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YOU MUST DIE! I ALONE AM drebb (part I: The drebbenning)

Sandor, I hope you take this with the best of intentions. You know we love you! =D

[05:19:33] <Lars> kermix: yeah i know
[05:19:40] Lars sets mode: -o Pushit
[05:22:38] Pushit is now known as ASaltyDog
[05:23:01] <kermix> ARRRR
[05:23:22] Quits: Lars (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
[05:23:57] <ASaltyDog> It's a good Procol Harum song, too.
[05:24:00] <ASaltyDog> Album
[05:24:05] * ASaltyDog sighs.
[05:24:09] <ASaltyDog> lil help?
[05:24:23] kermix sets mode: +o ASaltyDog
[05:24:24] <kermix> k
[05:24:29] <ASaltyDog> TY DEWD
[05:25:14] <kermix> NP YW OK TKS
[05:27:25] <ASaltyDog> OH GOD FRANKA SHUT UP
[05:27:29] <ASaltyDog> NO MORE LOLA
[05:27:41] <ASaltyDog> Fuckin
[05:27:44] <ASaltyDog> F
[05:27:46] <ASaltyDog> U
[05:27:47] <ASaltyDog> G
[05:27:47] <ASaltyDog> A
[05:27:48] <ASaltyDog> Z
[05:27:49] <ASaltyDog> I
[05:27:58] <ASaltyDog> TURN OVER
[05:36:20] <ASaltyDog> T1l t00zdey
[05:36:34] ASaltyDog is now known as Darryl
[05:36:36] <kermix> fugazi and then till tuesday?
[05:36:36] <Darryl> Whoo
[05:36:42] <Darryl> Rustic Overtones
[05:36:56] <Darryl> Best sax line EVAR
[05:37:01] <Darryl> So playful
[05:37:08] <Darryl> WAS I TOOOOOOOOO SOFT
[05:37:18] <Darryl> for the harder parts; the darker parts of you
[05:37:22] <Darryl> Was I too sad?
[05:37:26] <Darryl> Too delicately blue?
[05:40:08] <Darryl> The best is where he just starts making words up
[05:40:32] <Darryl> se acandodo se acandodos I say acan dodosak
[05:41:06] <Darryl> se acandodo se acandodos I say acan dodosak
[05:41:09] <Darryl> se acandodo se acandodos I say acan dodosak
[05:41:13] <Darryl> se acandodo se acandodos I say acan dodosak
[05:41:33] Darryl is now known as PointontheFlam
[05:41:44] <PointontheFlam> TOSS THAT TEMPO IN THE FRYING PAN
[05:42:33] <PointontheFlam> Insane in the membrane?
[05:42:51] <PointontheFlam> Insane in the brain!
[05:43:08] <PointontheFlam> a nigga like me is going insane!
[05:43:12] <kermix> the best is when you start making up parts of the verse
[05:43:20] <PointontheFlam> ha ha ha ha
[05:43:32] <PointontheFlam> FRAT BOY ON A DIET
[05:43:36] <PointontheFlam> Don't TRY IT
[05:43:45] <PointontheFlam> I'll FRY YOUR ASS IN MY WOK
[05:43:50] <PointontheFlam> LIKE I WAS MR. SPOCK
[05:44:04] <kermix> jajajaj
[05:44:41] <PointontheFlam> THE NEW FOX SERIES
[05:44:49] <PointontheFlam> CYPRESS HILL STREET BLUES
[05:45:02] <PointontheFlam> Hardc0re rappers FIGHT CRIEM
[05:45:14] <Psyli> well, im out guys
[05:45:16] <Psyli> have fun
[05:45:19] <PointontheFlam> FOR GREAT JUSTICE
[05:45:21] <PointontheFlam> LATER LIS
[05:45:37] PointontheFlam is now known as NeverHadWings
[05:45:49] Quits: Psyli (SELLEP I SFOR TEH WEEK!)
