorlddrebb changes topic to ' | One Step Ahead of the drebbster | TYEP !WILLOW FOR WARZE'
[07:59:14] <InABigdrebb> TEH log file is 420 kb
[07:59:19] <InABigdrebb> And this part of the convo
[07:59:20] <NewWorlddrebb> hahahah holy fuck
[07:59:29] <InABigdrebb> We'll take it from where I started changing my nick
[07:59:36] <InABigdrebb> Is only an 1/8th of that
[07:59:37] <InABigdrebb> IF
[07:59:41] <InABigdrebb> =D
[07:59:53] <NewWorlddrebb> but I didn't get to Astro-drebb:2000
[08:00:12] <NewWorlddrebb> the smash hit album by drebb Zombie
[08:00:21] <InABigdrebb> Bah
[08:00:24] <InABigdrebb> We've done that!
[08:00:30] <InABigdrebb> Hmm
[08:00:37] <InABigdrebb> No... I see big things in the futchure
[08:00:41] NewWorlddrebb is now known as drebbstanbul
[08:00:46] * drebbstanbul not drebbstantinople
[08:00:51] InABigdrebb is now known as Istandrebb
[08:01:04] <Istandrebb> oh, fuck
[08:01:05] <drebbstanbul> I like making it tougher to say
[08:01:07] <drebbstanbul> meh
[08:01:09] Istandrebb is now known as drebbstandrebb
[08:01:13] <drebbstanbul> hahahahahahahHAHAHAAHah
[08:01:23] drebbstanbul is now known as drebbstantidrebble
[08:01:31] <drebbstantidrebble> now we're getting a little out of control
[08:01:42] <drebbstantidrebble> PURE GOLD
[08:02:20] drebbstandrebb is now known as ThorninMydrebb
[08:02:25] <ThorninMydrebb> Quicksand!
[08:02:27] <ThorninMydrebb> Thorn in
[08:02:29] <ThorninMydrebb> My drebb
[08:02:35] <ThorninMydrebb> Rusted
[08:02:35] <drebbstantidrebble> quicksand?
[08:02:39] <drebbstantidrebble> like, the group?
[08:02:42] <ThorninMydrebb> a nail I stepped on
[08:02:44] <ThorninMydrebb> this infection
[08:02:46] <ThorninMydrebb> yes!
[08:02:54] <drebbstantidrebble> I should listen to that more often!
[08:02:58] <ThorninMydrebb> Mmm
[08:03:00] <drebbstantidrebble> waah
[08:03:03] <ThorninMydrebb> Manic Compression album
[08:03:15] <drebbstantidrebble> soyeldiablo on LJ gave me the self titled
[08:03:16] <ThorninMydrebb> got it/ need it?
[08:03:17] <drebbstantidrebble> with drebb To Wall on it
[08:03:28] <drebbstantidrebble> er I think it's self titled
[08:03:45] <drebbstantidrebble> that's one of my faves of the album
[08:04:00] <drebbstantidrebble> SEVEN TRIES
[08:04:03] <drebbstantidrebble> drebb TO WALL
[08:04:27] <ThorninMydrebb> 1
[08:04:29] <ThorninMydrebb> 2
[08:04:31] <ThorninMydrebb> drebb
[08:04:32] <ThorninMydrebb> 4!
[08:04:39] <ThorninMydrebb> A ThorninMydrebb!
[08:04:44] <ThorninMydrebb> A thorn in
[08:04:45] <ThorninMydrebb> A ThorninMydrebb!
[08:05:13] ThorninMydrebb is now known as Pride\IntheNameofdrebb
[08:05:19] <Pride\IntheNameofdrebb> One man come
[08:05:24] <Pride\IntheNameofdrebb> on an electric fence
[08:05:39] <Pride\IntheNameofdrebb> Udrebb?
[08:05:41] <drebbstantidrebble> I hate to correct you on a band I'm not so keen on anymore
[08:05:47] <drebbstantidrebble> but isn't it a barbed wire fence??
[08:05:55] <Pride\IntheNameofdrebb> Yea
[08:06:02] <Pride\IntheNameofdrebb> But which would be more painful?