[05:45:52] <NeverHadWings> I watched a change
[05:46:00] <NeverHadWings> in you
[05:46:02] <kermix> guest starring Mike D as that rick schroeder type character
[05:46:05] <NeverHadWings> 's like you never
[05:46:08] <NeverHadWings> HAD WINGS
[05:46:14] <NeverHadWings> ha ha ha ha
[05:46:35] <NeverHadWings> SIVALR SPEWNZ WAS TEH BEST
[05:46:36] <NeverHadWings> EVAR
[05:46:53] <kermix> erin gray
[05:46:54] <kermix> mmm
[05:47:00] <kermix> liked her better in buck rogers
[05:47:05] <kermix> in the suit
[05:47:11] <kermix> awwww yeah
[05:48:00] <NeverHadWings> This song is starting to bore me
[05:48:17] <NeverHadWings> ooh
[05:48:20] <NeverHadWings> INxS
[05:48:31] NeverHadWings is now known as TEHWONTHANG
[05:48:43] <TEHWONTHANG> j00 kn0 j00r v0ice is a l0ve song
[05:50:28] * TEHWONTHANG sings: o/` You got a dozen men behind you... o/`
[05:52:16] <TEHWONTHANG> Hmm
[05:52:18] <TEHWONTHANG> Emo!
[05:52:23] <kermix> emo eh?
[05:52:23] TEHWONTHANG is now known as Mineral
[05:52:28] * Mineral - Slower
[05:52:44] <Mineral> THAT
[05:52:49] <Mineral> THAT would be SO annoying
[05:53:02] <Mineral> If I hooked up a gerble style mp3 script
[05:53:10] <Mineral> That not only TOLD YOU what I was listening to
[05:53:12] <Mineral> no...
[05:53:14] <kermix> hahah
[05:53:20] <Mineral> It would have to do it in a way that CHANGED MY NICK
[05:53:26] <kermix> hahahah
[05:53:34] <kermix> well you'd secure a spot on the stats
[05:53:46] <Mineral> And then I would have to procure something to
[05:54:05] <Mineral> TYPe THe LYRiCS LiKe So
[05:54:21] <Mineral> TO TEH ENTIRE SONGA
[05:56:04] <Mineral> This song is called SLOWER for a reason
[05:56:08] <Mineral> it makes TIME SLOWER
[05:56:14] <Mineral> AND LSTS FOREVER
[05:56:29] <Mineral> BUT WEGIHT
[05:56:36] <Mineral> IT IS GETTING TO TEH GEWD PART
[05:56:41] <Mineral> THE PART WHERE I GO
[05:56:44] <Mineral> NEXT!
[05:56:46] <kermix> hahahahah
[05:56:58] Mineral is now known as Romantics
[05:57:09] * Romantics hears the secrets that you keep.
[05:57:22] <Romantics> WHEN j00 IRC IN j00R SL33P
[05:58:19] <Romantics> ha ha ha
[05:58:55] <Romantics> 3y3 h33r teh s3/<r37Z TAHT j00 /<33p
[05:59:10] <Romantics> WHEN j00 /msg CAUSE IM LEET
[05:59:19] <kermix> WHEN j00 CHAT IN j00R SL33PZ0RZ
[06:05:23] <Romantics> ooh
[06:05:26] Romantics is now known as NWA
[06:05:32] <NWA> FUCK THE POLICE
[06:05:47] <NWA> RAtM cover, but hey.
[06:06:17] *** Retrieving #conversatron info...
[06:06:33] (%) NWA changes topic to ' | They have the authority to shoot a minority? | TYEP !WILLOW FOR WARZE'
[06:07:24] <kermix> it's still good
[06:10:41] <NWA> Yes
[06:10:45] <NWA> Live, which helps
[06:10:49] <kermix> that's the one
[06:17:54] <kermix> it doesn't just HELP
[06:18:00] <kermix> it's the only one I know exists
[06:18:03] <kermix> of that cover
[06:18:24] <NWA> Oh
[06:18:31] <NWA> But it's cooler than a studio version
[06:18:39] <kermix> that it would be
[06:18:41] <kermix> :)
[06:18:43] <NWA> if you were going to have something rare, studio or a good live copy?