[08:06:17] * Pride\IntheNameofdrebb sings: o/` Don't whiz on the Electric Fence! o/`
[08:06:35] drebbstantidrebble is now known as Publicdrebbemy
[08:06:56] <Pride\IntheNameofdrebb> Things would get wacky if we opened this up to using drebb as a preposition
[08:07:20] <Pride\IntheNameofdrebb> "You want fries drebb that?"
[08:07:41] <Publicdrebbemy> yes, but you could get "jiggy drebbit"
[08:07:47] <Pride\IntheNameofdrebb> Huh.
[08:07:53] <Publicdrebbemy> or not.
[08:07:58] * Pride\IntheNameofdrebb ponders
[08:09:17] Pride\IntheNameofdrebb is now known as drebbZeppelin
[08:09:25] <drebbZeppelin> AAAAAAA AAHHHHHHH AAAHHHH
[08:09:25] <Publicdrebbemy> awwww yeaahh
[08:09:35] * drebbZeppelin - Immigrant Song
[08:09:45] <drebbZeppelin> On we sweep
[08:09:47] <Publicdrebbemy> hahahaha
[08:09:50] <drebbZeppelin> with threshin drebb
[08:10:02] <drebbZeppelin> So now you better stop
[08:10:08] <drebbZeppelin> Re-drebb all your ruins
[08:11:10] (%) Successfully Sent Quicksand - Thorn in My Side.mp3(2.4Mb) to drebbstantidrebble at 5749 cps.
[08:11:26] <Publicdrebbemy> wow this is the best fuckin dialup evar
[08:11:33] <Publicdrebbemy> 5.6k/s?
[08:11:53] drebbZeppelin is now known as Spacedrebb
[08:11:59] <Spacedrebb> I say now ooooooooh
[08:12:05] * Spacedrebb Mother Mother
[08:12:23] <Spacedrebb> HUH!
[08:12:27] <Spacedrebb> uh-huh
[08:12:31] Publicdrebbemy is now known as Lemondrebbs
[08:12:35] <Spacedrebb> Oh no
[08:12:40] <Lemondrebbs> I won't
[08:12:44] <Lemondrebbs> the thought was enough
[08:12:46] <Lemondrebbs> ;)
[08:12:47] <Spacedrebb> Ok
[08:12:50] <Spacedrebb> Whew
[08:12:57] Spacedrebb is now known as Letterstodrebb
[08:13:19] Lemondrebbs is now known as drebbvo
[08:13:54] <Letterstodrebb> HA HAHA HAHAHA
[08:14:00] <Letterstodrebb> Primus and Tom Waits...
[08:14:08] Letterstodrebb is now known as CoattailsofadrebbMan
[08:14:11] <drebbvo> hey
[08:14:21] <drebbvo> they're not too far away from each other in my CD rack either :D
[08:14:25] <drebbvo> hahahahahahhahaah
[08:14:26] <CoattailsofadrebbMan> MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
[08:14:28] <drebbvo> right the fuck on
[08:14:42] <CoattailsofadrebbMan> Are we not men?
[08:14:44] * drebbvo gives the KERMAX SEEL OF APROVAL
[08:14:52] * drebbvo drebbS IT GUD
[08:15:05] * drebbvo drebbS IT INTO SHAEP evan
[08:16:14] <CoattailsofadrebbMan> On the CoattailsofadrebbMan she'll ride, she'll ride
[08:16:19] <CoattailsofadrebbMan> On the CoattailsofadrebbMan she'll ride.
[08:16:25] <drebbvo> hahahahahah wowowowow
[08:16:29] <CoattailsofadrebbMan> On the CoattailsofadrebbMan she'll ride, she'll ride
[08:16:32] <drebbvo> sing it muthaphucka
[08:16:32] <CoattailsofadrebbMan> On the CoattailsofadrebbMan she'll ride, she'll ride high!
[08:16:37] <drebbvo> HYAAAAHHH
[08:17:09] <CoattailsofadrebbMan> current music: Buh... I dunno.