[06:18:44] <kermix> you are correct sir
[06:18:55] <kermix> it would have to be a GOOD live copy
[06:19:04] <kermix> there are too many shitty live recordings
[06:19:23] <kermix> it's too easy to make a live recording that you can barely hear over a bunch of drunk stupid people
[06:19:42] <NWA> shit
[06:19:42] <NWA> man
[06:19:47] <kermix> but the better you can hear the band, the better the find
[06:19:50] <NWA> I didn't realize he forgot half the words
[06:19:55] <kermix> hahhah yeah
[06:19:58] <kermix> that is funny
[06:20:13] <kermix> I caught that too
[06:20:17] <kermix> I was singin along
[06:20:18] <kermix> and I like
[06:20:28] <kermix> heard
[06:20:33] <kermix> blabalabasump'n
[06:20:35] <kermix> huh?
[06:20:40] <kermix> awwww zach
[06:20:47] <kermix> fuckin frontin' shit
[06:20:48] <kermix> hehehe
[06:22:46] <NWA> Frontin is RIGHT
[06:23:02] <NWA> Thank god the band knew what they were doing
[06:23:31] <kermix> yup
[06:23:58] <kermix> I got yer failed decision making process right HERE
[06:24:47] <kermix> I still think homeboy from cypress should be frontin' for rage
[06:26:04] <NWA> I think he will
[06:26:09] <NWA> B-Real
[06:26:52] <kermix> I want the LOCO one
[06:43:52] NWA is now known as HowSoonIsdrebb
[06:44:06] <kermix> hahahah
[06:44:08] <HowSoonIsdrebb> BALLCHEESE
[06:44:34] <HowSoonIsdrebb> Have you ever noticed how one minute I'm trying to be vulgar and the next witty and insightful?
[06:44:38] <HowSoonIsdrebb> drebb, too.
[06:44:43] <HowSoonIsdrebb> =D
[06:44:45] <kermix> oh
[06:44:51] <kermix> I thought that was who you were talking about
[06:44:59] <kermix> except for the vulgar to insightful ratio
[06:45:01] <HowSoonIsdrebb> I am simply making comparisons.
[06:45:02] <kermix> hehehe
[06:45:29] <HowSoonIsdrebb> Ha ha ha
[06:45:37] <HowSoonIsdrebb> I should have been NiggaZWitdrebb
[06:45:55] <kermix> :D
[06:45:57] <HowSoonIsdrebb> Tildrebbsday
[06:46:20] <HowSoonIsdrebb> It's the one drebb
[06:47:48] <HowSoonIsdrebb> I WANT TO KNOW WHAT drebb IS
[06:47:54] <HowSoonIsdrebb> I WANT YOU TO SHOW ME
[06:48:05] <HowSoonIsdrebb> Mrdrebbastic
[06:48:08] <HowSoonIsdrebb> very fantastic
[06:48:20] <HowSoonIsdrebb> ASaltydrebb
[06:49:54] <HowSoonIsdrebb> I AM HUMAN AND I NEED TO BE LOVED
[06:50:01] <HowSoonIsdrebb> JUST LIKE drebbYBODY ELSE DOES
[06:50:08] <kermix> HAR HAR HAR
[06:50:38] HowSoonIsdrebb is now known as Fearofdrebb
[06:50:41] <kermix> DANM IT FELLS GOODT OBE A drebbSTAR
[06:50:58] * Fearofdrebb - In Love (w/ WILLEM SHATERN)
[06:51:00] <kermix> and otehr hits
[06:51:53] <Fearofdrebb> In drebb
[06:52:17] <Fearofdrebb> In drebb!
[06:52:19] <Fearofdrebb> I remeber that night we met.
[06:52:26] <kermix> ew.
[06:52:28] <Fearofdrebb> That night, we sat, entwined.
[06:52:38] <kermix> I will NOT cram it in drebb
[06:53:34] <kermix> yeah, I only like the Battleflag on the Amp CD
[06:53:50] <kermix> but not as much as other stuff on the Amp CD
[06:55:46] <Fearofdrebb> HA HA HA HA
[06:55:53] <Fearofdrebb> Bjork - Play drebb
[06:56:14] Fearofdrebb is now known as BizarredrebbTriangle
[06:56:21] <BizarredrebbTriangle> Every time I think of you
[06:56:23] <kermix> Living Colour - drebby Vibe
[06:56:32] <BizarredrebbTriangle> I feel shot right through with a drebb harpoon
[06:56:36] <kermix> hahhaha
[06:57:08] <kermix> CRITTERS BUGGIN - drebbLESS NOSTRIL
[06:57:20] <BizarredrebbTriangle> This is too easy
[06:57:36] <kermix> I'm too easily amused by it
[06:57:37] <BizarredrebbTriangle> It's like shooting fish in a drebb.
[06:57:38] <kermix> if that's what you mean
[06:57:50] <kermix> or drebbing fish in a barrel
[06:57:50] <BizarredrebbTriangle> Me too
[06:57:58] <BizarredrebbTriangle> Ah
[06:58:05] <BizarredrebbTriangle> but the art is in using drebb as a noun
[06:58:06] <BizarredrebbTriangle> for me
[06:58:18] <kermix> as in drebb'n'Bass?
[06:58:24] <BizarredrebbTriangle> Otherwise it just becomes the whole sentence
[06:58:35] <BizarredrebbTriangle> drebble
[06:58:37] <BizarredrebbTriangle> ha
[06:58:46] <kermix> hah
[06:58:49] <kermix> Fruity drebbles
[06:58:51] <kermix> :D
[06:59:38] <kermix> or Blue Eyed drebble?
[06:59:54] * BizarredrebbTriangle cranks the drebble on his speaker
[07:00:23] <kermix> or perhaps some drebbable Planets?
[07:00:33] <kermix> I know, I know, not a noun
[07:01:39] <BizarredrebbTriangle> Ha ha ha
[07:01:41] <BizarredrebbTriangle> Worth it
[07:01:45] <kermix> :)
[07:01:54] <kermix> ooh
[07:01:58] <kermix> ooh I think I got somethin
[07:02:04] <kermix> lessee if you can figure it out
[07:02:15] <kermix> pfft as if it's gonna be difficult or something
[07:02:20] <kermix> ...
[07:02:29] <kermix> BROW WOW waka BROW WOW waka waka waka
[07:02:32] <kermix> take it
[07:02:48] <BizarredrebbTriangle> TEH FLAMING LEPS
[07:02:54] BizarredrebbTriangle is now known as SheDontUsedrebb
[07:03:00] <kermix> or don't
[07:03:08] <SheDontUsedrebb> KAWIT IT NOW
[07:03:13] <SheDontUsedrebb> Sorry
[07:03:17] <kermix> hahah
[07:03:18] <SheDontUsedrebb> I was laughing tohard
[07:03:19] <kermix> s'ok
[07:03:22] <SheDontUsedrebb> I mean c'mon
[07:03:25] * SheDontUsedrebb
[07:03:37] <kermix> okay okay
[07:03:38] <kermix> :D
[07:04:00] <SheDontUsedrebb> He will see the stats page and cry
[07:04:02] * kermix gives props where props is due, yo
[07:04:04] <kermix> hahahahahhahaha
[07:04:11] <kermix> "I WASN'T EVEN THERE, WTF"
[07:04:40] <kermix> Fugazi - drebb for the Scraping
[07:04:54] <SheDontUsedrebb> Give drebb where drebb is due
[07:04:56] <kermix> the way Ian sings, who the hell knows, that could very well be what he's saying
[07:04:59] <SheDontUsedrebb> Foreman's drebb
[07:05:27] kermix is now known as IMightBedrebb
[07:05:42] <SheDontUsedrebb> I'm a better drebb than drebb ever was
[07:05:52] <SheDontUsedrebb> Ever since the whole Sailor drebb thing
[07:06:39] (%) IMightBedrebb changes topic to ' | drebb... or Astro-drebb | TYEP !WILLOW FOR WARZE'