[08:17:18] * CoattailsofadrebbMan shrugs
[08:17:22] <drebbvo> hrm
[08:17:33] <CoattailsofadrebbMan> I will have to post it like that
[08:17:35] <drebbvo> 6 in the mornin', drebb's at my door
[08:17:48] <CoattailsofadrebbMan> Bjork!
[08:17:55] CoattailsofadrebbMan is now known as AllTheseModerndrebb
[08:18:10] * AllTheseModerndrebb like cars and such... have always existed.
[08:18:12] <drebbvo> Bjord!
[08:18:41] <drebbvo> err
[08:18:43] <drebbvo> Bjork!
[08:18:49] drebbvo is now known as VenusAsdrebb
[08:18:57] * AllTheseModerndrebb sings: o/` [in icelandic] o/`
[08:19:08] <AllTheseModerndrebb> Right on
[08:19:49] <AllTheseModerndrebb> ha ha ha
[08:19:54] <AllTheseModerndrebb> So much Rage AtM
[08:19:54] <VenusAsdrebb> who would have known, that a boy like drebb... o/`
[08:19:59] AllTheseModerndrebb is now known as drebbtrack
[08:20:04] <drebbtrack> It's just another drebbtrack
[08:20:07] <VenusAsdrebb> hahah
[08:20:38] <drebbtrack> What does the billboard say? drebb|Away, drebb|Away
[08:20:43] <drebbtrack> Forget about the movement
[08:20:48] <VenusAsdrebb> hahAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH
[08:20:49] <VenusAsdrebb> AHAHAHAA
[08:21:14] drebbtrack is now known as Acrossthedrebb
[08:21:28] <Acrossthedrebb> Jai guru deva
[08:21:30] <Acrossthedrebb> OHM
[08:21:47] <Acrossthedrebb> (Fiona drebbple version, tho)
[08:21:56] <Acrossthedrebb> Nothing's gonna change my drebb
[08:22:00] <Acrossthedrebb> Nothing's gonna change my drebb.
[08:23:10] VenusAsdrebb is now known as Frankdrebb
[08:23:13] Acrossthedrebb is now known as IWantitThatdrebb
[08:23:20] <Frankdrebb> I'm only just a drebb of Steel o/`
[08:23:28] <IWantitThatdrebb> Tell my why
[08:23:35] * Frankdrebb stabs you
[08:23:37] <IWantitThatdrebb> Also a cover...
[08:23:44] <IWantitThatdrebb> By a band called allister
[08:24:03] <IWantitThatdrebb> Not as good as Fountains of Wayne's Baby One More Time
[08:24:14] <IWantitThatdrebb> Ain't nothing but a drebb
[08:24:15] <IWantitThatdrebb> Ain't nothing but a drebb
[08:24:23] <IWantitThatdrebb> I never want to hear you say
[08:24:26] * /me: insufficient parameters
[08:24:30] * IWantitThatdrebb
[08:24:44] <Frankdrebb> *clap clap*
[08:24:48] Frankdrebb is now known as drebbWerk
[08:24:52] * IWantitThatdrebb rock out
[08:24:59] <drebbWerk> I'm the operator with my pocket drebbulator
[08:25:05] <drebbWerk> *beep* *boop(
[08:25:10] <IWantitThatdrebb> Ha ha ha haha
[08:25:18] <drebbWerk> *PONNNNGGGG*
[08:25:33] IWantitThatdrebb is now known as FaithNodrebb
[08:25:39] <FaithNodrebb> or drebbNoMore?
[08:25:56] <drebbWerk> that would imply that it's over, if I didn't know any better
[08:26:04] <FaithNodrebb> Huh
[08:26:08] * FaithNodrebb it is!
[08:26:25] <FaithNodrebb> Indecision
[08:26:29] <FaithNodrebb> Clouds my drebb
[08:26:43] <FaithNodrebb> My drebb is falling to pieces
[08:26:50] <FaithNodrebb> Somebody put me together
[08:27:11] drebbWerk is now known as Concrete
[08:27:15] Concrete is now known as Concretedrebb
[08:27:26] FaithNodrebb is now known as drebbness
[08:27:32] <drebbness> Our drebb!