[07:06:45] <SheDontUsedrebb> HA HA HA
[07:06:47] <SheDontUsedrebb> NO NO NO
[07:06:54] <SheDontUsedrebb> NO LISA LISA AND drebb JAM
[07:07:00] <IMightBedrebb> hahahaahahahahHAhaHHAHHAhhHahah
[07:07:22] <IMightBedrebb> ho ho ohhh shit man
[07:07:54] <IMightBedrebb> three blind mics on site, drebb Lover gave it the first light
[07:08:35] <SheDontUsedrebb> MAn, i"m like
[07:08:37] <SheDontUsedrebb> Whatever
[07:08:45] <SheDontUsedrebb> as long as I don';t have to deal with AllHerdrebb
[07:09:17] <IMightBedrebb> WHAT Y--
[07:09:21] <IMightBedrebb> :X
[07:11:25] <SheDontUsedrebb> SouthernCulture on the drebb
[07:11:33] <IMightBedrebb> hahahahahha awwwyeahh
[07:11:38] SheDontUsedrebb is now known as Heartofdrebb
[07:11:43] <Heartofdrebb> I'm a miner for a Heartofdrebb
[07:12:38] <IMightBedrebb> ooh
[07:12:41] <IMightBedrebb> remember Rob Zombie?
[07:12:47] <IMightBedrebb> dig through the ditches
[07:12:50] <IMightBedrebb> and burn through the witches
[07:13:03] <IMightBedrebb> blah blah blah
[07:13:07] <IMightBedrebb> drebbULA
[07:13:56] <Heartofdrebb> HA HA HA HA HA HA
[07:14:22] <IMightBedrebb> can't forget the Smashing Pumpkins' hit album Siamese drebb
[07:14:22] <Heartofdrebb> I am going to have to rename it drebbAMP
[07:14:27] <IMightBedrebb> haahaahahah
[07:14:37] <IMightBedrebb> we can make a skin and everything!
[07:14:40] <Heartofdrebb> I am drebbing every song
[07:14:44] <Heartofdrebb> oh no
[07:14:47] <IMightBedrebb> I'm sure he'll appreciate our homage
[07:14:49] <IMightBedrebb> hahahahha
[07:14:52] Heartofdrebb is now known as Pickupthedrebb
[07:14:56] <Pickupthedrebb> AVERAGE WHITE BAND
[07:15:05] <Pickupthedrebb> BAND = drebb
[07:15:05] <IMightBedrebb> ooooooooo
[07:15:20] <IMightBedrebb> man I love that track and I don't have it
[07:15:26] <IMightBedrebb> poopie
[07:15:47] <IMightBedrebb> shot his mother down
[07:15:51] <IMightBedrebb> with a drebb that he had found
[07:16:34] <Pickupthedrebb> Want it?
[07:16:40] <IMightBedrebb> always
[07:17:48] <IMightBedrebb> and the XTC album
[07:17:53] <IMightBedrebb> drebbs and Wires
[07:18:03] Pickupthedrebb is now known as OnedrebbinBangkok
[07:18:16] <IMightBedrebb> hasdflasglkjsdgjkls;a'sg
[07:18:18] <IMightBedrebb> AHAH
[07:18:19] <IMightBedrebb> AHAHAHAHA
[07:18:37] <OnedrebbinBangkok> drebbMurray
[07:18:49] OnedrebbinBangkok is now known as drebbMurray
[07:18:58] * IMightBedrebb pushes the little drebbsies
[07:19:28] <IMightBedrebb> Crash Test Dummies - drebb Shuffled His Feet
[07:19:37] <drebbMurray> God Shuffled his drebb
[07:19:46] <drebbMurray> It helps to make him the object, not the subject. ;)
[07:20:10] <IMightBedrebb> OH OKEY MISSTAR
[07:20:35] <drebbMurray> DONT THAENK ME
[07:20:39] <drebbMurray> THENK drebb
[07:20:50] <IMightBedrebb> I DIDNT
[07:20:59] <IMightBedrebb> HAHAH LOLOLOLOL ROFFLE~
[07:21:01] <drebbMurray> Sunnyside up on the Somerset drebb Street
[07:21:53] <drebbMurray> I wish I had drebb drebb - Last drebb on the Stairway
[07:22:03] <IMightBedrebb> Crystal Method - Busy drebb
[07:22:25] <IMightBedrebb> Talking drebbs
[07:22:49] <IMightBedrebb> Sonic Youth - drebb in the Heather ...?!