[08:27:34] <Concretedrebb> shine on friend
[08:27:38] <Concretedrebb> gooooooood night
[08:27:38] <drebbness> In the middle of the street!
[08:27:40] <Concretedrebb> whyyyyyyyy then
[08:27:44] <Concretedrebb> the drebbening of the light
[08:27:44] <drebbness> Hee hee hee hee!
[08:28:15] <Concretedrebb> ah yes
[08:28:21] <drebbness> Alice in drebb
[08:28:22] <Concretedrebb> drebbness drebbness they call it drebbness
[08:28:27] drebbness is now known as IdrebbAway
[08:28:42] <IdrebbAway> Why you act crazy?
[08:28:50] <IdrebbAway> Not an act maybe?
[08:29:00] <IdrebbAway> So close a lady
[08:29:06] <IdrebbAway> Shifty drebb shady
[08:29:33] (%) Concretedrebb changes topic to ' | Land of a Thousand drebbses | TYEP !WILLOW FOR WARZE'
[08:29:45] <IdrebbAway> HA HA HAH
[08:29:48] <IdrebbAway> Bowie
[08:29:52] IdrebbAway is now known as Letsdrebb
[08:29:58] <Concretedrebb> omg
[08:30:03] <Letsdrebb> PUT ON YOUR drebb SHOES AND DANCE THE BLUES
[08:30:06] <Concretedrebb> that substitution alone is good for at least another hour :D
[08:30:12] <Concretedrebb> hahahahahhaahhahah
[08:30:12] <Letsdrebb> YES
[08:30:16] <Concretedrebb> fuck man
[08:30:22] <Concretedrebb> omfg
[08:30:29] <Letsdrebb> It's almost 6 for you
[08:30:47] <Concretedrebb> I may have to go get drivethru if we keep it up
[08:31:06] <Concretedrebb> but if I leave, it may end before I come back
[08:31:15] <Letsdrebb> Probably
[08:31:25] Letsdrebb is now known as Catherinedrebb
[08:31:28] Concretedrebb is now known as drebbAwayTheHeartache
[08:31:37] Catherinedrebb is now known as drebbsAreGonnaFly
[08:32:01] <drebbsAreGonnaFly> C'mon, Daisy, don't drebb me this time.
[08:32:34] <drebbAwayTheHeartache> yeah verbs are way easier
[08:32:39] <drebbsAreGonnaFly> But now the drebbsAreGonnaFly cause I'm turned on again
[08:32:44] <drebbAwayTheHeartache> we woulda been spent long before now
[08:32:49] <drebbsAreGonnaFly> Burnin up the drebb
[08:32:50] <drebbAwayTheHeartache> if we had started with verbs
[08:32:58] <drebbsAreGonnaFly> Yes
[08:32:58] <drebbAwayTheHeartache> or Burnin DOWN the drebb
[08:33:06] <drebbsAreGonnaFly> ha ha ha
[08:33:17] <drebbAwayTheHeartache> funny how that works
[08:33:24] <drebbsAreGonnaFly> Actually, I wasthinkning Burning drebb the House
[08:33:41] <drebbsAreGonnaFly> HAHAHAHAHAHAH
[08:33:43] <drebbAwayTheHeartache> that's why I went for the weird condrebbinations of other words
[08:33:43] <drebbsAreGonnaFly> PAIN
[08:33:50] drebbsAreGonnaFly is now known as drebbAlHashib
[08:34:01] <drebbAlHashib> It's all good
[08:34:27] <drebbAlHashib> Nobody cared when drebb died, nobody cared to try and save him.
[08:34:56] <drebbAlHashib> Hey, look away, pretend like drebb was never there.
[08:35:14] <drebbAwayTheHeartache> drebb'S NEEEEEEVERRR THERE
[08:35:19] <drebbAlHashib> ha hahahahahah
[08:35:22] <drebbAlHashib> Enya
[08:35:25] <drebbAwayTheHeartache> drebb'S NEVER EVER EVER EVER THERE
[08:35:29] drebbAlHashib is now known as drebbudae
[08:35:36] <drebbAwayTheHeartache> AHAHAHAHAHhahahaah
[08:35:44] <drebbAwayTheHeartache> you're lucky I'm somewhat versed in enya
[08:35:48] <drebbAwayTheHeartache> :D
[08:35:48] <drebbudae> Yes
[08:35:58] <drebbudae> I have no idea how you'd pronounce that
[08:36:04] <drebbAwayTheHeartache> me neither
[08:36:08] <drebbAwayTheHeartache> right on
[08:36:09] <drebbAwayTheHeartache> hehe
[08:36:13] <drebbudae> There may be three people in the world who could.