[07:22:55] <drebbMurray> Oh my
[07:23:00] <IMightBedrebb> yeah
[07:23:02] <IMightBedrebb> like
[07:23:03] <IMightBedrebb> wau
[07:23:03] <drebbMurray> The drebb Who just came on
[07:23:10] <drebbMurray> hee hee
[07:23:21] <drebbMurray> NO SUGAR TONITE - NEW MOTHER drebb
[07:23:51] <IMightBedrebb> The B-52s - Planet drebb
[07:23:55] <IMightBedrebb> again, wau
[07:24:10] <drebbMurray> =D
[07:24:47] <IMightBedrebb> Ohio Players - FUNKY drebb
[07:24:49] <IMightBedrebb> yeeah
[07:25:00] <IMightBedrebb> DAT drebb SHO IS FONKAY
[07:25:42] (%) Successfully Sent Average White Band - Pick up the Pieces.mp3(2.8Mb) to IMightBedrebb at 5817 cps.
[07:25:59] <IMightBedrebb> woot
[07:26:09] <IMightBedrebb> The Vapors - Turning drebbanese
[07:26:37] <IMightBedrebb> Beastie Boys - drebb Revere
[07:26:51] <IMightBedrebb> somebody please stop me
[07:27:57] <drebbMurray> The drebbtones
[07:28:03] <drebbMurray> Covering drebb drebb
[07:28:08] <IMightBedrebb> Curtis Mayfield with Fishbone in I'm Gonna Get You Sucka: He's a Fly drebb
[07:28:09] <drebbMurray> The Chauffeur
[07:28:17] <drebbMurray> WHICH I CANNOT drebbIFY
[07:28:21] * drebbMurray cries
[07:28:27] <IMightBedrebb> yeah that's a toughie
[07:28:38] <IMightBedrebb> undrebbable
[07:28:44] <IMightBedrebb> or indrebbable
[07:28:51] <IMightBedrebb> indrebbibobble!
[07:29:21] <IMightBedrebb> I don't love you you don't love me
[07:29:24] <IMightBedrebb> drebb drebb drebb
[07:29:42] <IMightBedrebb> hahahahahaah
[07:29:50] <IMightBedrebb> David Bowie - drebbel drebbel
[07:29:52] <IMightBedrebb> oaohaahahahah
[07:30:11] <IMightBedrebb> ohhohoh
[07:30:12] <IMightBedrebb> ohhhh
[07:30:13] <IMightBedrebb> ahhhhhhh.
[07:30:15] <IMightBedrebb> I kill me
[07:30:37] <drebbMurray> HA
[07:30:39] <drebbMurray> HA
[07:32:15] <IMightBedrebb> Lords of Acid - I Must Increase My drebb ...?
[07:32:39] <IMightBedrebb> I have too much goddamn music on this drive lemme tell ya
[07:33:16] <IMightBedrebb> NoFX
[07:33:19] <IMightBedrebb> drebbs Are Good
[07:33:21] drebbMurray is now known as NegasonicTeenagedrebb
[07:33:31] <NegasonicTeenagedrebb> Monster Magnet
[07:33:36] <IMightBedrebb> caught it
[07:33:36] <IMightBedrebb> :D
[07:34:18] <IMightBedrebb> drebby was a racecar driver
[07:34:26] NegasonicTeenagedrebb is now known as NegasonicTeenageWardrebb
[07:34:28] <IMightBedrebb> ehh cheated
[07:34:35] <IMightBedrebb> drebby sounds cool though
[07:34:42] <NegasonicTeenageWardrebb> hee hee
[07:34:46] <IMightBedrebb> ah
[07:34:54] <IMightBedrebb> Primus - Shake Hands With drebb
[07:34:59] <NegasonicTeenageWardrebb> This song sounds just enough like Tales of Brave Ulysses to 0wn me
[07:35:01] <IMightBedrebb> fits better
[07:35:04] <NegasonicTeenageWardrebb> =D
[07:35:19] <IMightBedrebb> hmm
[07:35:25] <IMightBedrebb> Wish You Were drebb ...?
[07:36:16] <IMightBedrebb> of course I skipped over the easy Soul Coughing tune
[07:36:19] IMightBedrebb is now known as Superdrebbdrebb
[07:36:26] <Superdrebbdrebb> move a
[07:36:28] <Superdrebbdrebb> ...side
[07:36:32] <Superdrebbdrebb> and let the drebb go through
[07:37:31] <NegasonicTeenageWardrebb> Take the drebbavator?
[07:37:37] <Superdrebbdrebb> hahahhah
[07:37:47] <NegasonicTeenageWardrebb> to the drebbazine
[07:37:50] <NegasonicTeenageWardrebb> WHOA
[07:37:53] <Superdrebbdrebb> to the ... drebb...zanine?
[07:37:59] <NegasonicTeenageWardrebb> Crystal Drebthod just came on
[07:38:01] <Superdrebbdrebb> heh
[07:38:25] <Superdrebbdrebb> That Dog
[07:38:26] <NegasonicTeenageWardrebb> I am NOT GOING NEAR RAtM - Fistful of drebb
[07:38:30] <Superdrebbdrebb> Punk Rock drebb will rock your world
[07:38:36] <Superdrebbdrebb> don't
[07:38:37] NegasonicTeenageWardrebb is now known as Thatdrebb
[07:38:48] <Superdrebbdrebb> in return I won't go near Stone Roses - drebb Spreads
[07:38:50] <Superdrebbdrebb> haaahahahahhahhaha
[07:38:56] <Superdrebbdrebb> lloloolololloool
[07:39:00] <Thatdrebb> drebber than Ezra?
[07:39:08] <Thatdrebb> drebbsprately Wanting?
[07:39:17] <Superdrebbdrebb> Stabbing drebbsward?
[07:39:19] <Superdrebbdrebb> :D
[07:39:25] <Thatdrebb> HA HA HA HA HA HAHA
[07:39:53] <Thatdrebb> Jesus fuck
[07:39:55] <Superdrebbdrebb> if you're logging all this you bet your ass you're sending me one
[07:39:59] <Thatdrebb> We should post this WHOLE THING to lj
[07:40:04] <Thatdrebb> np
[07:40:04] <Superdrebbdrebb> HAhahahahaHhaahah
[07:40:10] <Thatdrebb> it would be like
[07:40:13] <Thatdrebb> 7 MB
[07:40:43] <Superdrebbdrebb> ALL THE DAMN TIME
[07:40:56] <Thatdrebb> I would need to put a <lj user=drebb> tag on every single drebb
[07:41:06] <Superdrebbdrebb> hahahaahah ohhh god no
[07:41:07] <Thatdrebb> Oh shit
[07:41:11] <Thatdrebb> I am going to do it, I think
[07:41:11] <Superdrebbdrebb> you couldn't read through that shit!