[08:36:20] drebbAwayTheHeartache is now known as drebbHotChilidrebbers
[08:36:31] drebbudae is now known as Arresteddrebbvelopment
[08:36:35] <drebbHotChilidrebbers> AHAAHHAHAAHHAHAH
[08:36:43] <Arresteddrebbvelopment> HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA TOO YOU TOO
[08:36:49] drebbHotChilidrebbers is now known as drebbasaur_Jr
[08:37:15] <Arresteddrebbvelopment> Black drebbeth
[08:37:22] Arresteddrebbvelopment is now known as drebbra
[08:37:24] drebbra is now known as drebbraCadabra
[08:37:34] drebbasaur_Jr is now known as BillieHollidrebb
[08:37:41] <drebbraCadabra> HAHAHAHHAHA
[08:37:52] <BillieHollidrebb> oahhahahaha
[08:37:58] <BillieHollidrebb> here's the scary part
[08:37:59] <BillieHollidrebb> I can top it
[08:38:09] drebbraCadabra is now known as Peterdrebbriel
[08:38:10] <BillieHollidrebb> wait for it
[08:38:15] <BillieHollidrebb> ...
[08:38:19] BillieHollidrebb is now known as Nitzerdrebb
[08:38:33] <Peterdrebbriel> I don't get it.
[08:38:50] * Peterdrebbriel climbs up on Solisbury drebb.
[08:38:55] <Nitzerdrebb> Nitzer Ebb?
[08:38:59] <Peterdrebbriel> NO
[08:39:01] <Nitzerdrebb> COME ON
[08:39:04] <Peterdrebbriel> I SUCK
[08:39:17] Nitzerdrebb is now known as drebbanarama
[08:39:24] <Peterdrebbriel> HAHAHAHAHA
[08:39:31] <drebbanarama> fine, you get THAT one
[08:39:32] <drebbanarama> hahahahahahhaah
[08:39:33] Peterdrebbriel is now known as EdieBrickellandtheNewdrebb
[08:39:37] <drebbanarama> NYEEEHH
[08:39:50] EdieBrickellandtheNewdrebb is now known as WhatIdrebb
[08:39:59] <drebbanarama> the nice thing about this one
[08:39:59] <WhatIdrebb> Most people can't remember the name of this song
[08:40:06] <drebbanarama> is it kills two birds with one stone
[08:40:09] <WhatIdrebb> Yes
[08:40:10] <drebbanarama> both Dramarama and Bananarama
[08:40:11] <WhatIdrebb> I noticed
[08:40:13] <drebbanarama> hehehe
[08:40:23] <WhatIdrebb> It's like a vase
[08:40:26] <WhatIdrebb> with the faces
[08:40:29] <drebbanarama> hahahahaha
[08:40:37] <drebbanarama> hahhaahhahahahahahahahahahah
[08:40:44] <WhatIdrebb> Nickelback
[08:40:49] WhatIdrebb is now known as Leaderofdrebb
[08:41:03] <Leaderofdrebb> I am not a Leaderofdrebb cause I prefer to follow
[08:41:10] <Leaderofdrebb> I love my winAMP
[08:41:28] <Leaderofdrebb> Who?