[07:41:22] <Superdrebbdrebb> at least do it like a normal link, F that goofy icon shit
[07:41:38] <Superdrebbdrebb> that would be impossible to read
[07:41:50] <Thatdrebb> Ha ha ha
[07:41:52] <Thatdrebb> That's the point
[07:41:58] <Thatdrebb> WOSRSET PSOT EVAR
[07:42:03] <Superdrebbdrebb> d00d
[07:42:10] <Superdrebbdrebb> we'd phuckan crash LJ
[07:42:18] <Superdrebbdrebb> link it offsite at least
[07:42:22] <Thatdrebb> Ha ha ha ha ha
[07:42:23] <Thatdrebb> No way
[07:42:28] <Thatdrebb> I want my lj user tags
[07:42:44] <Superdrebbdrebb> so post it priv, then cut'n'paste the source!
[07:42:45] <Superdrebbdrebb> :D
[07:42:48] <Thatdrebb> Maybe
[07:42:55] <Thatdrebb> If it is really bad
[07:43:20] <Superdrebbdrebb> oh it's getting worse every line
[07:43:25] <Superdrebbdrebb> in case you hadn't noticed
[07:43:31] <Superdrebbdrebb> I MAKE TWO LINKS EVERY TIME I TALK
[07:43:38] <Thatdrebb> Jill drebbule?
[07:43:45] <Thatdrebb> HA HA HA
[07:43:49] <Superdrebbdrebb> ahhh good
[07:43:53] <Superdrebbdrebb> very good
[07:44:12] Superdrebbdrebb is now known as drebb-TangClan
[07:44:13] Thatdrebb is now known as VelvetUnderdrebb
[07:44:22] <drebb-TangClan> hahahahahahahaha
[07:44:34] <drebb-TangClan> we're so bad it 0wnz
[07:44:42] <VelvetUnderdrebb> One fine morning, she puts on the radio station
[07:44:52] <VelvetUnderdrebb> She wouldn't believe what she heard at all
[07:45:07] drebb-TangClan is now known as drebbDoughty
[07:45:23] <drebbDoughty> AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YES (yes yes yes...)
[07:45:30] <drebbDoughty> MISTER drebb-CITEMENT
[07:45:41] <VelvetUnderdrebb> Two TV drebbs and two cadillac cars
[07:45:50] <VelvetUnderdrebb> You know it ain't gonna drebb me at all
[07:48:23] <drebbDoughty> wow, I have a txt file in my downloads from June that's a list of a comp of mishisongs
[07:48:43] <drebbDoughty> including Splender - I Think drebb Can Explain
[07:50:07] <drebbDoughty> ahhh thank you kindly for the AWB
[07:50:19] <drebbDoughty> that did well
[07:50:35] <drebbDoughty> B.H. Surfers
[07:50:41] <drebbDoughty> drebb was in my room last night
[07:51:12] <drebbDoughty> that kinna kills the song though
[07:51:32] <drebbDoughty> cuz it's not *who* was in my room... so.. there's ... no mystery... and... um.. eh.
[07:51:41] <VelvetUnderdrebb> OH
[07:51:42] <VelvetUnderdrebb> NO
[07:51:52] <VelvetUnderdrebb> OmG
[07:51:56] <VelvetUnderdrebb> You did a Splender
[07:51:58] <VelvetUnderdrebb> Choice
[07:52:01] <VelvetUnderdrebb> But next
[07:52:02] <drebbDoughty> heheheheh
[07:52:04] <drebbDoughty> it fit
[07:52:08] <drebbDoughty> I hadn't even HEARD the damn thing
[07:52:10] VelvetUnderdrebb is now known as IHopeYoudrebb
[07:52:22] <drebbDoughty> I just had the track title in a text file DCCed from June
[07:52:25] <drebbDoughty> hahahahha
[07:52:25] <IHopeYoudrebb> drebbhound Gang
[07:52:40] <drebbDoughty> indeed
[07:52:49] <IHopeYoudrebb> YOU MUST DIE! I ALONE AM drebb!
[07:52:54] <drebbDoughty> hhaahahah
[07:52:56] <IHopeYoudrebb> And there we have the subject of the post
[07:53:17] <drebbDoughty> I think you got a keeper there

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