[08:41:29] drebbanarama is now known as ErykahBadrebb
[08:41:34] Leaderofdrebb is now known as BehindBluedrebb
[08:41:38] ErykahBadrebb is now known as drebbingDaisy
[08:41:57] <BehindBluedrebb> Radiohead
[08:42:06] <BehindBluedrebb> Oh crap
[08:42:13] <BehindBluedrebb> You did IMightBedrebb
[08:42:17] <BehindBluedrebb> That was HOURS AGO
[08:42:30] <BehindBluedrebb> I could do Fiona Apple again
[08:42:34] BehindBluedrebb is now known as Sleeptodrebb
[08:43:12] Sleeptodrebb is now known as drebberries
[08:43:23] <drebberries> DID YOU HAVE TO LET IT LINGAR
[08:43:30] <drebberries> DID YOU HAVE TO
[08:43:31] <drebberries> DID YOU HAVE TO
[08:43:31] <drebberries> DID YOU HAVE TO
[08:43:34] <drebberries> DID YOU HAVE TO LET IT LINGAR
[08:43:47] <drebbingDaisy> :)
[08:43:55] drebberries is now known as WeWilldrebbYou
[08:44:19] <WeWilldrebbYou> Joy Div.
[08:44:27] WeWilldrebbYou is now known as LoveWillTearUsAdrebb
[08:44:33] <drebbingDaisy> hee
[08:44:57] <LoveWillTearUsAdrebb> Mazzy Star
[08:44:59] <LoveWillTearUsAdrebb> ick
[08:45:03] LoveWillTearUsAdrebb is now known as drebbIntoYou
[08:45:09] <drebbingDaisy> eeeeeuuuuuuuu
[08:45:36] drebbIntoYou is now known as LdrebbCoolJ
[08:45:46] <LdrebbCoolJ> I'm going back to Cali
[08:45:53] <LdrebbCoolJ> to Cali
[08:45:55] <LdrebbCoolJ> to Cali
[08:45:55] <LdrebbCoolJ> to Cali
[08:45:57] <LdrebbCoolJ> I'm going back to Cali
[08:46:06] <LdrebbCoolJ> Man, I don't drebb so
[08:46:25] drebbingDaisy is now known as RundrebbMC
[08:46:42] LdrebbCoolJ is now known as Spinaldrebb
[08:46:45] <Spinaldrebb> We are
[08:46:51] <Spinaldrebb> the children who grew too fast
[08:46:53] <Spinaldrebb> We are
[08:46:59] <Spinaldrebb> The dust of a future passed
[08:47:12] <RundrebbMC> you finally wake up, drebb's goin'ta town
[08:47:16] <Spinaldrebb> We raise our voices in the night, crying to heaven
[08:47:36] <Spinaldrebb> And will our voices be heard, or will they drebb LIKE THE WIND
[08:47:57] <Spinaldrebb> HAHAHAHAHAHA
[08:48:00] <Spinaldrebb> Canadian Band
[08:48:02] <Spinaldrebb> OLD ONE
[08:48:08] Spinaldrebb is now known as Maxdrebbster
[08:48:21] <Maxdrebbster> Now that's obscure
[08:48:27] <RundrebbMC> just a touch
[08:48:50] Maxdrebbster is now known as Level40drebb
[08:49:15] RundrebbMC is now known as Atomicdrebb
[08:49:26] Level40drebb is now known as drebbRightHand
[08:49:35] <Atomicdrebb> I thought of doing that earlier :D
[08:49:37] <Atomicdrebb> refrained
[08:49:38] drebbRightHand is now known as Atthedrebbin
[08:49:44] <Atthedrebbin> I did too
[08:49:58] <Atomicdrebb> AHHAHAHAHHA
[08:49:58] <Atomicdrebb> THAT works
[08:49:59] Atomicdrebb is now known as drebbinAndCryin
[08:49:59] <Atthedrebbin> I can't believe I forgot this one
[08:50:05] <drebbinAndCryin> this is how I feel RIGHT NOW
[08:50:15] <Atthedrebbin> HAHAHAHAHA
[08:50:26] Atthedrebbin is now known as Pearldrebb
[08:50:36] <drebbinAndCryin> my musical collection is damn near fully spent
[08:50:42] <drebbinAndCryin> it's all reaching from here
[08:50:44] Pearldrebb is now known as OurLadydrebb
[08:50:49] <OurLadydrebb> Not mine
[08:50:53] <drebbinAndCryin> hey man
[08:50:58] <OurLadydrebb> hee hee
[08:50:58] <drebbinAndCryin> LL left out Round the Way drebb
[08:51:03] <OurLadydrebb> SUPAR MP3S
[08:51:12] <OurLadydrebb> HAH AHAHAHAHa
[08:51:19] <drebbinAndCryin> yes well
[08:51:23] <drebbinAndCryin> much of my collection
[08:51:24] <drebbinAndCryin> such as it is
[08:51:27] <OurLadydrebb> Animotion
[08:51:29] <drebbinAndCryin> has become instrumental
[08:51:32] OurLadydrebb is now known as drebbsession
[08:51:36] <drebbsession> awww
[08:52:12] drebbsession is now known as REdrebb
[08:52:26] <REdrebb> This one goes out to the one I love
[08:52:26] drebbinAndCryin is now known as drebbhaus
[08:52:34] <drebbhaus> ...
[08:52:34] <REdrebb> ahahahahaha
[08:52:39] <drebbhaus> ...
[08:52:42] <drebbhaus> BELA LUGOSI'S drebb
[08:52:47] <drebbhaus> now THERE'S a shocker
[08:52:59] REdrebb is now known as Systemofadrebb
[08:53:04] <Systemofadrebb> Ha ha hahahaha
[08:53:32] Systemofadrebb is now known as EverybodyWantstoRulethedrebb
[08:53:33] <drebbhaus> Dear drebb, sorry to disturb you but ...
[08:54:11] EverybodyWantstoRulethedrebb is now known as HouseoftheRisingdrebb
[08:54:44] drebbhaus is now known as QuestionsInAWorldOfdrebb
[08:55:11] <HouseoftheRisingdrebb> SP - 19drebbenty9
[08:55:33] <HouseoftheRisingdrebb> drebbatWork
[08:55:38] <QuestionsInAWorldOfdrebb> ahhh
[08:55:40] HouseoftheRisingdrebb is now known as drebbUnder
[08:55:46] <QuestionsInAWorldOfdrebb> I was about to ask you that dammit
[08:55:53] <drebbUnder> ?
[08:55:59] <QuestionsInAWorldOfdrebb> ...
[08:56:00] <drebbUnder> PF
[08:56:05] <QuestionsInAWorldOfdrebb> upon looking at the question
[08:56:06] drebbUnder is now known as Haveadrebb
[08:56:07] <QuestionsInAWorldOfdrebb> I have second thoughts
[08:56:26] <QuestionsInAWorldOfdrebb> I'd rather not ask you if you come from a drebb down under
[08:56:34] <Haveadrebb> Ha hahahah
[08:56:36] <Haveadrebb> GOOD
[08:56:38] <Haveadrebb> DO NOT ASK
[08:56:44] <QuestionsInAWorldOfdrebb> I SHAN'T
[08:56:59] Haveadrebb is now known as drebbpecheMode
[08:57:08] <QuestionsInAWorldOfdrebb> hehehehehehehaheha
[08:57:24] <drebbpecheMode> You had soemthing to hide
[08:57:36] <drebbpecheMode> You should have drebb, shouldn't you?
[08:58:02] <QuestionsInAWorldOfdrebb> ooh shit
[08:58:03] <QuestionsInAWorldOfdrebb> got it
[08:58:07] QuestionsInAWorldOfdrebb is now known as WaveOfdrebbilation
[08:58:14] <drebbpecheMode> HAHAHAHAHA
[08:58:20] drebbpecheMode is now known as Udrebb
[08:58:36] Udrebb is now known as drebbReligion
[08:58:50] <WaveOfdrebbilation> hhahahaha
[08:58:54] <drebbReligion> 21st Century drebbital boy
[08:59:18] <WaveOfdrebbilation> "Gonna drebb you up in my love"
[08:59:28] drebbReligion is now known as KMdrebbDM
[08:59:37] <KMdrebbDM> Ha hahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha
[09:00:06] KMdrebbDM is now known as thedrebbAlewives
[09:00:08] * thedrebbAlewives ?
[09:00:12] <WaveOfdrebbilation> YEEEAHHH
[09:00:20] <WaveOfdrebbilation> DUNGEONS AND drebbONS

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